Greetings, friends. I have another upcoming movie to state my opinion on. This time it's a Marvel movie. It's the latest in a series of films I react that have some similiarities to a Disney movie (as Pixels was to Wreck-it Ralph) or being another movie about a property Disney adapted once (as it was with Pan and Jungle Book: Origins ). In this case, it's because it's about a Marvel property (plus, these four, and Dr. Doom, have appeared in a few Disney-Marvel productions on TV on Disney XD). I'm doing my opinion on the upcoming film, Fantastic Four.  

FANTASTIC FOUR TV Spot 10 (2015) Superhero Movie HD00:31

FANTASTIC FOUR TV Spot 10 (2015) Superhero Movie HD

Marvel's famous superhero team makes a triumphant return

Now, to be honest, I actually liked the last Fantastic Four movie that was made in 2005. It wasn't a masterpiece, but it was a fun servicable superhero movie. There was also a sequel, called, Rise of the Silver Surfer , where they turned Galactus into some kind of stupid crazy cloud thing (Why?), and there was a, campy, goofy-looking B-movie by Roger Corman that never even got released (though I think you can find it on Youtube somewhere). Inititally, I had little interest in this movie, but as the trailers kept coming, I'm becoming more optimistic about Fantastic Four. I'm pretty sure most of you by now know how their story goes. Four people go into outer space and get hit by cosmic rays, which grant them superpowers and turns them into Mr. Fantastic, The Human Torch, the Invisible Woman, and The Thing (my favorite of the four), and together, they become the Fantastic Four and go up against the evil supervillain, Dr. Doom.

Now, as I said earlier, I was somewhat skeptical of this movie because of the gritty tone the first trailer was suggesting. But, now, I'm actually starting to warm up to it, and I think I will actually go see it. That combined with the fact that this movie is being directed by the guy who did Chronicle, which was a found-footage superhero film. Chronicle was a great film, so I think he could pull it off with this. However, one thing I am confused about is the fact that, apparently, in this movie, the Fantastic Four are...teenagers. I could be wrong, but it just appears that way because some of the TV spots refer to them as "kids". I'm not that big into the FF, but weren't they adults when they first got their powers. I know age doesn't really matter, it's just confusing somewhat.

So, overall, I wasn't sure about Fantastic Four at first, but I'm starting to have renewed faith in the film. It looks good, Thing actually looks realistic instead of some guy in a goofy suit like the last Fantastic Four movie, and the action looks fun. Though, I wish it was part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The FF would fit nicely into it. So, what do you think? Do you think this movie will be good or not?