The Sven and Olaf Show is a 2016 American animated comedy television series based on the 2013 movie, Frozen, with the comic relief sidekicks Sven and Olaf as the main characters. It focuses on the exploits of the 2 comic relief characters from Frozen getting into all sorts of wacky and insane adventures. The general world differs majorly from Frozen, as this show has 1800's style versions of modern day customs and technology, much like what Flinstones does for the Stone Age. Also, some of the personalities of the characters differ slightly.


Sven and Olaf, who were the two supporting comic relief characters of the hit film Frozen, are the main characters of this animated comedy series. It focuses on the duo's exploits and adventures in Arendelle. Unlike the movie, Sven in this show, CAN talk. In one episode, they even give an explanation for how he gained such an ability, as he got the wish to do so granted from a magic fairy some time after the movie. Sven and Olaf are best friends, although their personalities greatly differ. Sven is intelligent and enjoys reading, fine dining, watching theater. He is somewhat uptight and highly believes in being neat. Olaf on the other hand, is the more happy-go-lucky and naive of the 2, and he is quite clumsy too. His attention span is VERY short and easily gets distracted by things such as butterflies, food, and animals. Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, the main characters from the movie, get a good amount of episodes where they play a major role, but they ultimately take a back seat to Sven and Olaf's comedic antics.

In this show, there are also 1800's style versions of modern day machinery, very similar to the show Flinstones, which uses prehistoric versions of modern tech, such as radio players, TVs, movie theaters, etc. Each session runs 30 minutes, usually with 2 12 minute long episodes each, with a total of 26 episodes per season.


An episode guide for the series.

Season 1Edit

Pilot 001 When Sven and Olaf find out the only pizza place in Arendelle is closing down, they become horrified. So, they take matters into their own hands and decide to buy the shop so that it won't close down. There's just one problem, though: Neither of them know how to make pizza.
Cousin Jim 002 Chaos ensues in the castle when Olaf's arrogant cousin Jim arrives for a visit.
Special Day 003 Sven invites Olaf, Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the day he gained the ability to talk after an encounter with a magic fairy. He wants it to be a very special day. However, mishap after mishap may ruin this special occasion.
Queen Olaf 004 When Elsa gets sick with a cold (in a reference to Frozen Fever), Olaf is put in charge of running the kingdom while she's recovering, which thus makes him king (but he keeps calling himself "queen"). However, it isn't long before Queen Olaf's power quickly goes to his head.
Sven's new bodyguard 005 Tired of Marshmallow beating them up all the time, Sven and Olaf befriend a dragon that has been terrorizing a village so they can have him as a bodyguard. Things seem to be going fine, until Sven and Olaf discover the dragon's darker motives behind the scenes.
The Rat in the Chaps 006 While stuck in the house on a day with nothing but pouring rain, Sven and Olaf are visited by a tall, rhyming magical rat wearing a hat and chap pants (a parody of The Cat in the Hat). Mayhem ensues.
Safety First 007 After Olaf watches a video on Health and Safety, he gets a LITTLE carried away. And by a little, we mean a LOT!
Hunger 008 Hungry and out of money to buy more food, Sven and Olaf discover a house in the forest with lots of delicious food to eat. They try to go in and get some, but they find it's guarded by not a vicious dog, but a giant, angry Allosaurus. Sven and Olaf make several attempts to get food without the angry dinosaur noticing them. Contains lots of scenes of a snowman and reindeer getting torn to shreds by an Allosaur.
April Fools Day 009 Olaf is excited because today is April Fools Day, where everybody in Arendelle plays pranks on each other. Sven scoffs at the idea, but ends up becoming the butt of everyone's jokes.
Anger Management 010 Anna's rage issues have become increasingly out of control for some reason, and the boys are assigned by Elsa to find out what's causing them. But, can they find the source of Anna's outbursts before they destroy Arendelle?
The Pet 011 Olaf finds an injured house fly and wants to take it home to nurse it back to health, much to Sven's annoyance.
Smarter than the Average Snowman 012 Sven gets tired of Olaf's dim-witted antics, so he lets him drink a potion to make him smarter. Olaf soon becomes the smartest being in the world, but it also make him an arrogant jerk.
The Diary 013 Kristoff has a secret diary where he writes down all his personal thoughts about his days and everyone around him. Sven thinks he's writing bad things about him, so he goes to great lengths to find out what he's writing.
Sven and Olaf in the 21st Century 014 Sven and Olaf accidentally get beamed to the year 2023 where they have to battle Kristoff's tyrannical descendant that's taken over Arendelle.
Cool Deer 015 After Sven accidentally gets hit hard on the head by a pumpkin, his entire personality changes. He is no longer his neat, uptight, prissy self. Instead, he becomes a hip, laid-back, sloppy, cool dude. Olaf is initally thrilled with Sven's personality change, but Sven's new personality soon begins to cause problems for the whole town. Now Olaf has to find an object hard enough to hit Sven with to get him back to his old self.
Careful what you Wish For 016 Olaf buys a magic potato that has the ability to grant wishes. Sven, Olaf, Kristoff, and Grand Pabbie then get into an all-out war with each other to try and keep it for themselves.
Camping 017

