2 Years Later...

There is a very important event coming up: coronation of a new king of Denmark. Everyone is invited, including our heroes from Frozen and Tangled. Of course, they are ready to go and start their journey. When they arrive to the kingdom they meet  each other and together they walk in a huge palace. There are many guests in it and all over the kingdom there are holidays. Spokesperson announces their arrival and everyone looks at them, curious. (who wouldn't be :D )  After they congratulate the newly crowned king, they start talikng abouut people not invited. King says that his uncle who loved his nephew wasn't among guests because his father didn't love him and even sent off to live in another kingdom. He didn't want to do it but it was written in a will. After having chat, king goes to welcome others. At that tie spokesperson announces that there are quests from The Southern Isles. He announces the king, queen and 12 brothers. Friends are happy that Hans is not here, but suddenly spokesperson says: "And Prince Hans from the Southern Isles!" Friends are shocked and they are looking at Hans who is greeting the new king. Anna is furious and asks out loud: '"What is he doing here?" Some quest answers: Didn't you hear, my dear? Since his return he nged a lot. No one knows how though. Some say it is magic some-guilt. No one knows except him" When Hans sees them, he smiles and walks towards them. Anna is still angry with him and almost unches him but Hans stops her punch and says: Wow wow! Stop it! I am not here to kill you." Anna says: I can't understand what are you doing here.

-I am here to see the coronation, of course. I travelled alone because they don't want to be with me anymore until I clear my name and dignity.


-Look Anna, I want to apologise for everything I have done. I have thought about my actions and I fell sorry for any harm. Hopefully you, Elsa (looks at her longer than everyone else) and your friends will accept the apology.

-Why should I believe you? How should I know you don't pretend?

-If you don'tbelieve me, it is fine. In fact I knew you wouldn't. Well, I should get going, I guess.

After Hans walks away, Anna starts talking half to herself half to others about him. Elsa stops her raving and starts defending him. Suddenly we hear some noises and The uncle of the king arrived. Of course you understand all those scenes:" Why didn't you invite me, I loved you so much, Sorry I was not allowed to and etc. Uncle says: You are just like your father who sent me away for nothing." He reveals he was sent off by his brother because he had powers. Brother was afraid he would take over the kingdom and decided to neutralise him.- I will call him the Evil King, alright?- He says: I have powers of fire and heat. Nothing can stop me. You don't deserve this kingdom." With these words he starts fire in the palace and everywhere around. Everyone is panicking and the ships are also burnt down. Evil King takes his nephew  against his will and tries to flee away when he sees Anna. He falls in love and takes her as a hostage too. Elsa tries to stop him and they start the battle between ice and fire. His powers are stronger though and he blasts her with the deady fire. Elsa loses her conscience and the evil king runs away with nephew and Anna. When Elsa returns, she feels very weak and sees that her powers are very weak and don't work. With all ships out of game she doesn't know what to do and starts crying about her sister. Hans emerges as he was listening to Rapunzel and everyone talking and offers them to be on his ship. His ship came last and was farther than port ships that were burnt down. Elsa knows there is no choice and despite Kristoff's hesitation she accepts this offer. When she asks why is he ding it he says: I will tell you the truth I came here to apologise to all of you not to see the coronation. With these words he walks out of the room and starts the preparations. Rapunzel wants to help and despite Elsa warns her it would be dangerous she decides to come with Elsa. Flynn is not happy Raounzel is risking her life but has no other choice but to go with her. Maximus, Flynn Rider, Rapunzel and her closest friend chameleon(don't remember his name) are leaving Denmark alongside Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf with Hans being the captain.

The 2nd part starts on a ship.

