Super Mario Bros: The Series ​is a 2018 American animated television series on Disney XD based on Nintendo's video game franchise of the same name. The idea came about after hearing that Mario will be appearing in Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. The series stars two Brooklyn plumbers who accidentally get transported to another dimension known as The Mushroom Kingdom, where they defend the land from the evil tyrant Bowser. It would air on March 17th, 2018 on Disney XD.


Jack Black as Mario, the main protagonist of the series. Mario is a plumber who lived in Brookyln and ran a struggling plumbing business alongside his brother Luigi. He is compassionate, kind and will stop at nothing to ensure his friends and the kingdom are safe. In the Mushroom Kingdom dimension, Mario gains the incredible ability to jump very high and shoot red fireballs from his hands (after picking up a Fire Flower, of course). Unlike his video game counterpart, Mario speaks in a Brookyln accent.

Richard Kind as Luigi, Mario's younger brother, who travels alongside him in his various adventures across the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi is not nearly as brave as Mario, in fact he's quite cowardly, and is often jealous of how Mario is more loved than he is, while many people barely even know who Luigi is. Despite that, however, Luigi loves his brother dearly and vows to always be there to assist him on his various adventures.

Samantha Kelly as Princess Peach, the fair and compassionate ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is often kidnapped by the evil King Bowser, but fortunately, Mario and Luigi manage to save her in the end. However, she has proven she can put up a good fight when given the chance. She even managed to save Mario and Luigi when Bowser kidnapped them in one episode.

Fred Tatasciore as Bowser, a ruthless tyrant and the main antagonist of the series and the secondary antagonist/tritagonist of Season 3. Bowser is the King of the Koopas, and is the tyrannical ruler of an entire country of them just outside the Mushroom Kingdom borders. He is always coming up with all sorts of plans to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, but he is always foiled by the Mario Bros. This incarnation of the character is considerably more sadistic than his video game counterpart. This is shown in episodes such as Bean Me, where Bowser decides to destroy the entire BeanBean Kingdom to take its resources, and in Koopzilla, where after having grown to giant size, decides to destroy New Donk City entirely for his own amusement. Still, there is one person he genuinely cares about: his son, Bowser Jr., who he loves dearly and is training to become the ultimate evil after him.

Brian Doyle-Murray as Wart, an evil frog king and Bowser's bitter rival. Wart and Bowser absolutely despise each other, and every time they end up running into each other, it always results in the two of them engaging in a savage battle with each other. Wart is extremely arrogant, and is often so convinced of his own superiority that he doesn't even consider his enemies threats, which can somtimes lead to his downfall. He can spit poisonous bubbles at his enemies. It's revealed in one episode that his arch-enemy is an Indian man named Doki-Doki. Wart is the secondary antagonist of the series.

​Danny DeVito as Wario

Richard Steven Horvitz as Cackletta, an evil witch from the BeanBean Kingdom and the main antagonist of Season 3. She first makes her appearance in the Season 2 finale, Cackletta Rises.


​Season 1

Episode Name Number Description
The Plumbing Begins (hour-long pilot) 001 Mario and Luigi are two plumbers living in Brookyln, New York. They run a struggling plumbing business. However, while trying to unclog the toilet, they accidentally trigger a warp zone that transports them to the Mushroom Kingdom. Once there, they discover they have gained the incredible ability to leap great heights in this dimension. The two brothers discover that this world is being terrorized by a ruthless tyrant known as ​Great Demon King Bowser Koopa. ​Bowser has kidnapped the princess to gain ransom in the form of total rule over the Mushroom Kingdom. So, Mario and Luigi must become heroes in order to rescue Peach, defeat Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom.
Home Improvement 002 Having accepted the fact that they are going to be stuck in The Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi figure they are going to have to find a place to stay in the meantime. After having horrible luck in finding a house, Mario decides they should build a house in a forest area. However, building a home proves to be far harder than Mario expected.
The Koopa Bros. 003 Looking for a new way to get rid of The Mario Bros, Bowser hires four ninja brothers to attack the plumbers, known as The Koopa Bros. Their great speed and ninja skills prove to be too much for the plumbers, so they get help from a ninja master to teach them fighting moves to defeat the nefarious turtles.
Luigi Strikes 004 Sad that Mario seems to be better than him at everything and gets all the glory as a result, Luigi tries to find something that he's better than Mario at, just so he can get some respect from the Mushroom Kingdom population. He soons finds he has incredible talent for bowling, and winds up participating in a bowling competition.
Bean Me! 005 Mario and Luigi accompany Peach on a foreign relations meeting at the BeanBean Kingdom, wanting to establish a friendship with the neighborhing land. But, that soon gets put on hold when Bowser attacks the BeanBean Kingdom, destroying entire towns, intent on stealing the kingdom's resources to increase the power of himself and his army. Mario and Luigi now must stop Bowser from destroying the BeanBean Kingdom for his own selfish gain.
Donkey Kong 006