Sven gets tired of Olaf taking his life of convienience for granted, so he takes the snowman out roughin' it on a camping trip to get him to appreciate what he has. Plus, it also gives Olaf a chance to learn about survival in the wild as well as help Sven remind himself what life as a wild deer is like. But, when they end up being stalked by a huge, savage demonic bear of legend, it turns into a nightmare for both of them. Sven and Olaf now have to escape the campgrounds alive before the demon bear gets them.

Production Notes: Baloo makes a cameo appearance in this episode. He arrives to greet Sven and Olaf and welcome them to the campsite, but Olaf screams in fear and throws bricks at him, causing Baloo to run off in fear.

The Amazing Spider-Olaf

(Half-Hour Special)

018 After Olaf gets bitten by a spider, he believes he's gained incredible spider-powers and decides to go fight crime as a superhero called, Spider-Olaf, and he makes Sven his sidekick, Deer Boy. However, after Spider-Olaf accidentally ruins a watermelon salesman's life and gets him thrown into volcano, that person survives and becomes a supervillain named, Meltdown, due to the volcano transforming him into a rocky creature with the power to control and manipulate magma. He then decides to use his new powers get revenge by destroying Arendelle in a firey inferno. Now, it's up to Spider-Olaf and Deer Boy to save the day.
Grand Couch Potato 019 After Grand Pabbie quits his troll tribe for being severely underappreciated, he crashes at Sven and Olaf's place. However, he soons begins to take advantadge of the duo's generosity. Now, Sven and Olaf have to work to help Grand Pabbie regain his confidence to get him to go back to his tribe, which starts falling into complete chaos in his absence.
Two Idiots and a Baby 020 Sven and Olaf are asked (no, forced) by Kristoff to babysit his bratty 3-year old nephew because he's had it with the child's destructive antics. Sven and Olaf wonder what kind of trouble this cute this kid could possibly cause. Well, they'll soon find out as they are about to enter a world of pain.
Banned! 021 Sven and Olaf want to go eat at a hamburger joint across town, but after Olaf accidentally blew up the store trying to get a burger, they are banned from eating there. So, the duo attempt a stealth mission to sneak in and get their food.
Triassic Island 022

While on a foreign relations assignment, Sven and Olaf accidentally take a wrong turn and land on an island where prehistoric creatures still roam. Now, they have to find a way to get back to civilization and, of course, not get eaten by dinosaurs.

Production Notes: This Episode is a parody of The Lost World, the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel.

The Auto-Mobile 023 When an Arendelle constable invents a new machine, called the Auto-Mobile, it becomes an instant phenomenon. Sven and Olaf become determined to get one, despite the expensive cost and being sold out everywhere.
Sven and Olaf on a hit tin roof 024 Sven, Olaf, and Kristoff accidentally end up stuck on a roof while re-painting it. So, they decide to play games to pass the time until they are rescued. But, the games turn deadly as Olaf goes ballistic from starving and attempts to kill them both (Sven for warmth and Kristoff for food). In the end, they get rescue.
Escape from Weselton 025 After Sven and Olaf prank call the King of Weselton, the King mistakes the duo for foreign invaders who plan to kill everyone, so he sends his guards to kidnap Sven and Olaf and put them in prison. Now, the duo have to find a way to escape and return home.
The Great Pizza War 026 Sven tells Olaf, Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff a story that is a piece of Arendelle history. He explains of a war that ensued in 1818 when one of Arendelle's former kings banned pizza completely in all of the kingdom. Anyone caught eating, selling it, or even being near it were thrown in jail for life. So, the townsfolk revolted an engaged in a war with the king to get their pizza back. In the end, the tyrant was run out of town and the pizza was returned to town.

