We're finally at the 10th episode of Disney Fights, where 2 characters will go at it in a battle to see who would win in a duel. Today's match is between Shere Khan and Scar. We've been waiting quite a while to do this one, since both these guys are big cats and they are both villains. But, who would win if they met?


Shere Khan the tiger?


or Scar the lion?

You know the drill by the now. These 2 villainous have to go in and maul the heck out of each other in the ring, and you the Disney Wikians vote to decide who you think will be the one to make it out alive! So, vote now.


Arena: Pridelands

Scar has to fight by himself. NO HELP FROM HYENAS!

They can only use their claws and teeth! NO FIRE! (for Shere Khan's sake)

Fight to the Death!

Who wins?

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