So, after having worked on Big Hero 6: The Animated Series for quite a while (and I will still make some new stuff on it), I'm hoping to move forward with a NEW idea for a Disney XD TV series. This isn't actually the project, but it's more of a trailer to give you insight. Here's a hint of what it it's based on:

Tetsujin 28-go opening01:33

Tetsujin 28-go opening

It's an American adaptation of this.

Yes. My next TV Show idea is an American adaptation of the famous anime series, Tetsujin 28more commonly known by its US name, Gigantor. Starting in 1956, It was the first series to feature a giant mecha as the focus and pioneered the mecha genre to make it what it is today. The show was about a boy named Shotaro Kaneda who finds a giant robot from some time ago built as a weapon to help the Japanese win WWII. The robot was called Tetsujin 28. It was built by Shotaro's father, but Japan lost the war before the robot could be deployed, so the robot ends up being put to work against criminals, terrorists, and evil robots.

I'm hoping to put up this series idea soon in the same format as I did for the Big Hero 6 show. It'll have episode descriptions and soundtracks as well as some new things, such as an explanation of the characters, as this series is quite obscure. You'll see. I am actually quite a big fan of this series and I would love to see it become mainstream in the US again.