Fantastic Four: The Animated Series is a 2017 American animated superhero action series created by Cloverfield monster. It is the first show starring the Fantastic Four since Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes. It features Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Jonny Storm and Ben Grimm living together in the Baxter Building and doing battle with various supervillains and other threats to the Earth and humanity, all the while exploring strange new worlds. The series was created to repair the damage done to the franchise by the universally panned Fox 2015 reboot. The series has no connection whatsoever to the events of that movie.


The Thing (Ben Grimm) - The team's muscle. Ben Grimm was one of the five people (including Victor, who would later become Dr. Doom), and after being exposed to cosmic rays, he was transformed into a rock monster with super strength. He is the team's wise-cracking tough guy, but he does have a sensitive side. (voiced by Dave Boat)

Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) - The leader of the team. He is the smartest of the four and has the power to stretch his body into various shapes and forms. (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)

Human Torch (Johnny Storm) - Johnny Storm is the older brother of Sue Storm and has the ability to control fire and ignite it from his body to fly. He is the cocky, fun-loving member of the team. He and Ben Grimm like to pick on each other, but they are still good friends. (voiced by James Arnold Taylor)

Invisible Woman (Sue Storm) - Sue Storm is Johnny's younger sister who has the ability to turn invisible as well as create force shields around her and other abilities of that type for combat. She is usually annoyed by Johnny's antics, but loves him as his brother all the same. (voiced by Erin Torpey)

Doctor Doom (Victor) - Originally a citizen from Latveria named Victor, he was one of the five people on the spaceship that got hit by cosmic rays and a former friend of Reed Richards turned enemy. He gained powers like Reed and his crew, but became a villain and eventually went on to become the supreme dictator of his home Latveria. He is a ruthless, menacing, powerful adversary and the arch-enemy of the Fantastic Four. He serves as one of the main antagonists. (voiced by Lex Lang)


Season 1

Name Episode No Summary
And Then There Were Four 001 A year after the Fantastic Four got their powers from exposure to cosmic rays, they have been dedicating their lives to saving the world from all kinds of threats as well as exploring new worlds themselves. But, the latter part will soon have to be put on hold as the evil Mole Man unleashes an army of giant monsters from underground to attack and conquer New York City.
Prehistoric Peril 002 The Fantastic Four face against a threat from the Savage Land, a pteranodon humanoid known as Sauron who believes that the world dinosaurs used to rule was wrongfully stolen by humans, so he unleashes an army of dinosaurs to attack the world to help them reclaim their former world. Naturally, as this could spell doom for humanity, the FF cannot allow this.
Rivalry 003 Reed Richards ends up in a rivalry after he meets a billionaire genius who is potentially just as smart as he is: Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Their equal intelligence results in them getting into an all-out rivalry. However, they'll soon have to put it aside and team up to save the day when creatures known as Skrulls invade New York City.
Devastation 004 The Fantastic Four battle a new foe from space known as Devos the Devastator, a vigilante who hopes to protect the universe and bring peace by destroying planets and civilizations that wield weapons capable of being used to wage war. Unfortunately, one of those places in his eyes includes Earth.
Grab life by the Horn 005 Thing finally meets his match in the form of a villain with known as Rhino, who pilots a highly armed, ultra-strong battle armor to cause chaos across New York City to get whatever he wants. When the others get badly injured trying to fight Rhino, it's up to Thing to save the day in a battle of brawn vs. brawn.
Fantastic Film 006

The team gets informed by a big Hollywood agent that they've been asked to star in a movie being developed by famous studio 22nd Century Wolf and is being directed by up-and-coming filmmaker, Gosh Frank. They are of course excited to be up on the big screen. Reed is also very excited to do it because he feels the film's box office earnings could help fund his scientific research. But, unfortunately, the production runs into chaos, such as a huge action scene Thing was excited to do getting removed, much to his anger, the director being an arrogant snob, Wolf making last minute changes and various other problems. To make matters worse, The villain, Shocker, is infiltrating the area to steal the company's money. In the end, Shocker is defeated, but the film becomes a total disaster, critically and financially.

PRODUCTION NOTE: This episode is a satire on the disastrous Fantastic Four reboot of 2015 and the troubled production that led to it.

Going Ape 007 The team ends up having to do battle with a trio of foes they never ever thought they would have to face: A group of genetically enhanced monkeys who were exposed to the same cosmic rays that gave the Fantastic Four their powers. They are known as "Super-Apes". consisting of the super-strong Mikhlov the Gorilla, the shape-shifting Igor the Baboon and magnetic-powered Peotor the Orangutan. These apes are being controlled by a villain known as Red Ghost.
Power Switch 008

After returning to Earth from a mysterious new world, exposure to a weird meteor causes the Fantastic Four to accidentally switch powers. Reed Richards now has Ben's power (and rocky appearance to boot), Ben now has Sue's powers of invisibility, Sue has Johnny's fire powers, and Johnny now has Reed's stretching powers. They must now find a way to reverse the meteor's effects and switch back to their correct powers.

