As of now, we are currently in the age of sequels, remakes, reboots, and adaptations, for better for worse. It could be considered for better because it's a chance to finally bring a dead franchise back into public eye, such as Mr. Peabody and Sherman,and it can also be for worse if it completely ruins a beloved franchise, such as Godzilla 1998 and a more recent case, Jem and the Holograms. But, once in a while, there are also some cartoons that I actually WANT them to reboot and bring back to life in the form of a theatrical film. This is a list of those cartoons. 2 of these, I actually have come up with a cast for.

Megas XLR

Holy mother of Godzilla, would this be AWESOME as a live-action, big-budget theatrical film. Now, lately, I've been flipping obsessed with this show. And for good reason, because it's really awesome. The show ran from 2004-2005 (it was sadly short-lived). It was about an overweight couch potato named Coop who discovers a giant robot from the future. He ends up modifying it and replacing it's damaged head with a classic muscle car. Then, he ends up teaming up with his best friend and the robot's original pilot, Kiva, to fight off an alien race called The Glorft, who are also from the future and want to destroy humanity. 

Sounds like a real potential blockbuster to me, too (and I'm not being sarcastic. I'm being dead serious). I DEFINITELY think it's worth reviving as a theatrical blockbuster. Because I DIG GIANT ROBOTS!


Josh Gad as Coop, Megas' current pilot and the main protagonist.

James Franco as Jamie, Coop's slacker best friend.

Scarlett Johansson as Kiva, Megas' original pilot from the future.

James Spader as Warmaster Gorrath, the leader of the Glort and the main villain.

Megas XLR Widescreen Intro HD00:46

Megas XLR Widescreen Intro HD

You dig giant robots! I dig giant robots! We dig giant robots! Chicks dig giant robots!

Street Sharks

I know that I have discussed this previously in my blog on what obscure franchises Disney should adapt next, but I shall do it here once more. I think if done correctly, Street Sharks has potential to be a great theatrical film. The show was about a group of four teenage humans who end up caught in a conspiracy which ends up turning them into man-sized humanoid sharks with superhuman strength and the ability to tear through metal by eating it. Together, they fight crime and stop the evil Dr. Pirahnoid's plans for world domination. I think such an idea would work as a theatrical movie. It could be a fun action-comedy.

Street Sharks (intro)01:48

Street Sharks (intro)



Chris Pratt as Ripster, a great white shark and the leader of the Street Sharks (voice)

John Leguizamo as Streex, a tiger shark on roller skates and the goofball (voice)

Chris Rock as Jab, a hammerhead shark and the lazy one (voice)

John Goodman as Big Slammu, a whale shark and the strongest and youngest of the group (voice)

Bryan Cranston as Dr. Paradigm/Dr. Pirahnoid, an evil scientist who turns into a pirahna-like creature and the main villain

Clancy Brown as Slobster, a mutant lobster and one of Pirahnoid's henchmen.

Fred Tatasciore as Slash, a mutant fish with a drill nose and one of Pirahnoid's henchmen.

Woody Woodpecker

I'm actually surprised Universal has not attempted to make a new movie starring Woody Woodpecker. That crazy bird who would screw around with people and peck holes in their house and do that famous laugh. There actually was in fact, word that Illumination Entertainment, the Despicable Me guys, were working on one, but I don't know how that's doing. The last news that was heard about it was that the guy who directed Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry was doing it, and nothing else since. Why hasn't Woody gotten a movie yet? It could have the potential to be a slam-dunk hit if Universal played their cards correctly?

Woody Woodpecker - Pantry Panic (1941) 720p06:37

Woody Woodpecker - Pantry Panic (1941) 720p

A bird that laughs funny and drills holes in people's houses to annoy them? I could watch that for an hour and a half.

Mickey Mouse

You want to know something really weird? Mickey Mouse, Disney's most famous creation, the mascot for the company, star of several TV shows and comics and video games and everything else imaginable, and one of the most iconic characters in American history, has NOT gotten a theatrically released feature-length film. 80+ years of Mickey's existence, and he's not gotten a true theatrical film. That's quite odd. Looney Tunes has had several (Daffy Duck's Quackbusters, Space Jam, Looney Tunes: Back in Action), Yogi Bear has had 2 (one animated and one live-action) Flinstones have had 3 (one animated and 2 live-action), The Simpsons got one, but not the old mouse himself.

Mickey Mouse - Steamboat Willie (Whistling song)00:13

Mickey Mouse - Steamboat Willie (Whistling song)

One of the most iconic characters in American history and Disney's mascot and he doesn't have his own movie yet? How sad.

If I can come up with more, I'll add some later on. But, do you agree with this list for now? If not, what would you add and why?