Recently it has been brought to my attention that Byzantinefire has created his own to-do list. Naturally I thought "He must have some really great ideas". I was wrong. The following is a copy and pasted version of his complete to-do list (which was last updated 18:35 April 4, 2014 wikia standard time or you can read it here):

"My to do list

  1. Get Disney dork777 and Hey1234 demoted.
  2. Blocked SilverFlight and Disney dork777 for payback
  3. Become an Administrator and Bureaucrat again.
  4. Make Frozen badges.
  5. Restore many Kingdom Hearts pages.
  6. Rename the wiki.
  7. Get rid of the so called plagiarism rule.
  8. Make Portals.
  9. Maybe make Star Wars and Marvel Character Infobox's.
  10. Kick Dlrgirl75 from the chat several times for revenge.
  11. Make more Pirates of the Caribbean character pages.
  12. Ban the ^ and annoying favicons from being used in chat."

In order to make this easy to follow, I've swapped out his bullet points for numbers. To begin, I think he has his goals out of order because he will be unable to accomplish #2 without doing #3 first. But looking past that, the first and second things on his list are not for the betterment of the wiki, but rather for his personal revenge (he flat out says payback). For #7, it's actually called the NO plagiarism rule and by revoking this rule, we will fall back onto the bad side of several other wikis who will inevitably be copied from. #9 and #11: what's stopping him? I don't see why he can't do this one relatively easily. Next is #10, the most immature parts of this list. He wants to kick Dlrgirl75 for no reason, despite the main purpose of a kick being to act as a warning of a ban to a user causing trouble. And, finally, #12: why ban everyone aforementioned? They've done nothing wrong. And getting rid of the favicons is like making everyone dress exactly the same way. Everything starts looking exactly the same; there's no freedom of expression. This is low, even for him. If anyone else sees anything more that's wrong with the to-do list, leave a comment.