Today's list by me is a list of movies that I feel wrongfully didn't earn as much money or become as popular as they should have. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean they bombed. Some may have, some may have not, but still, there are just some films that came out in recent memory that I wish became FAR more popular than they did. Because every single one on this list (except one), I really like a lot. Let's talk about which ones shall we?  

Winnie the Pooh (2011)

The first member of the list is the one exception. Because, admittedly, I was guilty of missing this movie. Because I thought I would be too old for it. But, then I heard that it got incredibly good reviews from critics. Sadly, though, it only made a modest profit, making $26 million domestically + $18 million overseas, rounding up to $44 million worldwide, according to box It's incredibly obvious that putting the film up against Harry Potter 7 was to blame for this not being as popular as it should have been. Winnie the Pooh was inevitably pretty much going to stand no chance against Harry Potter 7, so I don't know why Disney put it out on that weekened. Was there not enough avaiable spots for other days? Who knows? But, it seems as though nostalgia wasn't enough to get people into seats for Winnie the Pooh. Oh well, maybe Winnie's upcoming live-action film will fare better box-office wise. Who knows? 


Nostalgia could not save it from losing to teenage wizards

Robocop (2014)

Now, Robocop 2014 is obviously the remake of the 1987 sci-fi classic , both of which are about a policeman named Alex Murphy who gets killed in the line of duty and a megalomanical corporation brings him back to life as a cyborg. Murphy, now Robocop, becomes mind-controlled by the company that created him to patrol the streets and rid Detroit of Crime, but then he becomes free from his controllers and begins to seek revenge on the one's responsible for his death. Now, Robocop 2014 had severely divided opinions amongst critics and audiences. Some people liked it and some people did not. People complained that this remake did not have the extreme violence and R-rating that the original 87 film had. But, I actually quite liked this film despite that. It wasn't trying to be the original Robocop. It was trying to tell you a story more about the man inside the machine rather than the machine going around massacring everyone like the 87 film did. This remake is the highest-grossing Robocop movie to date with over $200 million in revenue, but sadly, pales in comparison to other blockbusters of 2014. The case for this one I believe was caused by fanboy sabotage, because they refused to look at the merits this one offered and continued to complain about the PG-13 rating and lack of gore, which is understandable, but not enough to ruin the movie for me. 

Robocop 2014

Angry fanboys sadly shut down Robocop (2014)

Muppets Most Wanted

Ah, The Muppets. After storming the box office in 2011 with Jason Segel's The Muppets, you make a good impact with Muppets Most Wanted, earning $70 million. But, not enough. I don't know why this wasn't didn't earn more than it did. After the colossal success that was The Muppets (2011), you think this would've earned even more after that. Plus, Muppets are still widely beloved by people everywhere. So, you'd think more people would stormed the theaters to these beloved puppets' latest installment. I think the biggest reason for this one's reduction in popularity was the fact that it opened the same weekend as Divergent, which was kind of inevitably going to be #1, because it was widely hyped and what-not. Although you could say the same thing about the first Muppets opening the same week as Twilight 3, but it was still a major success despite that. Or it could be that the plot has been kind of done to death. Kermit having his own evil doppelganger and people didn't catch on to it. Who knows then? 


Teenage kids with guns dim the lights on Muppets Most Wanted.

Pacific Rim

OH BOY! Here we go. This is a major one. In case most of you didn't know, this was my absolute favorite film of 2013. While everyone else was obsessing over Frozen, for me, it was Pacific Rim. I don't go to see movies in theaters twice very often, but this movie was DEFINITELY one of them because it was awesome. For those who don't know what it is (and if you don't, I feel so sorry for you) it was a movie about giant creatures called Kaiju that emerge from a portal in the Pacific Ocean and start wreaking havoc and destruction. To deter the beasts without nuking our cities, humans create giant mechs called Jaegers to battle the Kaiju. Pacific Rim was the first in what like to call, "The Disney Revival Era for Kaiju movies." Because as I have previously said in one my other blogs, Kaiju are making a huge comeback. Despite that, though, I really have no idea why this movie wasn't as popular as it should have been. It had incredible CG robots and monsters, fantastic action sequences, and an immersive world where the world has to work together to stop these rampaging giants from taking over the planet. It made a hefty profit of over $400 million from overseas revenue, but was not as successful as it should have been here in the States. Who do I blame for this? Grown Ups 2. I don't how that movie beat Pacific Rim. Despicable Me 2 was also kind of taking box office tickets away from Rim, but that at least has an excuse, because unlike Grown Ups 2, Despicable Me 2 was actually a GOOD movie. Hopefully the onslaught of upcoming Kaiju films will give Pacific Rim 2 an extra boost.

Pacific Rim 1

How giant robots pounding giant monsters lost to Adam Sandler is beyond me.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

OK, why the heck didn't more people go and see this one? I know that this is based off a relatively old property that the public has largely forgotten about, but at least give it a chance. Mr. Peabody and Sherman was, IMO a really good movie and needs more respect. Because it was one of the few animated family films that not only entertained and made people laugh, but it also educated kids somewhat as well, teaching them cool things about history through the genius dog and his human son's time-traveling adventures. It also had some heart-warming moments as well and it actually stayed true to its source material. It also even made more than it's budget, hitting the over $200 million mark against a budget of over $140 million. But, apparently, it was not enough to earn a profit, as Dreamworks had to do a $57 million write-down. However, this thankfully does not mean the end for the time-traveling duo, as I hear a TV show may be in the works. 

Mr Peabody & Sherman Poster

Peabody and Sherman may have been too obscure for their own good, halting their movie's path to success.

Are you happy with my choices for this list? If not, what would you have added.