• D.A.Martin

    Since DuckTales, some til then comic-only characters became animated. There are several Disney characters who have appeared in comics yet not on TV. Which would your choices for them? So far I'm limiting myself to Ducks and co, but if you comment, you can mention others.

    • Amelia Fieldmouse: Grey DeLisle-Griffin (suggested by ILoveCandace).
    • Angus "Pothole" McDuck: Hank Azaria (suggested by legalizeAnythingMuppets)
    • April, May, & June: Russi Taylor (suggested by LegalizeAnythingMuppets)
    • Brigitta MacBridge: Arleen Sorkin
    • Butch (Mickey's friend): Jeff Bennett (suggested by LegalizeAnythingMuppets)
    • Captain Churchmouse: Hank Azaria (suggested by LegalizeAnythingMuppets)
    • Dexter Dingus: Jeff Bennett (suggested by LegalizeAnythingMuppets)
    • Dickie Duck: Melis…

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