Elsa is still in her room as she is still not feeling well. Rapunzel and Kristoff are making small talk while Olaf and chameleon are playing with water. Flynn, who is with Hans is looking out for him to be sure he is not going to kill everyone. Suddenly someone from the crew yells: "Storm" Hans immediately takes the spyglass and finds out it is true. He orders everyone to go into their rooms as it is dangerous and although Rapunzel protests Flynn tells Olaf and chameleon to take her into the room. Afraid of this kind of storm they obey him. Meanwhile Maximus and Sven are not seen anywhere and everyone thinks they are already inside. Ship has to pass strong wind, waves and even touches some stones along the way (island) but makes through. When everyone thinks it is over Hans sends Kristoff to look after Elsa. The latter disagrees but knows that maybe the Queen really needs  help. At this time Maximus and Sven run out of the lower part of the ship and starting nudging their Flynn. Flynn understands that something is wrong and with Hans they both go to find out what scared animals. What they see is ship taking a lot of water. It is enough to make it sink. Flynn and the crew are trying to plug the holes as much as possible but they know they need Elsa's help. Hans is running to ask for help when Kristoff blocks his way and starts asking him questions but Hans just pushes him away and runs into the room. He sees Rapunzel helping Elsa to her feet and immediately asks for help. Elsa wants to help but Rapunzel says :'You are too weak to use your powers. It is dangerous" Hans says it is emergency but Kristoff comes and takes him down. Hans while being tied up by Kristoff says that they will never get to land if the ship is not repaired. Elsa understands that she has no choice, that because of her everyone may die and decides to help. She is walked by  Rapunzel on one side and Hans on other, who was released after Kristoff found out it is true that the ship is sinking. Weak, Elsa uses all powers left  to plug the hole of the ship with ice. The ice is too thin to hold for long but it is all she can do. Elsa loses her consciousness again but Hans manages to catch her before she falls. He takes her back to a room while leaving Flynn in charge of the ship. Kristoff doesn't believe Hans and tells Olaf to spy on him. Olaf cracks a joke and alongside chameleon they become spies. He immediately goes after him to be sure nothing bad happens to Elsa. He sees how carefully Hans puts half-conscious Elsa to bed and covers her. Our love expert understands that Hans is in love with the queen. He is surprised but decides to keep it a secret. Meanwhile back to others as Flynn tries to find the land. He is furiously looking into a spyglass and finally sees the land and a smoke which helps to navigate the ship. Hans returns and takes care of "parking" the ship in a safe zone. He manages to do so but sees that the ship is not good enough to return to young king's kingdom and tells crew to repair it. He and Kristoff are taking out stretcher they have in emergency situations and put Elsa on it. They see that she is cold which is bad because in the first movie she said that "cold never bothers me anyway". With her our heroes leave the ship and walk towards fire.

Still 2nd part. Everything is in the unknown land.

When friends get near it Kristoff groans. He sees a trading post called "Wandering Oaken's trading post" (and sauna of course :D) He starts raving and refuses entering the post stating that he and owner are not the best friends. Hans shrugges and with Flynn and Rapunzel enter the post. Inside we see Oaken who is still very optimistic and funny, trying to sell something to a customer. When he calls him a crook, Oaken takes him and shows him out. When Kristoff sees that customer flying into the snow he asks: Let me huess:you called him a crook?" With a grin on his face. Rapunzel meanwhile states:Now I understand why Kristoff wasn'tnterested in coming here." Hans is surprised to see Oaken here since he already visited the post while in Arendelle but Oaken explains that he is "Wandering" and likes to travel. They buy all needed things although they have couple of talk fights with Oaken offering them a visit to an Oaken sauna (woo-hoo hi family!) With everything needed ready they start their difficult journey

We see the magnificent castle with the young king and Anna in dungeon. Anna tells him to have hope that Elsa will save her while inside feeling nervous because she saw Elsa being struck by a fire blast. She starts singing a song (likely to be called "There's always hope") At the end she looks out of the window with a sad expression on her face.

Befor I continue with the part I will describe relationship between everyone

Olaf-chameleon: BFF right from the start

Maximus-Sven: very competitive trying to win each ther in everything even having food contest. This relationship alongside the one above will generate lots of jokes of course.

Hans-Kristoff: not exactly BFF. Kristoff doesn't believe him and Hans knows it. He is sad Ice Man doesn't believe him but wants to prove he is wrong.

Hans-Flynn: Not BFF but they like to talk to each other mainly because they changed themselves from bad to good. They understand that both needed some love and friendship and want to deliver it to each other.

Flynn-Kristoff: Don't like each other partly because Kristoff doesn't believe Hans.Kristoff thinks if someone is bad he will never be able to change unless of course he is in love. Because of that he more or less knows Flynn has changed but not Hans.