Reptile Rampage 009 Mysterio breaks into Oscorp and steals numerous samples of the very same serum that mutated Curt Connors into The Lizard. He begins using it to transform New York's citizens into lizard monsters while using his magic powers to control their minds. The Fantastic Four have to find a way to turn the citizens back to normal and clobber Mysterio.
Doom and Gloom 010 Reed Richards accidentally bumps into his old friend Victor, who also went with them on the space trip that gave the four their powers. However, he soon becomes horrified to discover that Victor is no longer the friend he once knew. He now goes by the name Doctor Doomin his home country Latveria, which he now rules as a dictatorship and he plans to improve mankind by ruling it. Doom plans to make them submit by launching missile strikes on the world's most populous cities. Doom proves to be the Fantastic Four's greatest adversary.
Queen of Atlantis 011 Ben, Johnny and Reed have to go and rescue Sue after an Atlantean kidnaps her and takes her to the lost city of Atlantis, because the King, named Namor, has taken interest in her. The King wants Sue to rule by his side as her queen. Ben, Johnny and Reed confront him, so Namor makes a deal: If the three can successfully defeat all of Atlantis' greatest warriors in a gladiatorial match, Namor will let them leave with Sue. But, if they lose, Sue has to stay and be his queen for the rest of her life and Ben, Johnny and Reed will also have to be Namor,s servants for the rest of their lives.
Annihilation 012 The ruler of the Negative Zone, Annihilus, attacks Earth because a powerful and highly revered artifact from his dimension has been stolen: the Cosmic Control Rod, an object that gives its wielder great, near unstoppable power. To convince Annihilus to call off the invasion, they set off to look for the rod and return it. They soon find out it was their nemesis, Dr. Doom, who stole the powerful rod for his own evil ambitions.
The Frightful Four 014 While attempting to see if there are any other dimensions other than the Negative Zone, Reed discovers a mirror world where the heroes are the villains and the villains are the heroes. However, trouble ensues when an evil version of the Fantastic Four, known in that dimension as The Frightful Four, arrives in their dimension and begins to wreak havoc. The team now has to face their evil counterparts and send them back where they came from.
The Awesome Android 014 A mad scientist creates a new artificial life-form using stolen research notes that belonged to Reed Richards. The new life-form becomes known as Awesome Android. The scientist attempts to use this nearly indestructible life-form to take over the city (what else is new?) So, naturally, the team has to go in and stop him.
Wendigo 015 The team investigates sightings of a monster running amok in the Appalachian mountains. When they find it, the monster attacks Sue and slashes at her. Ben, Johnny and Reed get her back to the Baxter Building. They, especially Johnny, become horrified when Sue begins acting angry and moody. They soon realize that the creature that attacked her is a Wendigo, a large furry creature with superhuman strength. This Wendigo was an Alpha, as only Alpha Wendigos can turn humans into other Wendigos, and that's what's happening to Sue. The only way to cure Sue is to destroy the Alpha Wendigo that infected her. Sue transforms and rampages through the streets. Ben, with the help of Wolverine, has to go and kill the Alpha Wendigo, while Reed and Johnny go to stop Sue before she hurts people.
Great Power comes Great Irresponsibility 016

The Fantastic Four go out to apprehend the villain, Kingpin, for his crimes in New York City, but while doing so, they run into another person also trying to take him down: Deadpool. They decide to team up with him, but become horrified by Deadpool's deadly and violent ways of justice. Because of this, Thing and Deadpool clash over what way to stop the bad guy is the right way.

PRODUCTION NOTES: Deadpool makes a guest appearance in this episode in honor of his new movie.

Deception 017 Reed goes off to a science convention that he has been dying to go to for months, leaving the other three Fantastic Four members to look after things while he's gone. However, Dr. Doom takes opprotunity of this and uses a holographic device to make himself look and sound exactly like Reed Richards to infiltrate the Baxter Building and destroy the team from within. But, they soon begin to catch on, and Doom uses this as his time to strike. Now, Reed has to return home and save his friends from Doom's wrath.
Game On 018 Johnny gets hooked on his new video game, Planet of Wizardry, amazed at its vast gameplay, constant new challenges and ability to be anyone you want in this virtual world. However, a virtual reality experiment developed by Reed goes wrong and it sucks the Fantastic Four into the game itself. Now being forced to face off against goblins, evil witches and dragons, the team has to find a way to escape this virtual world and get back to the real world. However, the evil villain of the game, The Black Knight, refuses to allow them to leave, as he use in the team due to their powers.
Reign of Galactus (Part 1) 019 The team encounters a mysterious being from outer space. Initially, they believe him to be a threat, but instead the being known as the Silver Surfer is actually here to warn the people of Earth of impending doom. He warns that a god-like entity known as Galactus is coming to Earth to consume it. The Fantastic Four realize that humanity is on the brink of annihilation and must find a way to save it.
Reign of Galactus (Part 2) (Season Finale) 020 As Galactus arrives to consume the Earth, the Fantastic Four, with the help of Silver Surfer, make one final push to try and save their world from utter obliteration.