Season 2Edit

Name No Description
Chaos on the Set 027

Sven and Olaf are hired to star in Wizzley Chairman Bob Vulgar's latest cartoon short. And it features tons of classic Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry slapstick gags. The duo is in a world of hurt now.

Production Notes: Bob Vulgar is a parody of current Disney chariman and CEO, Bob Iger. And Wizzley is a parody of the Disney company.

Untitled Christmas Special

(half-hour special)


After Olaf accidentally injures Rudolph, Santa Claus and his reindeer team are left without a guide for his sleigh. So, Sven is forced to become Rudolph's temporary replacement until Rudolph gets better. But, the problem is, Sven can't fly. To make matters worse, an evil wizard is plotting to kill Santa because Santa put him on the naughty list. Now not only does Sven have to be Rudolph's replacement, he and Olaf now also have to protect Santa from harm.

PRODUCTION NOTES This is the first and only episode to have 2 licensed songs in the same episode.

Anna Meets OutofSYNC 029

Anna is ludicrously excited to see a concert where her favorite boy band, OutofSYNC will be playing. But, the only problem is, the theater of which they're playing at is totally sold out for the night. Not wanting to see their friend sad, Sven and Olaf decide to help Anna get in that theater so she can see OutofSYNC in person.

Production Notes: OutofSYNC is a parody of the popular boy band group, NYSNC, who are famous for doing songs such as Bye Bye Bye, and I Want You Back.

Sven and Olaf vs the USA 030

While on a business trip assigned by Elsa, Sven and Olaf accidentally take a wrong turn and end up in the United States of America. More specifically, New York City. Now, Sven and Olaf have to find a way back to Arendelle while dealing with angry drivers in traffic, air AND water pollution, the mafia chasing after them, and pizza places all pretending to be the original Ray's.

What a bunch of Dumbbells 031 Concerned that he's losing his edge and toughness, made even worse after getting beaten up by someone shorter than him, Kristoff begins to workout furiously, aiding his routine with a potion that builds muscle mass. However, there's one side effect: It makes him completely crazy and he begins going on a Hulk-like rampage. It's up to Sven and Olaf to save the day.
A Hair too Far 032 Sad that humans have hair yet he doesn't, Olaf desperately seeks a way to grow a large patch of hair on his head. He manages to find it by buying it from a witch. Olaf is at first thrilled to have a full patch of hair like his human companions. But, there's a catch: His hair never stops growing, to the point where he's so covered in it the townsfolk mistake him for a savage Bigfoot and begin to fear him. Now, Sven and Olaf have to find a cure before the townsfolk hunt Olaf down and kill him.
Hans Returns 033 While going to have a picnic, Sven and Olaf run into Hans, who is going through a very troubled time. Hans claims to have changed his evil ways and is just looking for a friend. Sven and Olaf are intitially skeptical, but Hans' charm eventually wins them over, and the trio seemingly become the best of friends. But, has Hans really changed his ways? Or is it all a ruse?
Say Uncle 034 Olaf's uncle Frosty the Snowman comes to town to visit his nephew. Being a famous celebritiy and being just a good and kind snowman, everyone in Arendelle loves Frosty and he, Sven and Olaf go have some fun. But, when an evil wizard wants to steal Frosty's magic hat that keeps him alive, Sven and Olaf have to help keep Frosty safe.
Fear Itself 035

Olaf discovers Sven has a terrible fear of cows after a traumatic incident he experienced that was caused by a cow. Olaf becomes determined to help Sven conquer his fear, whether Sven wants him to or not.