Flynn-Rapunzel: very difficult to guess -_-

Rapunzel-Hans: He doesn't talk to her often but has some sympathy (not romantic) towards her because she believes he has changed.

Rapunzel-Kristoff: they are very good friends because Rapunzel wants to help Anna just like Kristoff does. It unites them which bonds them too.

Relationships like Olaf-Hans or Olaf-Flynn, Sven-Flynn and etc. will be understood as the story unfolds

Their journey has started. Hans goes in front with Kristoff staying in touch with him. Flynn is trying to stop Sven and Maximus from another competition and accidentally becomes part of it. (if it is made in details, there would be plenty jokes in this episode). Rapunzel is helping Elsa who is feeling weak. Olaf with his own personal flurry (it is warm in this country because of the Fire King) and chameleon are counting flowers with different colours. All these actions are stopped when Hans announces they have made it to a small village. He approaches Elsa (with Kristoff still watching him closely) and asks whether she will be able to walk. Elsa feels that she lets everyone down and replies that she can. With Rapunzel and Olaf helping she stands up and slowly walks towards the village. Hans gets a little bit angry when he sees Kristoff following him like a shadow and orders him to go to the village first. When Kristoff asks why not him, the leader, Hans asks: If I went there, you would do the same. So, if you want to help Anna we need some help from the villagers" Kristoff understands that he is probably right but tells Olaf to spy on Hans and leaves. Meanwhile, our heroes start to stroll to the village. When they arrive the villagers are happy to see them and are ready to help them. Sitting near a bonfire, they start talkng about their king, calling him unfortunate and unlucky, but understand that he should be stopped as they are fed up by summer. When they finish the story the leader of the village says;" Now it is your turn to tell us about yourselves. Your past actions, maybe, or your future dreams". Hans is offered to tell his story but he rejects. However, when Elsa asks him to do it, he accepts it. He tells us about his brother abusing him, pretending he was invisible, his lack of family love, even from his parents. He says:One day,I thought,I should not tolerate it anymore. I will get the throne and prove to my careless family that I deserve their love. I sincerely apologise again to Elsa(looks at her for some time,she looks back), Kristoff (without looking) and Olaf (couldn't find him because Olaf cannot stand near the fire and he is playing with Sven.) I never wanted to harm anyone. I guess my evil part has won over me. I believe there are 2 sides of people:good and bad. You can not say that he is either good or bad person. Anyone can change if that person wants to. I wanted to redeem myself in my family's eyes and did my best to do so. I hope everyone believes that I have changed. Thanks you (looks at Elsa again,while she and Rapunzel hide few tears. We see Flynn sleeping and Kristoff in deep thoughts). After that Kristoff is given chance to tell about his past. He says that his dad was also an ice harvester and a pretty good one too. However when he was small his dad died while harvesting ice and his mom couldn't bear his loss and she passed away not too long after that. He was so small then he didn't rememer them properly but he knows that because his parents were not friends with another ice mans' families. Kristoff and Sven had to live in the streets (He was 6) However an old grandma once saw them living in a dump and decided to help them. For 2 years they lived with her and when she was dying she told him to work as an ice harvester just like his father did. Kristoff then decided to listen to advice and went to harvest ice. Ice men were not very interested in helping new boy but he said that he wouldn't have met trolls if he wasn't alone with Sven. Kristoff said that Elsa was the one who helped him find the way (ice path).

After that Elsa was given opportunity to speak about her powers but she said she knows nothing about them although she would do everything to find out how had she got them.

She was last and they went to sleep as another day was waiting for them. \

When they got up in the morning they asked the leader of the villagers some questions how to get to the castle. He said that only their own people can find it and offered a young girl (probably 18) to guide them. Hans didn't want it but Kristoff accepted his offer and with that they left the village.

