Before I start, I just wanted to say thank you for all my support on my last post. It really touched me, and I'm sorry if you dont think this is right I don't mean to hurt anyone this is just my opinion <3 

Tiana - I feel like she represents Determination. Her heart was set on opening up Tiana's Palace, and nothing could stand in the way of her dreams. She is so confident and intelligent, and I feel like that is so admirable. <3

Rapunzel - Personally, I think she represents Joy and Trust. Joy because she stayed so optimistic and hopeful after spending her life in a tower, and continued to dream of the floating lanterns. And trust because she had so much trust in her family and Flynn, it made her really likeable. 

Merida - I've never seen the movie (so sorry), but from what I've seen she seems really Brave and Independent. 

Anna and Elsa - I think both Anna and Elsa represent Love. I'm so sorry if I hurt you by counting them as one person, but it's just that they loved each other so much and made so many sacrifices for each other. 'An act of true love can thaw a frozen heart' - this statement is definitely true. 

Moana - I feel like she represents following your Heart. Everybody told her to stay away from the ocean, yet her heart told her to explore. She was intuitive and always new exactly what to do in her heart, and I really like her for that. I love Moana. 

I hope you liked this I'm sorry if you didn't