Hello, guys. I've been kind of thinking something partly because of the fact that the new Star Wars movie will be coming out soon. I just watched a bit of the 2003 Star Wars Clone Wars mini-series and I was amazed at how differently General Grievous was portrayed compared to the CGI Clone Wars show and Revenge of the Sith. So, it kind of got me wondering the opinions of you guys: Do you General Grievous works better when he's unstoppable or cowardly? 

Let me explain: Grievous made his debut NOT in Revenge of the Sith, but in a 2003 Clone Wars miniseries created by Gennedy Tataravosky (Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack). In this show, he was so flipping awesome. He took on 5 of the best Jedi at once by himself and he absolutely WRECKED them. He killed 3 or 4 of them and gravely injured 2. Cool things like that. He also took on an army of Clones by himself while assaulting Palpatine's fortress in Coruscant. It was only when Mace Windu came in and crushed his organs with the Force that Grievous was defeated. 

General Grievous vs Jedi (Full scene)06:45

General Grievous vs Jedi (Full scene)

Unstoppable threat...

However, they toned him down in Revenge of the Sith and Clone Wars, turning him into a mustache-twirling old-style villain (as George Lucas put it). Acting more like the 80's version of Cobra Commander, Grievous coughs a lot and runs away or calls on his minions when the going gets tough, as you can see here. He was kind of like a classic villain from the 1980's cartoon shows. Unlike 2003's Grievous, he relied more on his cunning and planning things out to win rather than sheer brute force. was still a dangerous threat, who did plenty of impressive feats, but he wasn't really as unstoppable as he was before. See how differently he behaved between these 2.  

General Grievous VS01:45

General Grievous VS. Asajj Ventress (HD)-0

...or cowardly mustache-twirling threat?

So, it made me wonder what you guys think? Do you think General Grievous, as a character, works better as an unstoppable juggernaut who crushes everything in his way, as seen in the 2003 Clone Wars, or do you think he works better when he's a cowardly run-when-the-going-gets tough kind of villain? Feel free to tell me in the comments and why you feel that way.

Which Grievous works better?

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