Before I start it, I should tell that before leaving we have seen another competition from Sven and Maximus with Olaf and chameleon also participating (these 2 pairs made enough joes here)

Elsa was feeling much better after the first night and was walking although she was sitting down for some time. Hans was happy to see it but didn't want to show it to anyone, including Elsa herself. After the talk in the village Kristoff was more tolerant to all Hans' actions. The girl (let's name her Violeta, I don't know YOU choose) said that by the end of the day they will reach the river and after crossing it castle wouldn't be far away. Violeta was immediately liked by Elsa and Rapunzel. Flynn, to make sure nothing bad and embarassing happened again in the village (that competition made some villager pretty angry, with broken things) was riding Maximus and prohibited him from playing with Sven. Maximus, of course, isn't the horse that obeys easily and when he sees Sven waiting for him (it became more of a tradition to them-competing, rather than usual rivalry) he runs away with Flynn still on the horse. Sven wasn't alone though.(Kristoff was also on him). So, together they tried to stop their competitive friends but only made it worse. Rapunzel, Violeta and Elsa were meanwhile looking at them, laughing, and talking about everything but when Rapunzel asks about Violeta's past, she refuses to talk about it. Hans, who is in the lead, looks at Violeta with some suspicion. He cannot understand his feeling as she looks like a nice girl. Rapunzel and Violeta see that competition between Maximus and Sven is getting out of hand as it presents danger not only to them but to riders, as well. Hans announces day break, so R.and V. (I am tired of writing full names) can go and help them. Elsa meanwhile wanders to the deep of the forest. Hans decides to go after her leaving Olaf in charge. Olaf, however, knows that he has to spy (he thinks of it as a joke and he is thinking about it as a game) and leaves chameleon in charge. With this the camera zooms out and we see everythig left alone with only tiny chameleon in charge who looks determined and funny.    

Elsa is looking at the flowers,animals and looks happy and sad at the same time. We see Hans spying on her. He is behind one tree. Olaf is also spying, but on Hans, he is behind another tree (on the left-olaf's tree on the right-hans's tree). Both of them are looking if someone is spying on them and etc. (jokes here)

Elsa starts to sing about love (either new song or Life is too short) and Hans joins the song. Elsa is surprised to see him here, but not angry. Together they start singing   with Olaf looking carefully. He is trying his best not to be seen falling of the trees, hills, but always staing out of sight (jokes here). Elsa start dancing with Hans and when he admits he is in love with her, she is about to say the same when she remembers evrything he has done. Moreover, she feels guilty as she sings and is happy while her sister may be in the dungeon waiting for her. She runs away from Hans, who looks shattered. When he returns, he sees that everyone has already returned. He also feels uneasy as he didn't want Elsa to feel bad but decides not to apologise. When the day break is over they continue their journey.    

F.K. (Fire King)'s castle.

We see Y.K. (young king) and Anna sitting in a dungeon hoping for miracle. Guards come and say: " The King wants to see you" They take prisoners and with them enter a beautiful throne room. F.K. is sitting on a throne and tells guards to bring Anna and Y.K. to him. F.K. accuses his nephew of carelessness and lack of love towards him. Y.K. tries to explain him the situation but F.K. doesn't want to hear and visibly angry wants to harm him until Anna cries "Nooo!" He immediately orders guard to put him in another dungeon, even worse than before. F.K. admits he is in love with Anna and wants her to become The Queen offering her everything, including eternal summer (he knows that she likes summer). She however refuses and starts to sing ( a duet with F.K. of course but in a more dialogue manner and accusations too). At the end she tells him that Elsa will come and save her. F.K. is saddened that she doesn't want him but decides that he can persuade her by making Elsa hostage too. He orders guards to put her in a queen's room, though. On the way to the room, Anna manages to escape from guards and tries to find the exit, After running out of the castle, she is doing everything possible, including taking a horse but to no avail. F.K. finds out that she has escaped and brings her back. 

We return to Elsa and her friends.

After walking for the whole day they manage to get to the river. There are no bridges as F.K. ordered to destroy them and also a small army of 100 soldiers waiting for them. Olaf is in front and his actions wake the army up (few jokes here). Our heroes understand that if they cross the river they will escape the army as there is no one on the other side. Hans puts Kristoff in charge and orders to take everyone to the river bank. Flynn, Olaf and Maximus decide to help him and stay with him. Everyone else runs to the river. WE HEAR SWORDS CLANKING BATTLE YELLS IN THE BACKGROUND when Elsa and friends get to the bank. They don't whether they should stay and wait for others or cross now. Elsa wants to help Anna and understands that they should go. She starts running on the water (like in the 1st movie) and freezing it to ice. Everyone runs behind her. They still hear yells but no swords and it makes them nervous. Suddenly we see Olaf and Maximus with Flynn on him running towards them. Olaf is "out of shape" (arms not there nose too, body upside down) while Maximus looks okay. Flynn lokks like injured. Olaf yells: We are coming. There is only one problem:Elsa was still weak after fire blast and she was also worried about her friends so the ice she made was thin and it was breaking up with every step. Olaf and Sven get to the other side but ice is pretty much broken. Kristoff sees that they are not coming and decides to go after them but then Hans appears When he gets to ice he sees that despite few cracks it is still broken and unlikely to break completely. Hans cries: Elsa, go and save Anna!" And with that he takes his sword and plunges it deep into the ice causing it to break. The army falls in the water with Hans too. Elsa stands there unable to say a single word. Kristoff meanwhile plunges into the water and tries to find Hans. 