Mario and Luigi go for a hike in the woods and encounter a gigantic ape with a tie by the name of Donkey Kong. Fascinated by this creature, Princess Peach decides to study DK. However, things take a turn for the worse when a greedy corporation kidnaps Donkey Kong to be used as the star attarction of an upcoming construction amusement park. Inevitably, Donkey Kong escapes and goes on a rampage, stealing Princess Peach as well, charging into a construction site and climbing to the top of an under construction apartment complex, throwing barrels every which way. Mario and Luigi must rescue the Princess and bring the giant ape under control.

​First appearance of Donkey Kong.

Bowser's Rival 007

During another battle with Mario, Bowser almost kills Mario, but is stopped by a giant airship. Angry at his victory being taken away from him, Bowser confronts the man in charge, only to find out this ship is owned by a frog king named Wart. Wart and Bowser immediately start to hate each other and become bitter rivals. However, they decide to set up a wager: whoever kills Mario first gets to rule over the Mushroom Kingdom. Inevitably, neither of them are able to defeat Mario.

​First appearance of Wart.

Yoshi 008

While going for a walk in the woods, Luigi encounters a strange that hatches. The creatures that comes out is a green dinosaur by the name of Yoshi, who mistakes Luigi for his mother. Mario wants to get rid of the green dino, but Luigi decides he wants to take care of it. But, the only problem is, they have no idea how to take care of a Yoshi. In the end, Yoshi becomes their loyal pet and trusty steed.

​First appearance of Yoshi.

Impostor on the Loose 009

Mario has been falsely accused of commiting crimes across the Mushroom Kingdom, mostly stealing coins, and he faces threats of being put in jail. So, Mario and Luigi set out to find the real culprit. It turns out the one responsible is an overweight thug by the name of Wario, who looks very much like Mario, alongside his brother, Waluigi, who looks like Luigi. Mario and Luigi must stop this impostor and clear Mario's name.

​First appearance of Wario.

Artifical Intelligence 010 Feeling bad having to constantly put Mario to work in saving her, Peach decides to install a new A.I security system into her castle to keep Bowser away. The new system proves to work incredibly well...but that's the problem. It begins working too well. To the point the A.I. deems everyone and everything in the Mushroom Kingdom a threat. The A.I. decides the only way to keep Peach safe is to destroy her kingdom. As expected, Mario and Luigi have to shut down the security system and save the Kingdom.
Mario's Hat 011 Mario inadvertently loses his hat, to his horror. Mario considers his hat to be his most prized possession, as to him, it is a symbol of who he is and everything he's known for. Plus, without his hat, the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom don't even recgonize Mario, they think he's a random stranger. So, he and Luigi goes a quest to try and relocate Mario's iconic hat.
King of the Goombas 012 A Goomba gains ultimate power after having his wish for it granted by a wizard named Kamek. He becomes the King of the Goombas, Goomboss. Goomboss hates both the Mario Bros. and Bowser, as Mario is always stomping on Goombas and Bowser mistreating the ones that work for him. So, he goes on rampage to kill all 3 of them, forcing the Mario Bros. and Bowser to team up to save themselves and the kingdom from destruction.
Luigi's Birthday 013 It's Luigi's birthday, and Mario is determined to give his younger brother the best birthday ever. However, he soon realizes he forgot to get Luigi a present. So, Mario sets out on a quest to get the most amazing present possibile. But, can he do it in time for Luigi's party?
Sticky Situation 014

