Didjey Disantales II

aka Didjey Juan Karlos Alfonso Disantales

  • I live in Arendelle
  • I was born on January 26
  • My occupation is I must be a student. But wouldn't mind being a King of Arendelle
  • I am I think male. Not too sure. Wait till I check
  • Didjey Disantales II

    Frozen 2

    June 25, 2014 by Didjey Disantales II

    2 Years Later...

    There is a very important event coming up: coronation of a new king of Denmark. Everyone is invited, including our heroes from Frozen and Tangled. Of course, they are ready to go and start their journey. When they arrive to the kingdom they meet  each other and together they walk in a huge palace. There are many guests in it and all over the kingdom there are holidays. Spokesperson announces their arrival and everyone looks at them, curious. (who wouldn't be :D )  After they congratulate the newly crowned king, they start talikng abouut people not invited. King says that his uncle who loved his nephew wasn't among guests because his father didn't love him and even sent off to live in another kingdom. He didn't want to do it…

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