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  • DisneyCWS

    Hey guys. This isn't gonna be a very long blog. I'm gonna share with you some Disney-themed quizzes I made on Sporcle, just in case you'd like to play them. Let me know your scores. Also, if you have any ideas for Disney quizzes that you'd like to see me make, then I'd be happy to take suggestions.

    Put the Disney characters into the correct category (out of 55): 

    Name the Disney character when given a photo of them as a kid (out of 38):

    Name the Disney song by the picture provided (out of 100):

    Name the Disney vil…

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  • DisneyCWS

    With Frozen 2 coming out in 18 months, there are several rumours flying around about the film. If you've been tracking these rumours, I'm sure you've heard about the possibility of Elsa being a lesbian. I've touched upon this before on the forums and in other blogs, but I'm gonna post my thoughts in more detail here. 

    Firstly, I'm going to make a couple of things clear: I am not homosexual, nor am I homophobic. I have a couple of gay friends at school, and I am very comfortable with that. If anyone who is homosexual is reading this and gets offended by anything I say, please let me know and I will edit it out of the blog.

    This idea is known by Frozen directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck. Lee in particular has spoken about it in interviews. …

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  • DisneyCWS

    Big thanks to Ratigan6688 for suggesting this idea. 

    Hey everyone. In today's blog, I'm going to be telling you about my favourite Disney climaxes. This article will show you the high points of tension at the end of a movie. Of course, your opinion may differ from mine, and that's not a problem. Also, I'm only doing my favourite WDAS climaxes, so no Pixar, live action, direct to video sequels, or other stuff. Anyway, enjoy my list!

    Kicking off this list is Disney's adaptation of the popular story Robin Hood. This climax is a very exciting one, because it seems like Robin Hood is under relentless fire. There always seems to be danger lurking around every corner. Whenever he escapes one obstacle, he is faced with another. This makes for a very…

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  • DisneyCWS

    Disclaimer: It will take about 1 hour to watch every single video on this list and read all of the text. If you wish to save yourself some time, I would recommend only watching your favourite scenes.

    Ooh, avatar change, that's new.

    A few months ago, I made a blog about my favourite scene from my top 10 Disney movies (check it out here: ). Today, I thought I'd do that for Pixar movies. But not just my favourite Pixar movies - EVERY Pixar movie. Like last time, there's a few things I need to point out:

    - The list is in order of how much I like the film, not the scene.

    - Only one scene per film. I'm not gonna do honourable mentions, as some of these films r…

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  • DisneyCWS

    Hey guys. I realise that I've been fairly inactive recently, and I've been wanting to write another blog, but I just couldn't think of anything to write about. But hey, now I've got something. I understand that this blog will come across as very negative. Please remember that this is MY opinion. If I disagree with you, it's nothing personal.

    Anyway, in this blog, I will talk about Disney and Pixar movies that should've been a lot better than they were. Perhaps they had a good character, or an interesting theme, or something like that, but it wasn't properly expanded upon. To put it simply, I will write about some movies that I thought wasted their potential. Lets begin.

    If you have read my "Reviewing Every Pixar Film" blog, you will know tha…

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