Tetsujin 28  is a 2017 American animated science-fiction mecha television series based on the famous manga and anime franchise created by Japanese manga author Mitsuteru Yokahama. It is the first Tetsujin 28 adaptation to be fully made by an American studio and it will air on Disney XD in the United States and air on the Fuji TV Channel in Japan. The series revolves around a foreign exchange student from Japan named Shotaro Kaneda, living in Seattle, who finds a giant robot from WWII washed ashore. The robot was built by Shotaro's father and was intended to be used as a weapon of destruction to help Japan win the war, but they lost before the robot could even be deployed. After being restored with the help of Dr. Bob Brilliant, who was once Shotaro's father's assistant, Inspector Blooper, the Seattle police chief, and Steve, Shotaro's best friend, they restore the robot and put him to work battling criminals, terrorists and evil robots created by mad scientist Dr. Franken.


During the final days of World War II, the Japanese Empire was building a secret weapon to help them finally turn the tide of the war in their favor. It was the Tetsujin Project. After 27 failed attempts, the project finally gave fruit: a towering 3-story high robot called Tetsujin 28. Unfortunately, before Tetsujin can be deployed, the war had ended and Japan lost. 

However, many years later in modern day Seattle, Tetsujin had washed ashore after being abandoned in the ocean and was found by Shotaro Kaneda (CJ Adams), and, with the help of Dr. Bob Brilliant, a super-smart scientist, Shotaro's best friend, Steve, and Inspector Blooper, a funny but dedicated police chief, the robot is restored, upgraded and put to work battling criminals, terrorists, and evil robots sent by the evil scientist Dr. Franken, as well as various other villains and threats.


Main Characters

Shotaro Kaneda (voiced by CJ Adams)- The overly energetic 13 year old son of Professor Kaneda and the main protagonist of the series. He is Tetsujin's current controller. He is a foreign exchange student from Japan who moved to Seattle. He cares very passionately about Tetsujin, so much so that he actually washes him with a hose whenever he gets dirty from a fight. It is revealed the reason why he's so good at controlling Tetsujin is beacuse when he was little, he loved playing with remote control robots and dinosaurs. Sometimes he has a habit of getting energetic and rather impulsive, but does take his work seriously when necessary.

Dr. Bob Brilliant  (voiced by Bill Nighy) - Professor Kaneda's former assistant, and now Shotaro's mentor who trains him to better control Tetsujin. He is a rather elderly man of 70, and is very serious about his work. He has worked with Professor Kanedea in the 27 attempts at building the Tetsujin Project. In his later years, he now owns a company called Brilliant Industries, which is the leading salesman in robots sold across the world.

Inspector Blooper (voiced by Don Brown) - The Seattle Police Chief and the comic relief of the group. He is a wise-cracking policeman who is enthusiastic about his job, but he also knows when to start taking things seriously. Although he can get annoyed by Shotaro's antics at times, he still cares about the boy deeply, even acting as a surrogate father to him when needed.

Steve - (voiced by Will Friedle) Shotaro's best friend in middle school.

Dr. Franken (voiced by Clancy Brown) - A reclusive mad scientist and the one of the main antagonists of the show. He acts calm, but this is only a ruse to trick his enemies into underestimating him. It's when they finally show up to confront him does his unleash his ruthless side. He is very knowledgable, but unfortunately uses his talent to create dangerous, evil robots.

Emperor Guillotine (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - An alien warlord who is the leader of an alien race known as the Krillyons. He is one of the main antagonists of the series.


Tetsujin 28 - Tetsujin 28 is the main robot of the series. An old warbot first built in WWII, he was built by Shotaro's father and was one of 28 attempts at a project intended to be used as a weapon to help Japan finally win the war. Unforunately, by the time Tetsujin was ready to be deployed, the war was already over and Japan lost. However, now in 2017, Tetsujin 28 was rediscovered by Professor Kaneda's late son, Shotaro, and now he, Dr. Bob Brilliant, Inspector Blooper, and Steve, restore the robot to its original glory, and put it to work against criminals, terrorists, and evil robots. Tetsujin 28 bares a resemblance to a medeival knight, and has 2 rocket thrusters on his back which help him to fly. He was also modified by Dr. Brilliant by giving him an incredible arsenal of weapons, guns, and cannons, so he can stand a chance in battle during the modern age.

Black Ox - A huge black robot built by Dr. Franken meant to be Tetsujin's rival. He wanted to build a weapon of destruction that could rival Tetsujin's strength and power, and Black Ox does just that. He can do everything Tetsujin can do and more. Unlike Tetsujin, he has an incredibly destructive laser weapon in his yellow eyes, which unleashes a powerful laser that completely destroys anything it touches, as well as the ability to create a black fog from its fingertips that can make it difficult for enemies to see him. His fingertips are also capable of emitting flames to burn opponents.

