Hi Doofenshmirtz95 here, and I just recently returned from the movie theatre with my sisters and just seen Big Hero 6, and I got to say it was amazing!!

One of the many things I enjoyed was the animation, design, but the character development for Hiro and Baymax was the highlight of the film.

While it's true it's not as excellent as Frozen, in terms of style and plotwise, I think Frozen's plot was a bit rushed and went by really fast, whereas Big Hero 6 didn't rush the plot and kept the story going much like Tangled, but that's just me. Final thoughts, all I can say is I can't just say "Oh this film, is better than the other film." because to be fair I think Disney is stepping up in its game on making good movies, and the film just got a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But back on topic, I'm glad you enjoyed the film, and we all have our preferences/opinions.

So final verdict: 9/10