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  • DisneyCWS

    Me and my sisters recently bought every single film from the Walt Disney Animated Classics canon. I have been working my way through them, and have given small reviews on the ones I have watched in a Word document. I've got about half way through so far. I was gonna post the full document in one go when I had finished them all, but I won't be finished for a while, so I'm gonna do it in parts instead. 

    Firstly, I need to establish some things. I've given the films an overall score, and then individual scores on plot, characters, soundtrack and comedy, as well as a small comment to accompany them. All scores are out of 10. The scores correlate as follows:

    10 - Absolutely phenomenal.

    9 - Amazing.

    8 - Really good

    7 - Good.

    6 - Average.

    5 - Meh.

    4 - Ba…

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  • DisneyCWS

    Hand Drawn Vs CGI

    July 11, 2017 by DisneyCWS

    This debate continues to be a fascinating one. Many side with the traditional hand drawn animation, but there are also those who prefer computer generated imagery. In this blog, I will try to argue both sides of the story.

    Lets start with hand drawn animation. Many people love hand drawn animation because they feel that the animators are more talented, and therefore gives it a feeling that more care and effort has gone into the animation. Furthermore, hand drawn animation was used for all of the older films, leading people to believe that it represents "classic Disney". Additionally, hand drawn animation carries nostalgia. So, how many of these statements are true? Are the hand drawn animators more talented? I'd say so, but lets not pretend…

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  • DisneyCWS

    Disclaimer: Not everything I say in this blog is 100% factual. I will use a mixture of facts and observations to present my ideas. I will try not to include my opinion on these films in this blog.

    I'm sure we all know that Frozen is one of Disney's most loved animated films, but also one of its most hated. A large part of the hatred for the film comes from the overwhelming amount of merchandise that it has generated, with Frozen placing 3rd on's list of movies that sold the most merchandise ( In this blog, I will try to explain why there is so much Frozen merchandise on the shelves, and draw comparisons to other films.

    First and foremo…

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