MONSTER Units - These are Dr. Franken's robot grunts. They have bodies that are deliberately designed to look like bombs. This is so that can they can trick their enemies into thinking that it's a bomb that turned out to be a dud when it crashes into the ground. But, then they catch them off guard by getting up from the ground and going on rampages. These robots have a laser weapon at the top of their bodies.

Garon - Garon is large mech designed like an Apatosaurus dinosaur. It is to date, the biggest robot in the series, and unlike the other robots in the series, who are controlled externally through remote control, Garon is the only robot that is controlled from the inside, like traditional mecha of modern day.

Baccus - Baccus is a robot reverse-engineered from the remains of the original Black Ox by the United States military to serve as a weapon to stop terrorism and other threats to the country as well as the entirety of the Earth. It does well at this at first, but it malfunctions and goes on a rampage through San Francisco, before finally being brought down by Tetsujin. Baccus is equipped with the ability to shoot fire from its mouth as well as its fingertips. It has a pop-out missile launcher inside its chest.


Tetsujin's foes aren't only robots. They can also consist of giant monsters. This is a list of them.

The Gigantatrons - A pair of giant gorilla-like creatures constantly getting into destructive brawls with each other.


Season 1

Name Image Description
Pilot 001 During the final days of WWII, a project was being built by the Japanese army to help them win the war once and for all. After 27 failed attempts, they successfully build the ultimate weapon: Tetsujin 28. But, unfortuntely, the war is over, and Japan lost before it could even be deployed. So, the robot is abandoned and dropped into the sea. However, it drifts into Seattle and is found by young foreign exchange student, Shotaro Kaneda. A man named Dr. Bob Brilliant, who was once Shotaro's father's assistant, reveals that Shotaro's father worked on the robot. So, the two, alongside police chief inspector Blooper and Shotaro's friend Rick, restore the robot to its original glory. And just in time, when reclusive mad scientist Dr. Franken unleashes an army of his evil robot creations to attack Seattle.
Death from Above 002 Reports come in of giant birds attacking people in suburban towns near Mt. Rainer. Shotaro and the team discover that the giant birds are actually robots built by an extreme ornthologist, who loves birds so much, that he built the robots to destroy neighborhoods that threaten his birds and their natural habitat. It's up to Tetsujin to stop the robotic monsters.
The A.R.F 003 Tetsujin and Shotaro go up against a KKK-like group that call themselves, "THE A.R.F" (Anti-Robot Foundation). They are a group of robot-hating citizens who's goal is to destroy all robots by creating a device that causes errors in their programming, making them go on rampages through the city of Seattle. Only Shotaro and Tetsujin can save the day.
Now you See Me 004 Dr. Franken builds a new type of robot to destroy Tetsujin, which has the ability to turn itself invisible. This ability proves to make fighting him a hard time for Tetsujin, so Dr. Bob Brilliant builds a special type of headgear to help Shotaro be able to see the robot even when it's invisible.
Infestation 005 Loosely based on the H.G. Wells story, Food of the Gods, a lab is working on a strange substance that is designed to make fruit and vegetables grow 10 times their size. This invention is intended to help feed more hungry people in poorer countries. But, problems arise when wild rats break into the building and devour this substance, making them grow into giant rats the size of school buses that begin devouring the city. To make matters worse, hornets, farm chickens, and even an alligator begin devouring the substance, too. It's up to Tetsujin 28 to exterminate the giant vermin and save the city from destruction.
Rampage 006 When Tetsujin suddenly starts rampaging through Seattle, everyone becomes convinced Shotaro's gone mad with power when he has had nothing to do with it. But Shotaro did NOT have the control box that controls Tetsujin with him, so Inspector Blooper suspects fowl play. He soon does an investigation and discovers that a master bandit called "The Grey Ghost" stole the control box while Shotaro wasn't looking and has been making Tetsujin commit crimes across the city. He and Shotaro now must rely on a previous robot Professor Kandea built, Tetsujin 27, to help get the control box back.
Invasion 007 A group of aliens arrive on Earth called the Krilliyons, led by the evil Emperor Guillotine, an alien warlord who has established an entire empire throughout the cosmos. He sends out an army of huge monsters to attack Seattle. Who better to save the day than Tetsujin 28?
I, Tetsujin 008 After an experiment goes wrong, Shotaro's mind ends up being transferred into Tetsujin's body, and much to Blooper, Dr. Brilliant, and Steve's surprise, Shotaro doesn't want to go back, as he's having too much fun being the robot itself. He then goes off to fight villains, but when a giant sea monster arrives to attack Seattle, will Shotaro 28 be enough to stop it?
Revenge of the previous Tetsujins 009 After a criminal gang accidentally discovers the previous 26 attempts (as Tetsujin 27 is now used as a construction robot after the events of "Rampage") at the Tetsujin Project abandoned in an old factory back in Japan, they restore all the robots and use them to go on a rampage of destruction and steal. Now, with these 26 Tetsujins on the loose, Tetsujin 28 and his human friends have to return to Tetsujin's original homeland of Japan to end the carnage.
