You know, there's nowadays not a single kid's movie or family movie that does not have a happy ending in the end, usually accompanied by the latest hit song kids are listening to nowadays. While some movies may seem like a happy ending, there are also some strange, actually disturbing unanswered questions that they never bothered to explain in these movies. So, prepare to never look at your favorite films the same way again. Here is the list of unanswered questions from your favorite films.

1. Monsters Inc (Did Boo's parents notice she was missing all this time?)Edit

As most Disney Wikians know, Monstropolis is a place whose technology is powered by the screams of children, and they explain children have become harder to scare as time went on (why didn't they just move to solar power or nuclear reactors then)? One day, top scarer Sulley accidentally discovers a human child that he's terrified of at first, but he eventually bonds with the little girl and becomes sad when he has to send her home.

While this may seem heartwarming, did anyone stop to think if Boo's parents noticed she was missing all this time? Because, Boo was missing for about like a day and one night, so her greatest adventure probably might've her parent's worst nightmare. Unless she had EXTREMELY absent-minded parents, they were probably driving around all over town desperately trying to find their little girl, wondering where she could've possibly gone, for all we know have been kidnapped.

Boo (Monsters Inc

Boo (Monsters Inc.)

Boo's greatest adventure could've been her parent's worst nightmare.

2. Iron Giant (What happens when the rest of the world-destroying giants show up)?Edit

You all know the story of the Iron Giant. A very beloved film about a giant robot from outer space who befriends a little boy, growing to realize that being a unstoppable weapon of destruction may not be the best thing. But, there's one question that movie never answered. What will happen one more of these rampaging metallic monsters show up?

There's actually a deleted scene from the movie where they actually give you a hint of the giant's origin. It showed the giant dreaming about an entire of army of robots that look like him decimating an entire planet. So, it's obvious some crazy aliens programmed these death machines to act the way they do, and if one of these robots failed to do the job at wrecking Earth, do you really think they'll just give up? No, they'll probably send more to finish the job. If Iron Giant got a sequel, Earth probably would've been a barren wasteland by the time it was over.

The Iron Giant - Deleted Scene - Robot Dreams

The Iron Giant - Deleted Scene - Robot Dreams

If one giant fails to destroy Earth, what's to stop the builders from sending more?

3: Despicable Me (Did Gru almost doom us all by shrinking the moon?)Edit

Now, most of you know how the story of Despicable Me goes. It's about a supervillain who dreams to become the best villain of all time by stealing the biggest and most important possible thing: The Moon. And he plans to do so by reducing its size with a shrink ray. But, he eventually begins to question this decision when 3 cute little girls come into his life. But, at one point, he actually sends them back and goes off to shrink the moon and succeeds. But, here's a question.

So, he shrinks the moon and steals it, leaving Earth with no large mass in the sky to keep the ocean tides in check? Sure, the moon eventually returns to its normal size goes back to its rightful spot, but in the meantime, Gru probably caused Earth's oceans to go completely out of control. That means he probably killed thousands, maybe millions of people just by shrinking the moon.

Despicable Me 06 We are going to steal the Moon

Despicable Me 06 We are going to steal the

Gru's plan may have killed millions of people due to the out of control tides.

4: Cloverfield (how big is the monster's mother?)Edit

Now, this one, you are probably not familiar with. The movie Cloverfield was a found-footage movie of a huge monster coming out of the ocean to destroy New York City, and it's all told from the perspective of an average man who was going to get a job in Japan when disaster struck and has T.J. Miller playing the camera guy. BUT, here's what you may not know: J.J. Abrams, one of the people involved with Cloverfield, actually stated that the monster is an infant, meaning that it was just born and it's not rampaging through New York because it's angry, like Godzilla. It's looking for its mother.

So, if that's the case, then how big is the Cloverfield monster's mother? Clover himself was like probably around maybe 200-250 feet tall, so the mother would probably be able to level New York by just stepping on it with her front foot.

Cloverfield - All Sightings

Cloverfield - All Sightings

This thing's big. If it's a baby, who knows how huge the parents might be.

5. The Incredibles: Why didn't the government tell the superheroes they were in danger?Edit

What do you know? Brad Bird actually has 2 movies with unanswered questions: Iron Giant, and The Incredibles.

The Incredibles was about when the government forces superheroes everywhere to retire until a particular family of them is called back into action by a government conspiracy that's killing them off. The movie says the government keeps tabs on all the superheroes through the National Supers Agency, forcing them to stay in their boring secret identities. It turns out, through the Omnidroid, Syndrome has successfully killed many superheroes.

So, wait....if the government is so good at keeping track of superheroes, how come they haven't noticed that many of them were being killed off? Aren't they supposed to be stopping things like this from happening? Why didn't the government warn Mr. Incredible and the other Supers some maniac fanboy was trying to destroy them? Either they are ridiculously terrible at their job or they don't care at all.

The Incredibles Syndrome vs Mr Incredible

The Incredibles Syndrome vs Mr Incredible

Shouldn't the government be watching for maniacs killing off superheroes?

And that's my list of unanswered questions in film. Is there anything you would have added? If so, what would you add? AND if you HAVE an answer for these unanswered questions, feel free to say it in the comments section.