I was kind of thinking of an idea of what Disney should do for another movie. I want to tell you, obviously. Here it is.

It's no secret here that I love Kaiju films (Kaiju is japanese for "giant monster" for those who don't know). You know, the Godzilla movies , Gamera movies, Pacific Rim and even King Kong and Ultraman . And Kaiju have been making a huge comeback lately. With Pacific Rim and Godzilla 2014 being really popular films, and more Kaiju films coming soon such as a Pacific Rim sequel , a new King Kong movie, and 2 Godzilla sequels, NOT TO MENTION, Godzilla creators and rights owners Toho Studios making their OWN Godzilla reboot for Japanese audiences to be released in 2016. it's just a great time to be a Kaiju fan. So, it kind of gave me an idea. What if Disney went in on the Kaiju action and did an adaptation of one of their Disney Adventures comics, Gorilla Gorilla.

Gorilla Gorilla

The comic was about 2 roommates, Gorilla and Lizard, who unbeknowst to each other, BOTH have the ability to turn into Kaiju-sized monsters. Gorilla transforms into Gorilla Gorilla, a giant King Kong-esque gorilla who is a heroic ape that saves the world loads of times from a variety of threats, such as aliens, robots, sentient meteorites, etc. Lizard turns into Lizard Lizard, a Godzilla-like creature that is a destructive, rampaging beast that Gorilla Gorilla defeats frequently. I think it would be quite cool. Considering the fact that Gorilla Gorilla was actually my favorite comic from the Disney Adventures magazine, I could see potential in this. Kind of an awesome destructive Kaiju smackdown mixed with the Disney style and humor that most people here know and love. Plus, kids and adults alike adore these rampaging, city-smashing behemoths, so it would be a win-win.


John Goodman as Gorilla/Gorilla Gorilla

Tom Kenny as Lizard/Lizard Lizard

What do you think?