Hey everyone, especially the Star Wars fans out there. As most users here know, we have been trying to affiliate ourselves with wikis such as Wookieepedia for a long time. One of our admins Byzantinefire has come to an agreement with a Wookieepedian  named Cade, and they have come to an agreement that outlines the requirements before Wookieepedia will consider affiliation:

"for us to even remotely consider affiliation, you will have to 1) spend //years// (plural) cleaning up and raising the overall quality level of the site, 2) get a community consensus from more than just you and a handful of admins, and 3) actually come up with a way that Wookieepedia could benefit from said affiliation. - Cade"

This is the important part of the blog post: Wookieepedia will be a very important ally and I hope we can get everyone on board with this. First we need major clean-up. I have been calling for a massive article clean-up effort for a while now. We need to add new ones but even more importantly we need to repair and expand the ones we have. Secondly, we all must agree about allying with wookieepedia. We need to all consent; not just a select few admins. Lastly we must find a convincing way in which Wookieeedia will benefit. You can't expect them to give us something while we do nothing for them. The comments are open for suggestions. Again I remind you that Wookieepedia will be a powerful ally. *Does force manipulation hand gesture* you will help us improve our wiki...