Hello, friends. Today, I will be giving a preview of a joke blog I will be doing sometime soon. In case you didn't know, Godzilla is getting a new game coming out next month for the Playstation 4, called Godzilla: The Game. 

Godzilla - PS4 PS3 - Ultimate mayhem (E3 Trailer)04:34

Godzilla - PS4 PS3 - Ultimate mayhem (E3 Trailer)

And I can guarantee no one here is more excited for the game than me. Playing as my favorite fictional character of all time on next-gen consoles. So, in honor of this occasion, I will be doing a joke blog showing a list of Disney movies made better by adding Godzilla in the form of a gallery. Pics will be continously added until July 14th, which is the day of the game's release. I hope to do it some time soon.

In the meantime, here's a preview pic on the house.

Godzilla in Lion King

So yeah, prepare yourself, World of Disney, because Godzilla's hitting you hard soon.

Also, when I finally get the game on it's release date (July 14th), do you want me to review it? You can vote on it. Be sure to do so in the poll below. If I get more yeses than nos, I will review the game for you guys and tell you if it's worth your time and money. Do you want me to do it? Then VOTE NOW! 

Do you want me to review Godzilla: The Game?

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UPDATE: The page is officially up.