I'm sorry if you don't like this post, and I don't mean to hurt you if you disagree. I hope you like this. There will be a part two as well

Snow White - she represents Kindness. She is so sweet and kind to everyone, including her stempomother. And I feel like if she wasn't so loving, the prince's kiss would not have woke her up and she would have slept like Sleeping Beauty. Cinderella - she represents Patience. She's been mistreated her whole life, yet she finds it in her heart to be gentle and forgiving in return and wait patiently for her prince to come. She has a lovely personality. Aurora - I feel like she doesn't have enough time on screen to tell, I'm very sorry. Ariel - she represents Wonder. Her whole life, she had this really endearing sense of wonder and she was so fascinated by things we find ordinary. She's also very caring. Belle - she represents Empathy. I feel like she almost has a super power of telling exactly how people are feeling. When she felt Beast needed standing up to, she had no fear of doing it. When she saw the fear in her father's face, she was willing to put herself in such danger for him. And she was the first person in the world to discover Beast's gentleness. Jasmine - she represents Care. She is so caring towards Aladdin, and she seems to have so much kindness in her heart. She really wants to make others happy, like when she got the apple for the hungry little boy and when she cried for Aladdin. I really like her Pocahontas - she represents Nature. She is so connected to everything in her forest, it's really heart-warming to watch. She never wants to harm an animal or a tree or anything, and that makes me feel connected to her. She is spiritual and wise. Mulan - she represents Courage. Mulan has had quite a hard time with the fight, yet she is willing to put herself in so much danger to save her father. That is such a brave thing to do. And she saved her whole country as well