So, yeah, I'm doing a sequel to my previous blog, where I dd a list of strange and disturbing unanswered questions from films, mostly family friendly ones, so here's the sequel to that blog, since there's plenty more unanswered questions. So, prepare to once again never look at your favorite films the same way again, because here we go.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: They should change the town's name to GullandMaggot City!

So, have any of you seen the film, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It was based on a children's book about an inventor named Flint Lockwood, who creates a machine that makes food rain from the sky. The problem is, the food keeps getting bigger and bigger and threatens the entire city and the world too. But fortunately, as with most kid's films, the day is saved.

However, after the chaos settles, there's one thing that the film forgot to mention about the aftermath. What happens when the food goes bad? Because, you, me, and dogs and cats all know that food does not stay fresh forever. It eventually starts to go stale and maybe even gain mold, depending on what type of food it is (whether it be bread or fruit, you name it). So, that means the town of ChewandSwallow (dumb name, I know) will soon have to change its name to GullandMaggot City. Because that's exactly what the town is going to be full of by the time this is over. Seagulls scavenging the remains of the gigantic food and maggots infesting it as well. I know they eventually move to a different town in the sequel, but even with the day saved, it still proves to be a major health hazard for not just that town, but the other places across the world that got affected by the Food Storm.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - trailer 102:18

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - trailer 1

Frozen: Was Anna and Elsa's adventure ALL FOR NOTHING?

So, the story of Frozen is very well-known. Two girls, one of them having superpowers of ice, one of them runs off in fear and accidentally sets off an eternal winter, but in the end, she finds out all she had to do was love her sister in order to control her powers. So, does that mean Elsa locked herself in her room in a depression for several years and freeze an entire kingdom all for NOTHING? That means the whole thing could've easily been solved just by having Elsa let Anna in. Also, do Anna and Elsa really not see each other for years. Like, the family never sits down together and eats dinner or anything? Because Elsa's going to have to come out of her room eventually to eat, which all organisms need to do to survive.

Also, if Grand Pabbie knew about the way Elsa's powers worked, why didn't he just tell the parents that true love can control her powers? It would saved them a lot of time and the kingdom would not have froze.

(FROZEN) into the mountains02:46

(FROZEN) into the mountains

Toy Story 3: What teenage horrors did Buzz Lightyear and Woody witness?

So, this one is a bit disturbing, so I'm going to try and keep this as clean and family-friendly as possible, so please don't get angry at me for this. Because it's a valid point

So, Toy Story 3 is considered to be a modern classic by many, saying that it is guaranteed to make you cry, mainly because they have to deal with the themes of sentient toys seeing their owners grow up and play with the toys less and less (unless they are stop-motion animators). But, there are some things they forgot to mention. What did the toys have to witness and deal with when Andy was in the actual process of growing up? Because let me try to say the least I can: Puberty, as you know, can be a difficult time for a lot of boys: They discover girls, go through hormonal changes, and generally become moody and can even get violent, depending on the child. So, did the toys have to deal with things such as that watching Andy grow up? It's an interesting and kind of strange question.

Toy Story 3 Andy Says Good Bye to his Mom-000:54

Toy Story 3 Andy Says Good Bye to his Mom-0

So, that's my list of unanswered questions from films. Do you have any more to add? If so, what?