Our heroes' camp

Hans lying on a grass with Kristoff and Olaf near him. Hans wakes up and weakly says: Am I in Heaven?" Olaf says no (there wll be joke in original reply). Hans asks Olaf who saved him. Olaf says Kristoff did. Hans is surprised and asks why. Kristoff replies that he has made enough to prove that he has changed. Hans sadly smiles and goes to sleep. Meanwhile everyone else is helping Flynn who is injured in the same place he was stabbed before. Elsa feels awful, she knows that it is her fault that 2 people have nearly died because of her. She feels very bad and doesn't know what to do. Thankfully, Flynn's injury is not fatal says Violeta. Everyone is happy but Elsa is still in despair.

Everyone goes to sleep.

Elsa cannot sleep when she hears F.K.'s voice. He tells her that she has done enough damage to her friends and that she should continue her journey alone as the battles will only heat. Elsa is reluctant until F.K. says magic words:"And one more thing:I know something about your powers that you don't-I know where they come from. I know everything about them. You want the answers-then come to the castle"

Elsa wants to find out everything about her powers and decides to go. Before she goes she leave a good-bye message to her friends while also warning them against continuing their journey. Then she walks to Hans but doesn't know what to do, She decides not to approach him and runs away. When she is more or less far away from them (100 feet) , she sees that there are  2 hills with only one way to get to the castle-through them. She walks past them and makes a huge. thick ice wall which is very difficult to be broken. She looks in their direction for the last time and with sad but determined expression, continues to go towards castle.    

3d Part.

Elsa continues her journey to the castle. When he gets to it, guards see her but don't stop her as they were informed she would come. They escort her to the throne room and leave. Elsa is wandering around the room (it is HUGE) when she hears the voice:" I knew you would come". Elsa, scared, looks around but cannot find the source of the voice. It continue:" I am not surprised. Not even a bit. I don't judge you. When I was your age I also wanted to know about my powers. Unlike you, however, I was able to unlock the secrets."

(the dialogue. I am not sure whether it should be in a song form (duet) or an ordinary dialogue. It is up to you)

E-Tell me about my powers!

-Ha! Why should I?

-I want to know the truth!

-You want truth? You don't need it, believe me. Some secrets shouldn't be revealed. I don't think you need to it.

-I WANT to know EVERYTHING about my powers!

-I am afraid I will not fulfill your wish.

-But you promised!

-Did I? I said I had information. I didn't say I will share it with you.

(all this dialogue:Elsa-desperate, F.K.-emmm.. like all villains do.)

Elsa becomes angry and feels she starts to lose control over her powers. She tries to regain it, but feels that something inside controls it, not her. She is doing her best but fails and sits/falls on the floor (just like in the 1st movie when Hans confront her). F.K. emerges from a shadow and grins with an evil expression. Elsa understands that he had to do something with her loss of control. She asks:"What have you done?" and weaker :Where is Anna?". F.K. says:"Anna is in the dungeon with Y.K. You won't join them there,though. Regarding your first question, I can tell you only one thing: This is one of the secrets I was talking about. Unfortunately, you won't find them out." And, with and evil grin, he orders his guards to take weak and drained Elsa to the dungeon (another one on the other side of the castle, comparing to the dungeon with Anna and Y.K.) F.K. says to himself:"Now, about others. Hmmm, good thing that I put my own man among them. Unless Elsa did something stupid, this person will lead Elsa's friends right into the trap."