Party Time 036 Sven wants to throw a party, and much to his surprise, NO ONE shows up. Sven is puzzled by this becuase usually his parties are pretty popular. It turns out the reason no one's coming is because Kristoff is throwing his own party and EVERYONE (inculding Olaf) begins going to his party, leaving Sven's completely empty. Sven begins becoming crazy from jealousy and decides to sabotage Kristoff's party. However, Sven's attempts at havoc fail and only make Kristoff's party better and MORE popular.
Operation: Get Fired 037 Sven and Olaf finally gets their own job at working at a fancy restaurant. At first, they are thrilled to be working at this establishment and bringing pleasure to people through food, until it turns out that this job is terrible due to rude diners harrassing them, being underpaid, and getting yelled at a lot for not using one hand to lift the tray (even though Sven is unable to due to, you know, walking on all fours). So, they work to come up with a well-thought out plan to get fired and end this dream-turned-nightmare.
Sleepwalking 038 Sven and Olaf decide to have a movie night of old horror movies. But the night of junk food and movies accidentally causes Sven to start having destructive bouts of sleep-walking, as while he's in this trance, he's mimicking the monsters seen on the movies. Now, it's up to Olaf to wake Sven up.
Go Viral 039 After Sven and Olaf witness Anna get on every major newspaper in the country for her new juggling act, they decide they want to be famous in the paper too and go to great lengths to do something cool to get on the country's newspapers.
Shlollywood (Half Hour Special) 040 Sven, Olaf, Anna, Elsa, Hans and Kristoff are hired by Shlollywood to star in a feature film adaptation of their adventure from the movie Frozen. Everyone, especially Sven and Olaf, is so excited to make it big in the film industry, but things go awry when Hans secretly re-writes the script to make himself look like the hero and make Elsa look like the villain.
Sugary Solution 041 Elsa begins to notice that all the citizens in Arendelle are getting fatter. Concerned for her subjects' health, she puts a ban on all sugary products. That means soda, candy, cake, chocolate, sugary cereals, etc. are ALL completely outlawed, causing msasive controversy. In response, Sven and Olaf form a secret group that works to help secretly sneak sugary foods into Arendelle for the citizens to enjoy.
A Dodgy Battle 042 After Sven gets hit in the face with a dodgeball, it causes an enormous chain reaction that results in the whole town getting into a dodgeball battle. Who will emerge victorious?
Sven the Pet 043 A young spoiled brat of a boy named Johnny discovers Sven and wants him as his new pet. Olaf and Kristoff tells the boy he's not for sale. However, being the brat he is, Rick kidnaps Sven to make him his pet by force. Now, Olaf and Kristoff have to go rescue him.

Olaf's Nose

044 Sven discovers Olaf incredibly distraught. When he asks Olaf what's wrong, Olaf explains that his carrot nose is missing. Neither one of them knows where it is or who stole it. However, they soon discover it was stolen by a criminal as part of an evil plot, so it ends up leading Sven and Olaf into a chase across the kingdom to get Olaf's nose back.
Larger Than Life 045 Sven and Olaf, while taking a stroll through a forest, run into a 60 foot tall female giant named Inma, who ran away from her home after a disagreement with her fellow giants. The duo end up befriending Inma, but are worried about her safety, as the people of Arendelle hate giants due to a tragedy years ago when giants rampaged through Arendelle and ate half the population. They decide they have to keep her and their friendship with her a secret so she doesn't get killed. But, how do you keep a secret this big?
Punch Trunk Love 046

Feeling bad for an African Elephant named Hathi stuck performing tricks at a sideshow fair, Olaf brings him back to Arendelle where he hopes he can live peacefully. But, it isn't long before the bad-tempered pachyderm instantly begins wreaking havoc on the town. Sven and Olaf now have to save the day and clean up another one of Olaf's messes. But, to make matters worse, Sven and Olaf also have to face of against a ruthless poacher named Carlos A. Tiberus, who wants to kill Hathi for his tusks.

Production Notes: The name of the elephant Hathi is a nod to the character of the same name from the Jungle Book, who is also an elephant.

Insomniac 047 Sven suffers from insomina, so he and Olaf travel off to seek help from a horned witch who has the power to put spells on people that make them sleep. But, little do they realize that that she is actually EVIL and plans to take over Arendelle by putting a spell on its citizens in a deep sleep, making it vulnerable for her to conquer and rule. Once they find out, Sven and Olaf, as usual, have to put a stop to her plans.

Hunting Season


Sven discovers he is an endangered species of reindeer. While horrified to find out he is among only 637 of his kind left, he is initially not TOO worried about it, since hunting endangered wildlife is strictly illegal in Arendelle, but when the Carlos A. Tiberius returns to kill Sven for money, he and Olaf turn to a famous wildlife biologist named Janet Goodman for help.

