Hello, fellas. Today, I'm actually doing another question piece, similar to the vein of General Grievous: Unstoppable or Cowardly? Today's question I'm wondering is which of these 2 movies will reign supreme at the box office: Jurassic World or Star Wars: Episode 7? 

Because, we all know darn well that Jurassic World was a HUGE success, it currently has the highest grossing opening of all time, is the highest grossing film of the year so far and the highest grossing film in the Jurassic Park series, and has made several box office records. I saw it 3 times, I loved it, ABSOLUTELY loved it, I can't wait to buy the DVD when it comes out. But, the question is: Could Star Wars 7 beat Jurassic World's title? It is quite possible that thanks to Star Wars, Jurassic World's reign won't last long. But, who knows. 

Star Wars: Force Awakens isn't even out for another 2 months and analysts already believe it could defeat Jurassic World as 2015 box office champ. I see it happening, but then again, there are a lot of things we believed would happen in the movie world that didn't, like I thought Fantastic Four would be a good movie, but I was HORRIBLY wrong. So, we won't know for sure until the movie actually arrives. But, Star Wars beating Jurassic World sounds like a more realistic prediction, regardless of whether the movie is good or not.

 There are people out there who already believe that Star Wars will actually earn $2 billion at the box office, maybe even more. They actually think it will beat James Cameron's Avatar as the highest grossing movie ever. Now, I'm not to sure about that. Beating Avatar is an incredibly hard thing to do. But, who knows. I suppose it's possible.  

So, what do you guys think? Do you think Star Wars will dethrone Jurassic World as the 2015 box office king and break all of its records? Or do you think the dinosaurs will fend off all the Jedi? Tell me in the poll below what you think will happen.

Jurassic World - Official Global Trailer (HD)-002:41

Jurassic World - Official Global Trailer (HD)-0

Will the dinosaurs continue to reign supreme...

Star Wars The Force Awakens Official Teaser 2-002:00

Star Wars The Force Awakens Official Teaser 2-0

...or will the Jedi make them extinct once more?

Which will be box office king?

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