Hello, guys. Today, I am going to be giving my thoughts on yet another trailer. This time, it's for the Angry Birds movie. I know it doesn't really have anything to do with Disney, but the trailer just got released yesterday, and I have a LOT I want to say about it, becuase I have a rather large opinion about it, so let's do it. The funny thing is, 2016 seems to be the year for anthropomorphic animal communities. Now, obviously, plenty of these come out quite frequently. But, there seems to be more films than usual coming out taking in worlds like that next year. With Zootopia starting and leading the furry pack in March, Ratchet and Clank's movie sometime later, as well as Sly Cooper the same year. Now, the latest addition to this 2016 trend is the Angry Birds movie. Which is of course, based on the famous smartphone game by the company Rovio.

The Angry Birds Movie - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)02:37

The Angry Birds Movie - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)

Those cranky feathered fiends are back in an animated adventure.

Now, I wasn't really sure this movie was going to work, mainly because of the negative history of video game movies, as they constantly fail for some reason. Super Mario Bros., Resident Evil, etc. Plus, the original game has almost no plot. It's a physics game about launching birds from a slingshot to smash into pigs. But, when the trailer came out, I can say, I have been officially won over. You got me. I'm hyped for this. The movie is supposedly going to focus on the reason why the birds are so darn angry all the time, which sounds really hilarious. While Zootopia has a world that focuses only on mammals, Angry Birds takes place in a community that focuses only on birds. That is until the pigs show up. Speaking of the pigs, I was actually really surprised that Bill Hader was voicing the pig with the beard because I was expecting to sound kind of like Fear, but he didn't at all.

So, yeah, bascially, I'm actually very excited for this. The jokes look funny, particularly with the main character Red, voiced by Jason Sudekis. His character is that he's angry. REALLY angry. And we'll find out why once we actually see the movie. It also has the yellow triangle bird, Chuck, voiced by none other than ol' Olaf himself, Josh Gad. Though, I was a little taken aback as how the Angry Birds AND the pigs now have arms and legs rather than just being mounds of feathers with eyes and a beak, but it looks good once you look at it further.So, yeah, I wasn't sure about Angry Birds, but I am officially won over now. I look forward to seeing how Angry Birds turns out next year. I hope it's good, because this shows promise. What do you think? Does this movie look good to you? Why or why not? Are you ready for the anthropomorphic animal onslaught of 2016?

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