Maniacal laugh, ordinary to any villain here. -_-

We see our friends near castle sitting in the bush and creating enter and escape plan. They argue with each other (few jokes here as well) until they decide to divide. While Maximus and Sven distract the guards, Olaf, Rapunzel, Flynn and chameleon will try to capture the guard. Hans and Violeta will go to the castle and find out where F.K. and guards are situated.

While guards are struggling to catch Sven and Maximus, who are running away (jokes here), Olaf and chameleon are a bait for the 2 guards left on duty. Rapunzel has frying pan in her hand and Flynn looks a little bit scared of it (jokes here). Rapunzel knocks one guard out while Olaf takes another one out (jokes here). They ask them to give an information, where Anna, Elsa and Y.K. are but both guards refuse to say. However, when Rapunzel threatens to slam them with a pan and chameleon also threathens them ( :D ) and they crack up (jokes here). They tell their captors that they are in different plans and give them directions. Olaf and chameleon go and try to save Anna and Y.K. while Flynn and Rapunzel- try to save Elsa.

Olaf and chameleon find the dungeon (jokes here as they struggle to find it and wander everywhere). They see that no one is guarding them and are surprised. However, they understand they need to save prisoners and forget about it. They free Y.K. and Anna (funny greetings here). When they try to get out of the dungeon, we see shadows of guards and understand they are caught.

Flynn and Rapunzel meanwhile do the same here except they don't wander around and get there fast. They free Elsa and she asks how they got here. Rapunzel answers: "Luckily, Violeta knows her own land pretty well. She knew a hidden entrance"

-"Hidden entrance? I didn't see any.

-Neither did we but Violeta did. We are lucky she is with us.

-By the way, where is everyone else.

-Olaf and chameleon are freeing your sister and Hans with Violeta try to find F.K. and his guards location.

-All right, let's go ( Elsa gets up strongly, showing no signs of weaknesses. We see the same Elsa, we did in Let it go)

When they try to escape, however, they are also caught by the guards.

Throne room.

Everyone is brought here. Anna sees Elsa and they run to hug each other. Kristoff and Sven are tied to a column and are quiet although Maximus isn't exactly thrilled being tied up. There is also Violeta, standing near Olaf, but no Hans. Elsa asks where is Hans but no one knows. When Violeta is asked she says:"Traitor..."

We see Hans standing nearby F.K. King is grinning but Hans is not answering. His hands are covered in his white gloves (all movie he was with bare hands, wears them for the first time in my film) and his face is grim. Everyone looks at him with different expressions:Kritoff and Anna with anger, Rapunzel and Flynn in disappointment, but Elsa just looks away.

-Good job Hans! You brought them straight into the trap. Well done!

Hans is still not answering, his face looks very sad. F.K. continues:

-Didn't you think it was strange-I burned down every ship except his? Isn't it strange that he knew where everyone was and was always nearby you when you were discussing plans? He was always in the middle of your company! I can't believe you thought he would change! Once a monster, always a monster. Also, he is the one who helped you get to the castle. He knew the road! He wanted to avenge you all the time and he finally got what he wanted. Congratulations, Hans!"

F.K. was enjoying talking about Hans'  treason and jut couldn't stop when Elsa cried:"Wait!"

Throne room. Elsa cries:"Stop"

Everyone looks at her, startled. Elsa says:"You are lying!" F.K. replies: Before you say that, think, Elsa, is it your mind defending him? Or, more likely, heart?" No one undertands what he means except Hans, Elsa and Olaf. (I don't want Anna to know about love as it makes things more interesting in Frozen 3). Elsa, however, recovers fast and says:" Yes, you are right. We had a traitor amongst our midst, but it is not Hans."

-Then who is it?

-Someone who is not completely well-known to us. Someone who volunteered to help us. Someone who was often going out of sight. Someone who was always listening to our discussions. Someone who knew the road well. Someone who knew the hidden entrance.

During this dialogue she looks around, watching everyone closely and stops her gaze on Olaf. Olaf asks:"Me?"

-No, Olaf. I am not looking at you. Why are you hiding away Violeta? Care to explain something?

Violeta who was trying to sneak away, returns and says: Yes, I am the traitor!

Everyone gasps, especially Rapunzel (they became good "friends" during their journey, or so Rapunzel thought).

