Since Open Vault Disney's 3rd Birthday is today I am making a top 50 unreleased Disney titles list. These are NOT in order because I can't decide which one I want to be released the most.

  • The Oswald Shorts Poor Papa and Hungry Hobos: These two shorts were found after Disney released the Oswald DVD in 2007 I think that Disney should rerelease that set on blu-ray with those two shorts (and other Oswald shorts if more are found down the road)
  • Song of the South: I was hoping for years that it would come out as a Walt Disney Treasures DVD but unfortunately it never did.While clips of it have been seen in recent years the film itself hasen't been shown in the US by Disney since 1986. I hope that this film will someday recive a really nice blu-ray uneideted, restored video and audio and tons of bonus features.
  • Disneyland/Walt Disney Presents/The Wonderful World of Color:I have seen a few of these episodes on Walt Disney Treasure episodes and I absolutely love them.It is so awesome to see Walt and Disneyland I would love it if more episodes of Disneyland came out of the Disney Vault.
  • Walt Disney Treasures: These are without question the best DVDs ever made in my opinion. The latest release was Zorro:Season 1 and Zorro:Season 2 in November 2009. These DVDs need to come back because Disney still has tons of Walt-era material not currently on DVD.
  • Ducktales Volume 4: My personal favorite Disney TV series and arguably the most popular Disney TV Animation show ever. Ducktales ran for 100 episodes from 1987-1990. So far episodes 1-75 are on DVD lets hope with Ducktales Remastered coming soon we aren't to far away from Disney relasing the final 25 episodes on DVD.
  • Talespin Volume 3: One of the most beloved shows from the Disney Afternoon Talespin had 65 episodes from 1990-1991. So far the first 54 episodes are on DVD. Disney still hasen't released the last 11 episodes along with the movie version of Plunder and Lightning have not been released on DVD.
  • Darkwing Duck Volume 3 (And possibly Volume 4): Another fan favorite Disney Afternoon series Darkwing Duck ran for 91 episodes. The final 37 episodes have not yet been released on DVD. And also Darkly Dawns the Duck should be re-released so it can be Unedited.
  • Goof Troop Volume 3: The first 54 episodes of Goof Troop were just released about a month ago as a Disney Movie Club Exclusive. Leaving 24 of the shows 91 episodes not currently on DVD(There is one episode not on Volumes 1 and 2 thats on a standalond Christmas DVD).
  • Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Volume 3:Everyone's Favorite Chipmunks are back with 65 episodes from 1989-1990. This beloved series started to be released on DVD back in 2005. To date the series final 14 episode are not on DVD.
  • The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Winnie the Pooh came back in this epic show that premired in 1988. This show was a huge part of my childhood and I still really love watching it.While several of the episodes are on DVD the show unfortunately has never had a proper release.
  • The Muppets at Walt Disney World: The last production by Jim Henson (he pased away 10 days after this special was released) this is considered the first major crossover of the Muppets and Disney. Although the Muppets have been owned by Disney since 2004 this special has never been released on any video format.
  • The Muppet Show Season 4 and 5: When Disney first acquired the rights to the Muppets in 2004 they released the first three seasons of the Muppet Show. While season 4 was announced at the D23 expo back in 2009 seasons 4 and 5 have yet to see the light of day on DVD.
  • Gargoyles Season 2 part 2 and Season 3: Despite having a huge fan base Disney has only released the first season and half of season 2 The second half of season 2 and The Goliath Chronicles (season 3) have not been released on DVD.
  • Brand Spanking New! Doug: Ok we all know the nick version was better but the Disney version was still awesome in my opion.While the movie got a very bad DVD (Well get to that in a minute) none of the shows 65 episodes have ever been released.All but 2 episodes of the nick series are avalible on DVD as an amazon exclusive.
  • Recess: One of my favorite shows as a kid (and still is today) Recess ran for 65 half hours along with a great film released in theaters and 3 direct to video features. Unfortunately only one full half hour episode has been on DVD the show has never had a proper release.
  • Doug's 1st Movie
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command:Based on the star of the ever popular Toy Story series Buzz Lightyear the show ran for 65 episodes from 2000-2001. Despite the pilot movie being released nothing else was ever released.
  • House of Mouse: Realesed a few years after Mickey Mouse Works The setting was Mickey and the gand running a night club with several Disney characters Only one episode was ever released on DVD the other 51 have never been released.
  • Llyod in Space: From the creators of Recess this underratted show has never been on DVD. If it ever does it better have the episode that never aired in the US.

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