What Are Your Top 30 Favorite Disney Songs? Mine Are.


2.A Whole New World

3.Part Of Your World

4.A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

5.If I Never Knew You

6.Colors Of The Wind

7.Once Upon A Dream

8.Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

9.Honor To Us All

10.God Help The Outcasts

11.Strangers Like Me

12.Just Around The Riverbend 13.Sing Sweet Nightingale

14.When Will My Life Begin

15.I See The Light

16.I Wonder

17.He Mele No Lilo

18.I"ll Make A Man Out Of You

19.Out There

20.Two Worlds


22.I Won't Say Im In Love

23.Im Wishing/One Song

24.With A Smile And A Song

25.Almost There

26.Someday My Prince Will Come

27.Prince Ali

28.Go The Distance

29.So This Is Love

30.Something There

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