Hello, everyone. Today I have yet another list. This time it's on franchises that should get TV Shows. Now, the thing to keep in mind, not all of these are going to be series that have NEVER gotten TV Shows. Some of them may have had one in the past, but they may be on here because have not gotten another one since, and I think such things should change. There are some film and game franchises that I love I think should totally get television series. Here's a few:

 Super Mario Bros. 

Now, I know that this series has gotten a TV series in the past. It was called, Super Mario Bros. Super Show . It was a nice fun little series that was overall generally faithful to the games while doing its own little spin on the games. However, the reason Super Mario Bros. is on this list was because SMBSS ended a long time ago and Mario hasn't gotten another television series since. Sonic the Hedgehog keeps hogging the television spotlight. He's had 3 shows in the 90's, Sonic X, and more recently the TV Series, Sonic Boom. I think it's time Sonic take a little break from television so that Mario can shine on the small screen once more. Though whether he should speak in his Italian accent in the games or his Brooklyn accent seen in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, is up for debate at the moment.
Super Mario Brothers Super Show Intro01:02

Super Mario Brothers Super Show Intro

Give blue hedgehog a break and let the famous video game plumbers have the spotlight for a change.


I know what you're thinking....huh? How would that work. Well, I have a belief. When I saw Bolt, I actually enjoyed the beginning where it was showing how the TV show Bolt believed was real was playing out. It was quite interesting. And even though the movie's tone shifts to being more light-hearted and based in reality with Bolt not actually having any powers, I actually would've loved to see how the story would've unfolded if Bolt really was a super-dog and he actually did have to protect his owner from harm and save the world. Basically, if the TV show he believed was real actually WAS real. A TV series, I believe, should focus on such exploits and revolve around those kinds of adventures. It could make a fun action series, so I say go for it.
Disney Bolt - movie clip - Bolt TV Show chase scene00:54

Disney Bolt - movie clip - Bolt TV Show chase scene

What if Bolt's fake adventures actually happened? A show should focus on that.


Now, Godzilla has actually had 2 TV shows in the past. There was one that was made by Hanna Barbera , and it was overall cute, though a lot of people were really annoyed by his sidekick Godzuki, but I could accept it because that show aired during a time where parents were breathing down the production networks' necks to make sure things stayed kid-friendly and clean (the 70;s). And there was also another show that took place after the 1998 travesty, and that show was actually pretty good. It was WAY better than the film it was based on because it made more of an effort to be faithful to the films (even though the 1998 version was officially renamed Zilla by Toho, I call his son in the show Godzilla, beause unlike Zilla, his offspring in the show is actually worthy of the name). But, the reason Godzilla is on the list is because he has not had another TV series SINCE Godzilla: The Series. With King Kong getting yet another show to be released on Netflix in 2016, I think Godzilla needs to rampage his way to the small screen once more, and maybe even bring some classic Toho monsters, such as Rodan, Anguirus and King Ghidorah with him while he's at it.
Godzilla The Series (Opening)01:12

Godzilla The Series (Opening)

The King of the Monsters need a chance to rampage through television once again.


It's funny. Dreamworks has actually done quite a few TV shows based on their characters. They did Penguins of Madagascar on Nick and All Hail King Julien! on Netflix, as well as Monsters vs Aliens, Kung Fu Panda and Puss in Boots. But, the odd thing is, they have not made a TV Show about the very franchises that made them famous: Shrek. How come Shrek has not gotten his own show yet? It's been a few years since Shrek Forever After happened, and I would be interested in seeing more adventures starring everyone's favorite ogre. He could even go up against some other fairy tale villains, such as Maleficent and The Snow Queen (NOT Elsa). I think a Shrek TV show, if done right, could be a really fun comedy series.

Shrek - All Stars02:10

Shrek - All Stars

Why has the world's most famous ogre not gotten his own TV Show yet?


Let me guys tell you something. Robocop is a really cool superhero-cop. I know it, fans know it, dogs and cats know it. So, it should be a no-brainer that he would get a successful TV show, whether it be animated or not. Yet for some reason, both times a Robocop animated series was attempted, it didn't really catch on. And this was during Robocop's prime. I think since Robocop has re-gained at least some of the spotlight with the 2014 remake, Robocop should get another shot at an animated series. Think of the exciting adventures Robocop could get into fighting crime and evil villains. He has great potential to be successful in one, yet for some reason, all attempts at it so far have been squandered. That could change if the cards are played right.

Original 1987 Trailer for Robocop01:40

Original 1987 Trailer for Robocop

So, what do you think of my list guys? Do you agree with my list? If not, what would YOU pick and why?