The Techno-virus 010 An alien organism lands on Earth, and once there, it begins to bond with all forms of human technology, growing to massive proportions. Things get worse when the creature taps into the Internet and discovers the location of humanity's weapons of mass destruction. Now, the team and Tetsujin must find a way to stop the alien before it takes control of an arsenal of nuclear missiles.
Black Ox 011 Dr. Franken finally builds a robot powerful enough to rival the strength of even Tetsujin himself. The robot is called, "Black Ox", and he sends it out to destroy the entire city and Tetsujin. Black Ox proves to be an extremely formidable adversary for Tetsujin. Will the team be able to stop Black Ox's reign of destruction.
Superhuman Kelly 012 Sometime during the Vietnam War, a man named Kelly let developers use him as a test subject for a new attempt at the Tetsujin Project. This part of the project involved replacing all human tissue but the brain with robotic parts. This resulted in him having the full appearance of a robot, with incredible power and the ability to absorb metal to increase his size. However, he was betrayed by the workers and discarded. Now, after being accidentally ressurected, he goes on a rampage, seeking vengence on the ones who betrayed him. And of course, Tetsujin has to stop him and try to reason with Kelly.
Prison Break 013 Emperor Guillotine has returned, and this time he has managed to make a deal with a group of huge alien criminals after breaking them free from an intergalactic prison: Destroy Earth and Tetsujin so he and his race can rule it, and he will make sure they never get imprisoned again. Now, to stop the destruction of Earth, Tetsujin and Shotaro has to battle evil criminals from several worlds (including one that looks like a gigantic version of Little Yama).
Pilot for a Day 014 When Shotaro becomes really sick from the flu, Inspector Blooper ends up being put to the task of controlling Tetsujin until Shotaro gets better. The only problem is, he's terrible at it. To make matters worse, Dr. Franken returns with a plan to destroy Seattle with robots that have nuclear reactors ready to explode at any second, which could wipe the entire Washington state off the map. Like it or not, it's up to Inspector Blooper to save the day.
Garon 015 Inspector Blooper gets reports of a giant reptilian creature swimming in the lake of a suburban town outside of Seattle. Tetsujin and Shotaro go to investigate and they soon find out it's actually a huge Apatosaurus-like mecha called, "Garon". It is a massive mecha that can be controlled from the inside by evil terrorists to cause major damage. It manages to easily overpower Tetsujin, not only becuase it's much larger than Tetsujin and has immense strength, but also becuase it's made of tiny pieces of metal that can rebuild themselves when damaged. Can Tetsujin defeat this monstrous hybrid of prehistroic past and mechanical future?
Quake 016 Mysterious Earthquakes begin occuring in the Washington-Oregon area, and they're not supposed to be since there are no faults shifting there. Shotaro and the team are sent to investigate and soon realize that these earthquakes aren't natural. It's being caused by rock monsters located underneath the Earth's core.
Monster X 017 Dr. Franken builds a new version of the Monster Unit, called Monster X. It's the most powerful version that actually can stand a chance against Tetsujin by himself. Not only that, it also can hold little Monster robots inside it that it can summon as well as a highly destructive laser weapon from its tip. Shotaro has never been defeated by a Monster Unit until now. The team now has to figure out how to defeat Monster X.
Battle Royale 018 A bird-like alien called Krillious runs a live fighting tournament show where the biggest, baddest robots in the galaxy (piloted or otherwise) fight for supremacy. However, his ratings have begun to decline, so Krillious discovers Tetsujin and decides to make him his latest robot competetor, to which Shotaro happily agrees, as if he wins, he gets an incredible cash reward. But, there's a catch. If Tetsujin loses, Krillious gets to keep Tetsujin forever. Now, Shotaro has to fight in an all-out battle royale to maintain control of Tetsujin and win the grand prize.
Fire Fight 019 Some time after Tetsujin defeated Black Ox, a group from the US military, led by General Albatross, managed to take the remains of Black Ox to study him so that they can make a mech to serve the military. Their project eventually gives fruit and they create a robot called Bacchus. This robot has the ability to shoot fire from it's mouth AND its fingertips. When they send Bacchus to stop a terrorist attack on San Francisco, they succeed. However, the controller used to operate Bacchus malfunctions, causing Bacchus to go out of control and start destroying San Francisco. Now, Shotaro has to use Tetsujin to stop Baccus.
The Insatiable Blulk 020 After being exposed to a strange gas during another battle with Dr. Franken, Inspector Blooper isn't acting like himself. It's normal that he has a really big appetite, but lately, he's been taking it up to 11, concerning his teammates. To make matters worse, a giant monster begins attacking Seattle at night, and Tetsujin has to fight it. But, the problem is, every time the monster shows up, Inspector Blooper is nowhere to be found. They soon realize Inspector Blooper IS the monster and they have to find a way to return him to normal.
Brawl of the Gigantatrons 021