Mysterious, yet deadly sludge begins mysteriously appearing all over the Mushroom Kingdom, consuming everything in its path. Mario and Luigi set out to find out what's causing this evil ooze to appear. They soon find out that Bowser's son, Bowser Jr. is responsible and they set out to stop his reign of terror. Like father, like son.

​First appearance of Bowser Jr.

KoopZilla 015

Mario, Luigi and Peach are on vacation in New Donk City , and they decide to go see Peach's good friend, Professor E. Gadd, to bear witness to his new creation: The Super Sushi. ​Whoever eats it can grow to gigantic monster size. However, their plans are brought to a halt when Bowser, who has eaten the Super Sushi, begins to rampage through the city for fun, destroying all in his path and calling himself ​Koopzilla. Mario and company must work to find a way to stop Koopzilla before he completely destroys New Donk City.

​This episode is a modern re-telling of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show episode, "Mario meets Koopzilla".

Tentacles 016 When several boats begin disappearing off the Mushroom Kingdom coast, citizens of Toad Town believe that a massive creature known as the Gooper Blooper ​may be to blame. So, a reward of 10,000 coins is put out for anyone who can confirm the creatures exists and if they can catch it dead or alive. So, the Mario Bros. go out to find the Gooper Blooper, and Wario joins the brothers in the search, only so he can get the reward.
Incredible Shrinking Mario 017 Mario is shrunk to the size of a coin by Bowser, who has used a Poison Mushroom on the plumber, and now he plans to torture his arch-nemesis in all sorts of horrible ways as payback for constantly foiling his plans. So, Luigi and Peach mush head out and rescue Mario from Bowser's evil clutches.
Land Development 018 Mario and Luigi team up with Donkey Kong to help save his home, DK Island, from a greedy developer named Dr. Wright, who wants to build a 5-star hotel on top of Donkey Kong's home.
Westminster Yoshi Show 019 When Mario and Luigi discover Yoshi has an incredible talent, they decide to enter him into a pet talent show to win $10,000,000 coins, but they soon realize they have very stiff competition.
Lights, Camera, Action! 020

Mario and Luigi are picked up by a major film studio known as Toadstool Entertainment, who want to make a film adaptation of the plumbers' various adventures. Mario and Luigi are excited to be in show-biz, but soon discover that they are radically changing their story to suit the studio's interests, much to their horror. Yoshi is now a realistic Velociraptor, Luigi is a hulking muscle-bound brute, Bowser is a billionaire genius and other nonsense.

​Production Notes: This episode is a satire on the current state of video game movies and adaptations, comedically pointing out everything Hollywood is doing wrong when it comes to making video game movies.

Luigi's Ridiculous Quest 021

While going out to get groceries, Luigi accidentally finds himself the chosen hero to rescue Princess Eclaire of the Waffle Kingdom. Her kingdom is being terrorized by the evil Chestnut King (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson). He teams up with a wise-cracking orange Blooper named Jeff to rescue Princess Eclaire and save the Waffle Kingdom.

Production Notes: This episode is based off a series of stories Luigi tellls to Mario in the game, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. It's also the first episode where Mario only plays a minor role.

