Hello, fellas. Cloverfield monster back again to talk about...stuff. Well, guys, it's all over the wikia. Zootopia officially out now. It's a world where animals rule instead of humans. So, that's why I thought in honor of the film, I would create a list teaching you guys incredible facts you may or may not know about our animal friends that share our planet. Everybody loves animals on a certain level. In fact, many people care more about the well-being of animals than ever before, as proven by the international rage and anger when Cecil the Lion was shot dead in 2015 by a dentist, as well as the worldwide anger and fury that ensued when Marius the Giraffe was shot at a zoo in Germany needlessly a year eariler, as well as SeaWorld's profits getting obliterated after the documentary Blackfish came out. These facts I'm about to teach you range from mind-blowing to heart-warming to surprising and so on. So, here goes. Get ready for Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps' adventure by learning about some of the real world animals the characters are based on.

Crows are capable of mimicry

If you live in a suburban neighborhood, you may have more likely than not have seen a crow or 2 flying around. But, there's something I guarantee you don't know about these birds. If asked what birds are capable of mimicry (speaking human words and such), you may say parrots, cockatoos or macaws. But, did you know that crows are capable of doing this too? It's true. But, it's rare. Usually, it only happens to crows that are pets, due to being either bought or rescued from dangerous situations. I first learned about this on an animal program I was watching on TV, and when I found that out, my mind was truly blown away. They are also capable of making and using tools to get food. So, next time you see a crow, rather than seeing as a symbol of evil and death, show more respect for these birds.

Talking Crow,,,"I wanna fly,fly!"00:07

Talking Crow,,,"I wanna fly,fly!"

Your ears do NOT deceive you. That crow DID say, "I wanna fly".

 Elephants have HUGE intelligence to match their size.

Everybody loves elephants on a certain level. And it's no secret that they are a threatened and endangered species. Nobody wants to see them go extinct. Many people want to do all they can to help save them. But, now, this part of my list shall give people much more reason to why we should save them. Not only are they big in size, they are also big in brains. We now know that elephants are much more like humans than previously expected, as they form strong social bonds with their families, are capable of empathy, self-recognition in mirrors, altruism (helping those in need), and mourning their dead (Why ANYONE would want to kill an animal such as that, I am COMPLETELY incapable of comprehending). They are also capable of having "AHA moments". Ever tried to get something off a shelf that was too high up for you to reach. You probably got the idea to use a stool to help give yourself a better reach at getting this specific item you want. If you did this, you just had an aha moment. Elephants are capable of having these too, as proven by an intelligence test at a zoo.

Speaking of zoos, these discoveries of elephant intelligence have made people debate over whether or not it's right to be keeping them in captivity. Some people claim it's wrong to keep such intelligent animals in zoos due to their complex social and phsyical needs they believe no zoo can provide, with a lot of studies showing evidence that this MIGHT be true for a lot of zoos. They ask, "Even if they are given the highest quality care people can possibly provide and even if a group of elephants are content with their lives at the zoo, is it moral to keep highly intelligent and sentient beings such as elephants in these facilities? If so, for what purpose?" What do you guys think? Tell me in the comments your opinion on the matter.

Wild Inside the National Zoo Elephant Intelligence04:36

Wild Inside the National Zoo Elephant Intelligence

Elephants are not only big in size, but brains as well.

So do Pigs.

Elephants are not the only animals we discovered are smarter than we thought. Pigs are too. An IQ test has shown that are pigs are almost as smart as dogs and chimpanzees. It was discovered that pigs have incredible long-term memories and can be socially manipulative with other pigs and can tell which humans are friends and which are enemies. This study was also proven when a pet pig that lives in Germany solved a puzzle perfectly in under a minute. If that's not enough to make you give up eating bacon, then I don't know what is. But, yes, pigs are indeed geniuses in the farm world and it seems we humans should show them a little more respect.

Moritz The Clever-Pig Wants Your Attention00:53

Moritz The Clever-Pig Wants Your Attention

Pigs are not only cute, they are clever, too. Makes you reconsider eating them, does it?

Cartoons lie about what animals like to eat.

So, I'm sure you've probably seen some Bugs Bunny cartoons. The cartoons show that Bugs likes to eat carrots. This greatly influenced our perspective of what rabbits like to eat. But, it turns that these cartoons lied to you all these years. Rabbits actually need green vegetables to survive. They cannot survive on carrots alone. While it is probably OK to give rabbits carrots in moderation, I suppose, carrots are NOT good for rabbits in large qualities. They need to eat greens such as cabbage, kale and broccoli and small portions of pellets

.Also, regarding cats and milk. I guarantee you guys have seen Disney cartoons where a cat is drinking milk, right. Well, Disney got it WRONG! It turns out in reality, milk is actually SUPER BAD for them. Cats were not biologically designed to drink cow's milk. So, you can't even give it to them in moderation. They are naturally lactose intolerant.

New Zealand White Bunny Rabbit Eating Carrot01:27

New Zealand White Bunny Rabbit Eating Carrot

Carrots are actually BAD for rabbits. Now, this video of a rabbit eating a carrot isn't quite as cute.

Scorpions can hold their breath underwater for 6 days

You guys probably know about how scorpions are? Those little 6-legged animals that have those stingers on their tails that can inject poision for self-defense or hunting. Well, would you believe me if I told you that scorpions are also capable of holding their breath underwater for up to 6 days. That means that they can survive for long periods underwater. So, that means don't challenge a scorpion to an underwater breath contest. YOU WILL LOSE! 

Scorpion animal

And that's my list of astonishing facts about animals to celebrate Zootopia. Are there any facts that I don't know that you do? If so, tell me in the comments below.