Hey, everybody. Guess what? I got good news. I finally saw Inside Out after all this time. I would've seen it sooner, but Jurassic World kept distracting me by being so awesome. But, you know, I finally went and saw Inside Out today, and now I am going to give my thoughts on it. Honestly, I don't really have too much to say, mainly because I'm not sure WHAT to say. So, what did I think? 

It was actually really, really good. Though, I'm going to be honest with you, I didn't really cry all that much. I know, I'm evil, I'm sorry. But, I was about to towards the end, but my heart was probably a bit too black to actually do it. But, all joking aside, this movie actually RIVALS Paddington in terms how cute and whimsical it is. I really liked it. So, the plot is really well-known by this point. It's about the life of a little girl from the perspective of sentient emotions. It's not really anything new, but what matters is what's done with it. And BOY do they do a lot with it here, and deals with some pretty dark stuff, such as depression, slowly growing out of childhood, and the idea of running away from home.

My favorite character, IMO, was honestly Anger. I know a lot of people might disagree with me, but I thought he was the funniest. I really hope someone on DeviantART does fan-art of him Hulking out. It would be hilarious. Though, I found that much to my surprise, I didn't really like Joy. I thought she was kind of mean and she really didn't care about anyone's feelings (except for happy ones of course), and it's funny that's the case, because you'd think out of all the emotions, Joy would be the one you'd want to hang out with the most. But, there's a point where you are thinking, "Lady, will you just sit down?" And Sadness...well, no wonder she's sad because the other emotions treat her like garbage. Though, she'd be kind of unplesant to be around because she was depressed a large portion of the time (she and Eeyore would get along because of this). Mainly because, while Eeyore is the king of all downers, Sadness is the queen. It's like no matter what you say, she's going to find a way to kill the happy mood.

Joy: Hey, guys. We're going to get this delicious cake for Riley's birthday.

Sadness: Yeah. But, too bad it's full of Trans fats, though. Not good for your heart.

Joy: :(

Another thing I really liked about it, was the fact that there's no villain, which is a rarity that you see nowadays. There's not some evil villain, say an emotion called Evil that wants to take over Riley's head and make her kill or something, none of that. It's just an adventure comedy-drama film. Not much else. And that's kind of all it really needs to be. But, there are some things that I questioned. One thing I really wondered was, what happens when all her islands fall and her mind goes completely black? Because throughout the film, there were parts where there was a blackness spreading throughout her mind as her islands were sinking like the Titanic. So, what would happen if it her mind completely black? Would be permantely depressed or something? Does she...die? I was wondering that throughout the whole film.

 Now, another thing that I'm happy they finally addressed, as this was one of my questions of the film, was that they actually addressed how the minds of non-humans work. Because at the end of the film, they show a dog and a cat and how their emotions work, and it was a riot.

So, yeah, overall, I really enjoyed Inside Out. I admit that I did not cry that much in it, but nevertheless, I found it really enjoyable. I highly recommend it.