To Outer Space 022 It's the night when every 100 years, a comet passes by the Mushroom Kingdom, and all of its denizens hold a festival to celebrate. But this night of fun is turned into a nightmare when Bowser attacks the festival, destroying all in his way and flies off into space in his army of airships. Mario and Luigi pursue the evil Koopa King and encounter a mysterious space woman by the named of Rosalina (voiced by Anne Hathaway), who agrees to help them stop Bowser's plan to destroy the universe and re-create it under his rule.
Homeward Bound (Season Finale) 023 2 weeks after the events of To Outer Space, a new inter-dimensional Warp Zone has been discovered: Mario and Luigi can finally go home to Brookyln, New York. The two plumbers are intitally so happy to finally be back in their hometown, but it turns into a nightmare once they discover Bowser has followed them through the Warp Zone. Bowser begins destroying New York City as an act of revenge for the two plumbers constantly foiling his plans. Now, Mario and Luigi are forced to make a VERY difficult choice: either send Bowser back to the Mushroom Kingdom where he will just continue terrorizing Peach's homeworld, or watch as the King of the Koopas obliterates theirs.

Season 2

Name Episode Number Description
Plumbers Through Time 024

Mario and Luigi accidentally get sucked into a time portal created by Kamek and are sent into the medival past. Now, they must adapt to medieval life and they must find a way to get back to the present. But they must act fast, as Bowser's ancient medival ancestor, King Bowzarion the 17th is after a powerful artifact so he can take over the world. So, the Mario Bros will have to stop Bowzarion first.

Hunger Strike 025 Wart returns, and this time he unleashes a truly brutal blow to the Mushroom Kingdom: He has his army steal the entire kingdom's food so he can have it ALL for himself to satisfy his greedy, gluttonous appetite. Naturally, it's up to Mario and Luigi to stop Wart and get the Mushroom Kingdom's food back.
How Bowser Stole Christmas (Christmas Special) 026 After finding out his son, Bowser Jr., has been given coal in his stocking for Christmas by Santa, Bowser decides to retaliate by destroying the North Pole and Santa's base of operations as well as taking Santa hostage. Bowser decides to destroy Christmas, under the belief that if he and his son can't have a good Christmas, then nobody can. Mario, Luigi and Peach set out to put a stop to Bowser's evil scheme and save Christmas.
Little Yoshi Lost 027 While chasing the mailman across town, Yoshi accidentally gets lost and ends up stranded in the middle of nowhere. Confused and desperate to find his way home, he teams up with a strange dinosaur-like creature named Birdo ​to try and find his way back to Mario's house.
Lotsa Spaghetti 028

Mario and Luigi find out about a new Italian restaurant that just opened up in Toad Town. They overhear stories about how it has the greatest spaghetti in the known universe and how it has truly incredible flavor. Delighted at the sound of this, Mario becomes determined to try this so-called "greatest spaghetti ever" for himself. However, he has to wait in a long line to try the food. Seems normal, sure, but all sorts of ridiculous shenanigans keep causing to move backward in line, frustrating the plumber intensely. Will Mario ever get to try the spaghetti?

​Production Notes: The episode's title is a reference to a line from the infamous game, "Hotel Mario", where Luigi says, "I hope she made lotsa spaghetti." This saying, as well as the game as a whole, have gone on to become a popular Internet meme.

Princess Peach to the Rescue 029

Mario and Luigi get kidnapped by Bowser in order to get them out of the way of his latest plan to destroy The Mushroom Kingdom. At first, it seems as though all is lost now that the Mario Bros. are taken hostage. However, Bowsers fails to count on one thing: Princess Peach has decided to rescue Mario and Luigi herself and save her kingdom. Bowser's about to learn the hard that Princess Peach can put up a serious fight when she gets the opportunity.

Production Notes: This episode is based on the game, Super Princess Peach.

Sick Day 030

Mario comes down with a fever of 103 has to stay in the house to get some rest. Luigi has to stay and take care of his sick brother, so he calls upon Link (voiced by Josh Keaton) from The Legend of Zelda to take charge of protecting the Mushroom Kingdom from evil while Mario recovers. Oh, this should be REAL interesting.

​Production Notes: Link takes over as protagonist for this episode because Mario is too sick to protect the kingdom at the moment.

