I honestly hate to have gotten to this point but I believe that Byzantinefire is unfit to serve as an admin. Following is a list of proof for my cause:

1. He only wants to maintain his #1 spot on the leaderboard instead of editing for the pure love of Disney. He has threatened to ban a user who is working hard to add pages, only because this user may overtake him. It is unfair for someone to be banned for working very hard.

2. He bans users who are against him or his views.

3. He has openly consented to and encouraged the copying of articles from other wikis (proof: and see attached picture for a conversation from November 12). We have gotten in trouble with too many other wikis who are unhappy to find their pages here word for word (Tron, Wookieepedia, the Keyhole, and PotC wikis to name a few) and yet he still encourages it.

4. He has mentioned depression and emotional issues. I fear these often cloud his judgment. He says he wants the best for this wiki but will never explain his views or help others attain this vision.

5. He often complains about "idiots" editing our wiki when they make mistakes or edit differently than he does. Instead of kindly correcting them, he will block them indefinitely.

6. He curses in chat even though the wiki has a strict rule against it. On November 17, he continually linked to inappropriate Youtube videos, even after I asked him to stop. It seems he feel like he is above the rules.

7. He has no diplomatic skills, asking other admins and even chat mods to deliver messages and negotiate in his stead. Whenever he does try to negotiate with other wikis, he always gets into arguments. Negotiation and diplomacy are an often unseen but very important part of an administrator's job, and he lacks both.

Now for the part of every user: I need you to vote on this blog post in the comments. This is strictly for assenting (in Byzantinefire's favor) or dissenting (against his favor) votes; not for discussion. Chat may be used for discussion if need be. To vote in his favor, please say "I vote for Byzantinefire to maintain admin rights" or something of the sort. To vote against him, say "I vote for Byzantine to be demoted" or something of the sort. You can however include a reason for your vote, whether you vote for or against him. Each user will get one vote with one chance to list a reason.

Finally for Byzantinefire's part: It is only fair for you to get your say. Feel free to explain your actions if you must. But the same rules hold true for you as they do for me, as well as other users. After this message, I will say no more on the matter in this blog. I hope you will also abide by this rule.

Voting will open after Byzantine has made his cause. Voting will last exactly one week from then.