Season 2

Name No Summary

An Early Frost

021 The Fantastic Four are sent a distress signal by Asgard as Frost Giants are invading and ravaging their world, so they need the team to help. Normally, Thor would save the day himself, but he has been captured and is being tortured by his half-brother, Loki, who is aiding the Frost Giant assault. Now, the four have to rescue Thor, help him stop the Frost Giant invasion and save Asgard.
Rock Collection 022 Thing goes for a walk to help clear his head after a fight with Johnny, but soon a group of alien drones ambush him, sedate him and capture him. It turns how his captor is none other than The Collector, a being from outer space who collects rare and exotic creatures and members of alien races across the galaxy. Horrified, Thing has to find a way to escape the Collector and return to Earth by any means necessary.
How Dr. Doom Stole Christmas (Christmas Special) 023 Dr. Doom decides to take over the North Pole and make Santa's workshop his new base of operations. The Fantastic Four soon find out about this and refuse to let Dr. Doom ruin the most wonderful holiday of the year. This results in an all-out battle against Doom on the North Pole for the fate of Christmas.
There Goes Tokyo 024 The Fantastic Four go on vacation to Tokyo, Japan, to take a well-deserved break from all the world-exploring and crime fighting. However, their plans for rest and relaxation are soon put on hold when Mole Man returns, unleashing an army of Kaiju from his underground world. Not only does the team have to deal with that, they also must face off against Magneto, who is working with Mole Man.
Mars Four 025

The team is invited by a non-profit group to oversee and help out on a new project called New Home Mars, designed to build new technologies to get humans on Mars and explore its surface and eventually, colonize the Red Planet to ensure the survival of the human race, should an apocalyptic disaster hit Earth. The Fantastic Four were chosen to supervise the project due to their history of space travel. However, once they get on Mars' surface with the astronauts, they find out that the planet is already being occupied by Skrulls, who want to use Mars as a base of opertaions for impending invasions and alien attacks on Earth. If you think the Fantastic Four are going to allow this, think again.

PRODUCTION NOTES: This episode takes inspiration from real world plans by groups such as NASA and Mars One, to get humans colonized on Mars by 2028.

Seeing Red 026 Red Skull is retrieved from the ice by his HYDRA followers and is thawed from his frozen prison, ready to wreak havoc on civilization once more. He wants to try to replicate the Super-Solider serum that created Captain America to make his HYDRA soliders every bit as strong as Captain America is, making him unstoppable. So, to save the Earth's freedom, Fantastic Four and Captain America must team up to prevent HYDRA domination.
Rock Wild 027 When Thing suddenly starts attacking his teammates and New York City, the other 3 team members try to find out why their rocky friend has suddenly gone berserk. Soon, they discover a villain by the name, MasterMind is responsible for The Thing's rampage.
What Dreams May Come 028 TBA
Game On 2: The GameMaster 029

A new mobile game has become a global phemonemon. It's called Pocket Creatures Move! Even our heroes, The Fantastic Four, have become hooked on it. But, this game of fun soon becomes a terrifying nightmare as Dr. Doom has modded the game and brought the creatures from the game into the real world to terrorize New York City and soon, he will have his Pocket Creature army dominate the planet. And of course, the Fantastic Four have to put an end to Doom's plan for good.

Production Notes: Pocket Creatures Move! is a homage to the mobile mega-hit Pokemon GO!

Artificial Intelligence 030


Production Note: Ultron will make his appearance in this episode.





  • This is the first animated series Cloverfield monster made where the first episode is NOT named Pilot.
  • The series has no connection to the universally panned 2015 reboot by Fox. For example, this series uses the classic "cosmic rays" origin from the comics, while the film had them going to another dimension and getting their powers that way.
  • This is the second TV series by Cloverfield monster to be a superhero show, the first being Big Hero 6: The Animated Series.
    • It's also the second Cloverfeld Monster TV series to have a Christmas special, the first being Sven and Olaf Show, AND is the first superhero show to have one.
  • Episode 8 revolves around the Fantastic Four accidentally getting their powers switched around. This is a nod to a plot point in the 2007 film, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surferwhere exactly that happened.
  • The episode, Reptile Rampage, is actually similar in concept to the Ultimate Spider-Man episode, Lizards. Though, this is entirely coincidental.