Note: Janet Goodman's name is a nod to the real-life animal conservationist Jane Goodall, who revolutionized the world of great ape conservation and made the world aware of the plight of chimpanzees and other great apes.

A Vacation would be ice 049 Elsa becomes extremely stressed out due to being overworked with duties in ruling the kingdom. Sven and Olaf, feeling sorry for her, decide to take her out to have a good time so she can get a vacation. Elsa agrees, feeling she needs some time off to relax, and leaves Anna in charge of the kingdom while she gets a vacation. However, Elsa soon discovers that Sven and Olaf's particular brand of fun is anything but relaxing. Meanwhile, Anna ends up doing a really horrible job at ruling Arendelle, the kingdom falls into total chaos.
Return of Spider-Olaf (hour long season finale) 050 An ancient evil from long ago is accidentally released from her underwater prison by gold miners. This evil is known as Ingrid the Snow Queen, who also happens to be the being responsible for Elsa's ice powers in the first place. Upon being free, she plans to accomplish what Elsa "failed" to do...cast Arendelle in an eternal winter, where everyone will be her slaves and she will take over first Arendelle, then the entire planet. Of course, Sven and Olaf do not want the world to be enslaved, so they decide to once again become Spider-Olaf and Deer Boy and fight to stop Ingrid's evil reign of terror.

Season 3Edit

Name No. Summary
Rise and Shine 051

In the Season 3 Premiere of the series, we find out what the normal daily morning routine is like for Sven, Olaf, Elsa, Anna Kristoff, Hans and even for Marshmallow and Grand Pabbie.

Just Veggin' out 052 After a trip to a farm, Anna makes the decision to become a vegetarian. But, she feels she cannot do it alone and asks Sven and a reluctant Olaf to be vegetarians with her. Sven ends up doing really well, since being a reindeer, he's meant to be an herbivore anyway, but Olaf is having a harder time. Olaf tries his best to follow alongside Anna's new lifestyle, but eventually the temptation becomes too much for him, so, when the annual Arendelle BBQ arrives, he snaps and savagely begins eating all the meat he can get his hands on. After the chaos, Anna tells Olaf he has not have to be a vegetarian with her anymore, as she realizes  she was wrong trying to force Olaf to do it. She then decides from that point forward even though she's still going to be a vegetarian, she's going to respect other people's life choices.

The Wasp

(half-hour episode)

053 Elsa suddenly goes beserk and starts rampaging through Arendelle, to the shock and horror of everyone living in it, especially Anna. However, she, Sven and Olaf find out that an evil demon wasp has possessed Elsa and is mind-controlling her to destroy Arendelle. Soon, Hans finds out about Elsa's rampage and he decides to exploit it by promising to "stop Elsa's reign of terror", in exchange for being made King of Arendelle. Now, Sven and Olaf have to find a way to free Elsa from the evil wasp's control and stop Hans' plan.
Olaf Little 054 When a large object falls on Olaf's head, Olaf becomes convinced the sky is falling. He tries to warn everyone, but no one believes him. Soon, however, Olad is proven right when a meteor shower begins striking Arendelle. Now, Sven, Olaf, and the rest of the gang have to focus on staying alive until the meteor shower subsides.
The Game Show 055 Sven and Olaf want to win a soft-serve ice cream dispenser, so they sign up to compete on a game show to get it. However, they forget to read the fine print and find out the game show's is a Ninja Warrior-like show and they have to get through an obstacle course of some of the most dangerous challenges possible, such as swimming across a tank of fire-breathing sharks, escaping a trash compactor, and climbing over lava pits and other perils. Now, Sven and Olaf have to survive the course in order to win the soft-serve dispenser.
Under the Sea 056 While trying to find gold with a metal detector at the beach, Sven and Olaf unwittingly end up in the lost city of Atlantis, and end up entangled in having to help King Triton take down a gigantic sea monster known as, The Leviathan, that has been rampaging through their kingdom.
World Wide Web 057 Weselton scientists invent a new system, known as, The Internet, that helps make lives easier and entertain people and do anything you want it to. And it becomes a sensation, with even Elsa enjoying its perks. Sven and Olaf initially don't really understand what the big deal is. But, they soon realize that this Internet is actually part of an evil plot. They're using it to distract the citizens of Arendelle and make them vulnerable to a full-scale hostile takeover. Sven and Olaf have to save the day once again and stop the Duke of Weselton from taking over Arendelle.
Replacement (half-hour special) 058

After Sven and Olaf have an argument, Sven quits The Sven and Olaf Show, prompting Wizzley CEO Bob Vulgar and Olaf to search for a replacement. However, none of them are able to properly fill Sven's role. So, Olaf embarks on a quest to find Sven, apologize to him and get him back.

