I've kind of been hearing that Disney's been on a buying spree when it comes to franchises. They bought Marvel and Star Wars, and Indiana Jones. It kind of had me thinking. "Wow. What should they buy next?" So, I wanted to come up with some franchises that I think Disney SHOULD buy and which I NEVER want them to buy. This is just my opinion. Yours may be different from mine.

What Disney should buy


This, I would LOVE to see get made by Disney.

Super Mario Bros.

I actually would be totally fine with it if they bought this. Not really bought it, but rented the rights to it. Because, we kind of are due for a good Super Mario Bros. movie. If they are to ever do a Mario movie, it should be done by Disney. Plus, Wreck it Ralph 2. Mario needs to be in that.


This would actually be a smart move. The Peanuts are adored by pretty much everyone and there's that new movie coming out next year. I would love to see a Disney-animated Snoopy personally. It would be SO cute.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

I've actually been hearing talk about this one on other online forums...what if they bought this from Viacom? Not only does it have a massive fanbase, plus Disney's been kind of on a role with element bending if you know what I mean, so why not? Plus, they could probably handle it better than Nick is doing by not airing Legend of Korra anymore.

What Disney should NEVER buy

Looney Tunes

Pacific Rim

This. Absolutely NOT!

This is a property Disney should just leave in the hands of Warner Bros. They understand Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the others better than Disney does. Because I'm not sure if even Disney would be able to replicate the slapstick comedy antics that Warner Bros. have oh-so perfected over the years. They work as it is.


Disney should NEVER buy Godzilla from Japanese film company Toho Studios. It would go against the metaphor of the original 1954 film and personally, I hold Godzilla near and dear to me. I don't want that awesome mass destruction being toned down for the sake of being "kid-friendly."

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This one's a biggie. While I suppose Disney do some good with TMNT, I don't recommend they buy it at the moment. Nick's doing fine with it as it is. Plus, with the stereotype Disney tends to have with non-fans and how aggressive TMNT fans can be, I don't know how they'd react to such an outcome.

Well, that's my list of franchises Disney should buy and not buy. I may add some more for both as time goes on. We'll see. What do you think they should buy and stay away from?