-You know why I did it? Because I wanted revenge, Elsa!

-I have never done anything to you.

-I am not seeking revenge for your deeds, but for your parents.


-Didn't you tell her? (asks F.K.) He replies:

-No. And I think it should stay like that.

(By the way, if you think our heroes are free, you are wrong. Both their hands and legs are tied. Violeta's were also tied but loosely so he could get them off later. Elsa's hands are behind her back with them being held in a metal handcuffs (just like in the first movie) )

F.K. says:"I am sure everyone except Elsa was fooled with my bashing though. You are smart, Elsa, just like ... . His voice trails off and he doesn't say a name. He clearly doesn't want her to know about her powers. Elsa meanwhile starts to feel angry and looks like losing control. Her handcuffs which are behind their backs start to freeze and she feels she can get them off. Olaf, meanwhile is still trying to find his hands (He is not tied since his legs are too short and his hands were taken by the guards. They thought that snowman with no hands is not worth enough to pay attention too. His hands are with the guard near the exit door.) He slowly gets to the guard and tries to catch them with his mouth. He fails to do that and decides to try his nose. He takes his hands from the injured guard (joke about guard being hit with a carrot) and puts them in place. Everyone sees it and guards run towards him when Elsa yells to Olaf: Olaf! Go and untie the others!" And with these words, she breaks free from her handcuffs and starts to defend her friends.(She doesn't attack just defends her friends). F.K. looks at her with a smile and gets ready for a battle. Olaf manages to free everyone and despite their protest , Elsa makes them go away. (Doing the same thing she did to Duke of Weselton's older guard in her castle). Then she gets ready. Violeta is already out of sight.(she ran away when Olaf was untying everyone. F.K. and Elsa send their powers against each other (fire and snow respectively)

Outside castle. Our heroes think about plan.

Anna:"We mut do something! We cannot leave Elsa! F.K. will kill her!" -"What do you suggest then?"-asks Flynn. "Ah,ah,ah, (like kids do when they want something) Olaf wants to tell them the plan. Others don't think about him though. Olaf then decides to take a huge branch and smash it against the earth. Everyone looks at him, surprised. -Thanks you. Now, I think that you should trap F.K. near that waterfall (geographical comments-near waterfall, with steep stones, a big hollow with a river beneath it.) Everyone agrees with Olaf's plan and decide to lure F.K. out but don't kno how.

Meanwhile, Elsa is fighting with F.K. He doesn't use his full powers-it is very easy to him. Elsa,on the conrast, uses everything and feels that her powers are draining. F.K. laughs at her and says that if she knew about her powers she would be unstoppable like... (he stopped here) However, some fire blasts made holes in the room and among them-a hole that shows a waterfall. Our heroes see this hole too and start persuading to come after them. F.K. knows that Elsa is worried for them and wants her to suffer so decides to follow them. He gets to the waterfall and understands their brilliant plan. A little bit outnumbered, he summons his army. Our heroes start grand fight. Everyone has its own weapon (Olaf-huge branch, chameleon-teeth,Rapunzel and Flynn-frying pans,Maximus, Hans and Kristoff-swords, Anna-bow (Merida-like) and Sven-his horns) . So, while they fight (at first they are winning-typical fight in film indutries) Elsa and F.K. are still trying to win one another. Strong blast makes her catapult through the falling water. F.K. thinks that she is gone but then ice blast gets to him through waterfall. F.K. understands that there is a cave in it and decides to get there. He makes another strong blast and while water is out of the way he flees in.There they fight, with Elsa holding advantage in a cave. F.K. doesn't like it and manages to spot hiding Elsa and with a strong fire blast makes her return from that cave. She is now lying on the stones, with a hollow very near. F.K. gets to her and says:It is the end, Elsa! I am stronger, give up and your friends won't be killed... in a painful way.-Never!-cries Elsa and starts attacking him. F.K. feels it is enough and makes a blast. Elsa falls over the cliff but manages to cling on the stones with her hands. F.K. smiles and wants to take her out completely when he hears battle cry:"No!!!". He sees Hans approaching them fast, fighting with the army along the way. He starts fighting with F.K. with only a sword. F.K. thinks it is funny but when Hans manages to touch him with a sword F.K. gets really angry. While he is helping himself, Hans runs to Elsa and manages to pull her. F.K. is ready again though and he makes the Bigget blast ever done by him and attacks with it. Elsa's powers cannot do anything against such a blast and both Hans and Elsa fall...    