Improper Manners

031 Wario wants to join a club of greedy treasure hunters, but there is one problem: He has terrible manners, such as the traditional Wario mannerisms, like picking his nose, farting and his garlic breath. The club won't allow him to join unless he has better manners. So, Mario, Luigi, and Waluigi decide to help Wario improve his etiquette so he can get in the greedy treasure hunters club.
Star Power 032 Bowser steals a powerful object known as the Star Rod from an ancient temple. Naturally, being the evil tyrant that he is, begins using it to cause chaos and mayhem across the land. It's up to Mario and Luigi to stop Bowser and the Star Rod out of his evil clutches.
Wrath of Petey Piranha 033 The Mario Bros. arrive in Toad Town to investigate rampages by a gigantic creautre that has been destroying the city. They soon find out the monster responsible is a creature known as ​Petey Piranha.
Scare Tactics 034 Mario and Luigi set out to help Toadette get her ball back after it accidentally went into a creepy-looking house down the street. However, the Mario Bros. soon find out the house is infested with evil spirits called Boos, who try to kill the two plumbers. Now, the Mario Bros. must not only retrieve Toadette's ball, but also stop the ghosts' leader, King Boo, from unleashing an army of the undead to terrorize the living.
Two Plumbers and About a Hundred Babies 035 Rosalina needs to go out on a business trip across space for 3 days, so he requests the Mario Bros' assistance in taking care of the Lumas while she is away. The Mario Bros try their best to babysit the hundred Lumas that Rosalina usually cares for. However, they soon must come to their rescue when Bowser kidnaps the children, intent on using them as power-cells to power his new planet-destroying weapon so he can conquer the galaxy. That's a new low, even for him. So, obviously, it's up to the Mario Bros. to rescue the Lumas and stop Bowser.
Turf War 036 Bowser and Wart battle it out for control over a small tropical island. Wart wants to conquer it to build his own personal luxury mansion, while Bowser wants to take the land to use its resources to help strenghten the Koopa Empire. However, claiming the island may be tricky for both of them, because not only to they have to fight each other for control, but the people native to this island have a few tricks of their own up their sleeves.
Luigi's Cosmic Adventure 037 While taking a broken screwdriver to the dump, Luigi accidentally discovers a Power Suit in the dump and decides to take it home for fun. However, unbeknownst to him, the suit actually belongs to a fearsome bounty hunter named Samus Aran (voiced by Scarlett Johannson), who goes aroud the Mushroom Kingdom looking for it and seeks Mario's help. Meanwhile, Luigi gets mistaken for Samus by her comrades and ends up caught in the middle of a battle to stop the evil space dragon Ridley (voiced by Corey Burton) from taking over the galaxy.
Pauline Returns 038 Mario runs into his former girlfriend, Pauline from Brookyln, and is initially happy to see her even though they're not dating anymore. Peach is interested in meeting Pauline, but Luigi is suspicious. His suspicions prove to be right when it turns out Pauline has become incredibly jealous and bitter of Peach for taking Mario from her. So, in an attempt to force Mario to marry her, she teams up with Bowser to kidnap him. Now, Peach and Luigi must race against time to save Mario.
Cackletta Rises 040


Production Notes: Cackletta takes over as main antagonist during Season 3, with Bowser being the secondary antagonist/tritagonist.



  • Bowser's full name in the series is Great Demon King Bowser Koopa. ​This is a nod to Bowser's original Japanese name, which is ​Great Demon King Koopa, ​or King Koopa, for short.
  • Mario and Luigi speak in Brooklyn accents similar to ​The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, ​rather than with an Italian one like their game counterparts.
  • Yoshi can talk in this series, and he always refers to himself in third-person.
  • In the episode Bowser's Rival, ​Wart makes fun of Bowser by saying that he's not even a top-tier villain. This is a jab at Bowser's low-tier status in Super Smash Bros., ​and how because of it, he is considered unsuited for competitive play.
  • In the episode, ​Hunger Strike, ​Wart says, "Those plumbers are an even bigger pain in my tail than that Arabian kid, Doki-Doki." This is a reference to Wart's origins in the Japan-exclusive game, ​Doki-Doki Panic, ​which would later on be converted into the American version of Super Mario Bros. 2.
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