Tetsujin 28 is sent in to Osaka stop 2 giant creatures that are constantly brawling with each other. With battles that cause major damage and destruction. Now, Shotaro, Blooper, and Tetsujin have to break up the fight before it makes a huge mess.

Production Note: The Gigantatrons are an homage to the creatures from the Toho Kaiju film, War of the Gargantuas .

Parade of Destruction 022

It's Thanskgiving Day, and Shotaro is so excited to enjoy the parade, and his favorite part is the balloons. But, little does he know that this year's balloons are actually evil robots created by Dr. Franken disguised as balloons. He then unleashes the evil robots on the parade and they begin wreaking havoc. Now, it's up to Tetsujin to stop the balloon robots from destroying Seattle and prevent Dr. Franken from ruining Thanksgiving.

List of Evil Balloon Robots:

Ultra Flabbio Bros. (a parody of Super Mario Bros.)

Autonomous Prime (a parody of Optimus Prime)


Alley-oop Stein (a parody of the famous children's book character, Geronimo Stilton )

Oggy Ostrich (Woody Woodpecker )

Shren and Sticky (Ren and Stimpy)

Honey I Shrunk Tetsujin 023 Tetsujin is accidentally zapped by Bob Brilliant's experimental shrink ray, reducing the towering robot to the size of an action figure, rendering him useless in battle. Well, they had better turn him back to normal fast, because Emperor Guillotine has return with a robot called Death Dealer, which has incredible waepons powerful enough to destroy the Earth. Now, Brilliant has to reverse the shrinking process so Tetsujin can save the day.
Return of Black Ox 024 Dr. Franken builds a brand new Black Ox, and makes it even more powerful than the last one.
Lingering Moon of Midday Part 1 025


Production Notes: This 2-part season finale is loosely based on the 2007 anime film, Tetsujin 28: The Lingering Moon of Midday. Plus, while the show is mostly light-hearted, this season finale takes a darker turn.

Lingering Moon of Midday Part 2 (Season Finale) 026 TBA

Season 2

Name Episode No. Description




  • In the original manga and anime series, Shotaro was allowed to wield a gun and drive around in a car. In the American animated series, this was removed as there's no way any child would be allowed to use either of these in real life.
  • The show uses a mix of the character's original Japanese names and the whimsical American names given to the characters in the American Gigantor dub. Tetsujin, Shotaro and Dr. Franken retain their original Japanese names, but Chief Otsuka (Inspector Blooper) and Professor Shikishima (Dr. Bob Brilliant) are given their Gigantor American names.
  • Don Brown voices Inspector Blooper in the show. He also voiced the same character in the English dub of the 2004 series.
  • In the show, Tetsujin is equipped with an enormous range of weapons, guns and cannons installed into his body. In the original manga and anime series, Tetsujin was unarmed and had no ranged weapons whatsoever other than his fists.
  • Emperor Guillotine is actually a real character created by Yokahama himself. However, he appears in a different, albeit similar, manga, called Giant Robo, which is also about a giant robot.
    • However, Giant Robo can only be controlled by a hero, while Tetsujin can be controlled by anyone, good or bad.
  • Little Yama from Big Hero 6 makes a cameo appearance in the episode, "Prison Break" as one of the alien criminals attacking Seattle, although he is NEVER referred to by name. He fights Tetsujin one-on-one for a little bit, inflicting pretty heavy damage on Tetsujin. Little Yama is eventually destroyed when Tetsujin smashes him into a gas tank, which explodes, blowing up Little Yama.
  • Tetsujin is actually Japanese for the word Iron Man, so in English, his name would be Iron Man 28, though such similarities in name to the Marvel superhero are PURE coincidence.