Hans and Elsa manage to cling on the roots of a enormous trunk. They are trying to climb up but the roots start to crack. Looks like they will not hold them and our heroes will die. Elsa and Hans understand it well. Hans says:"Do you know why I came to that coronation? Not to congratulate Y.K. I wanted to apologize to you and your sister for my evil deeds. I also wanted to save your life and intended to promise it. Ironical, isn't it?..."  Stops, to regain balance and says:"Roots will not hold 2 of us. One of us will die. Save your sister, okay? I believe you can do it. There is no point for me living. After all, all I wanted to achieve in my life after my treason was to redeem myself. I hope that you and your sister will forgive me." -"No!"-cried Elsa but it was too late. Hans takes the knife and cuts off the root he was on. Before doing so, he says:Never give up. I believe you can do it..." and falls into the darkness...

Elsa is feeling awful, with tears streaming down her cheeks but doesn't want his sacrifice come in vain and manages to pull herself. F.K. meanwhile is smiling. He looks at her and asks:"Where is Hans? Sacrificed yourself for you? He is dumber than I thought..."

They start fighting but looks like Hans' death took a lot out from her. She again falls on the grass(she moved out of danger zone) F.K. approached her and started showing her friends. They all were captured, sitting quietly, watching Elsa and F.K. Olaf is even chopped and is (theoretically speaking) dead. chameleon is sitting in a cage. F.K. shows Elsa everyone. He wants her to suffer. Elsa, meanwhile thinks about everyone of them and Hans too. She feels that this fear for them will only make it worse to her friends and makes it go away. She starts thinking about positive moments with everyone of them and feels that fear is gone. Only her limitless love stayed and she gets up. F.K. is very surprised to see it but decides to put an end to it. So they both fire at each other like in X-Men 3 when mutant with ice powers fought mutant with fire powers. At start F.K. is winning but then Elsa unleashes her true power:her powers struck him and he turns into a solid ice for forever. His army sees his death and give up. Everyone runs to Elsa and hugs her.

Elsa's room at Y.K. castle.

Elsa is in deep thoughts. She thinks about Hans and F.K. She really wanted to know everything about her powers and cannot understand his mysterious words and about someone who's name he didn't want to call. Suddenly Anna barges into the room, happy and optimistic.She says that everyone is ready to go. She asks Elsa is everything all right and Elsa puts a smile on her face and says:"Yes. Let's go".

Docks. 2 ships standing near each other (like in the 1st movie at the end.) We see our heroes including Olaf (apparently Elsa returned him back to life). Frozen and Tangled characters bid farewell to each other (several jokes here with all goodbyes). Y.K. is also here. He thanks everyone and announces that they can come here whenever they want as he is indebted to them. He also promised to send his army if needed to help their kingdoms. At the end, we see our heroes on the ships vawing to each other and Y.K. We look at the sun which is shining bright and the scene is over.





and etc.

After all these subtitles, we will see plenty of twists!

Farmer's house. He and his wife are in the house, working. Their kids are playing by the river. Suddenly one of them screams and parents run towards them. They see kids kneeling over and pointing to someone lying on the shore. The eldest sone and father take him out of coming water and farmer kneels to stranger's chest to see is he alive or not. Seconds later, he says:"He is breathing!"

Not bad,huh? However, I won't confirm whether it is Hans. Maybe it is him, maybe some unknown stranger. Who knows? Except me, of course :D

Now for twist No2

We get from the family up to that solid statue. We hear woman's voice. She talks half to herself half to F.K.

-"Hmm, I never expected Elsa to overcome you F.K. It is pretty low-losing to her! I knew that you are not exactly clever but to lose like that! Being freezed forever! Lucky you, I know how to unfreeze you. After all, you didn't tell her my name or anything about my powers and I am grateful to you. On the second thought, I don't need you anymore. I think she is strong enough to face ME! Have fun while you can, Elsa! I promise it won't be for long!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! (evil laugh. Also, important detail-we don't see that woman. We only hear her voice nothing else.)

Do you like it????