WARNING: This is a joke blog. Please don't take it too seriously. The game however, is 100% REAL!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's time. As I established in my previous blog, Godzilla is getting a new game coming out next month on July 14th for the Playstation 4, called Godzilla: The Game. And trust me, I am REALLY excited for it. Being able to play as my favorite fictional character of all time on a next-gen console and wreak havoc.

Godzilla - PS4 PS3 - Ultimate mayhem (E3 Trailer)-1435182589

Godzilla - PS4 PS3 - Ultimate mayhem (E3 Trailer)-1435182589

So, to celebrate the game's release, I will be doing a joke blog where Godzilla promotes his game by going on a rampage across the infinite realms of Disney and wreaking complete havoc. Pics of his rampage across the Disney universe will be continously added until July 14th, which is the game's North American release. So, be sure to check back for new things whenever.

Godzilla's Disney Rampage

Also, be sure to vote on the poll in the trailer blog on if you want me to review the game for you guys. If I get more yeses than nos, I will do it (as long as people want me to).