List of characters that auditioned to replace Sven:

A cowboy

A military general


The Allosaurus from Episode 8 (Hunger)


A bratty teenage girl


Darth Vader

A Sven and Olaf Halloween 059

To celebrate Halloween, Sven and Olaf watch a series of 1950's-style monster movies. However, things get even scarier when an evil witch uses a magic spell to bring the monsters from the movies to the real world. It turns out the witch is a candy addict and is using an army of rampaging monsters as a distraction so she can steal all the candy in Arendelle for herself. Now, Sven and Olaf have to stop her and put the monsters back in the movies where they belong.

Many of the monsters are parodies of real world monsters on film. Here's a list of the names of the monsters that show up in the episode and who they parody):

Old King Dough (Stay Puft Marshmallow Man)

An English Werewolf in Tokyo (American Werewolf in London)

Donald Duck (a giant evil version of him)

Attack of the 30-something foot tall actress (Attack of the 50 Foot Woman)

They! (a parody of the ants from the 50's monster movie Them!)

Mutant Cucumbers (a parody of the tomatoes from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes)

The Menace from 50,000 Leagues (a parody of the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms).

A Sven and Olaf Christmas Carol 060

A Sven and Olaf themed retelling of the timeless Christmas Carol story, with Hans playing the role of Ebeneezer Scrooge. Hans has always been a jerk, but he's even more so around Christmas-time. But, then, 3 spirits arrive to try and put an end to Hans' selfish ways. Will they succeed? Or is Hans too evil to be redeemed?


Hans - Ebeneezer Scrooge

Christmas Past - Anna

Christmas Present - Kristoff

Christmas Future - Olaf (the scariest one is always the one you least expect)

PRODUCTION NOTES: This is the second Christmas Special in the series, the first being Untitled Christmas Special.




The show makes frequent use of various licensed songs in some episodes. Here is a list of the songs used and in what episode.


  • In the series, Sven is capable of human speech and is voiced by Jim Cummings. His personality also differs almost entirely from Frozen. While in Frozen, he was sloppy, kind-hearted and goofy, in The Sven and Olaf Show, he is a neat-freak, uptight, finnicky, and gets annoyed easily by Olaf's antics. One thing both versions have in common, however, is that they both care about their friends dearly and want to do anything to help when needed.
  • In Chaos on the Set, the cartoon director Bob Vulgar is a parody of current Disney chairman and CEO, Bob Iger.
  • Of my 3 and counting shows I've made, Sven and Olaf Show is the only one to have gotten a Christmas Special.
  • Some episodes contain bits of various licensed songs, such as Bye Bye Bye, Nothing but a Good Time, and Immortals.
  • In the episode, Shlollywood, Hans secretly re-writes the script for the film adaptation of Elsa's adventure to make her look like the villain and make Hans look like the hero. This is a nod to the original script for Frozen, in which ironically, Elsa actually WAS going to be the villain, but this was changed as her song, Let it Go, made her seem too likeable.
  • Though Olaf is normally, one of the kindest, warm-hearted and most gentle people in Arendelle, he does have a dark side. This is shown when a criminal steals Olaf's carrot nose as part of some needlessly complicated plot. That is the absolute worst thing you could do to get Olaf mad. If you steal his carrot nose (and not give it back), he becomes a ruthless, pyschopathic maniac who even Marshmallow fears, going on a violent rampage that only pure dumb luck would be able save you from.
  • The series is the first Cloverfield Monster series to have a Christmas Special
  • It's also is the second Cloverfield Monster TV series to make it to Season 3, the first being Big Hero 6: The Animated Series.
    • As of October 3rd, the series gained the most amount of episodes out of any Cloverfield monster series at 65 so far, beating out Big Hero 6, which previously held the title with 60 episodes, making it the longest running Cloverfield Monster show to date.