• ConstanceHatchaway

    About Me!

    July 3, 2015 by ConstanceHatchaway

    Hi! I'm Constance Hatchaway! I had five husbands and well.... let's not talk about it... 🔪 SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO anyway, I'm in the attic of my husband's mansion. He gave it to me when he and i were in the mortal world. The attic is the place where I keep my treasures. Like... wedding gifts... getting bigger and more expensive! 💰 So that's when I got a music box that read 'DEAR SWEET LEOTA BELOVED BY ALL IN REGIONDS BEYOND NOW BUT HAVING A BALL'. When I wound it up, it played a catchy tune. I started lyrics... "When the crypt doors creak and the tombstones quake spooks come out for a swinging wake happy haunts materialize and begin to vocalize, grim grinning ghosts come out to Socialize!". I held it close and kept m…

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