Hey, guys. Cloverfield Monster here with an interesting discovery I wanted to share with you guys. It's pretty well known Hollywood is in the middle of a Kaiju monster revival era. With Pacific Rim, Godzilla 2014, Shin Godzilla, and Kong: Skull Island all making huge amounts of money and winning over audiences. I actually once called it the, "Disney Revival Era of Kaiju Movies". However, I actually found something very interesting you guys might want to know. And since this is a Disney Wiki, it'll hopefully fit right in at home: I saw on a Facebook post that Disney almost made a Kaiju movie. 

Disney at one point actually planned to make a movie that was a throwback to old school giant monster movies called, Calling All Robots! It was going to be written by the director of the upcoming Godzilla sequel, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and was going to use motion capture like The Polar Express to tell the story of giant robots fighting an invasion of giant monsters. Bascially, Pacific Rim before Pacific Rim ​even happened. However, it got cancelled alongside several other projects after the failure of Mars Needs Moms.

Here's a link to a Facebook Post where I found the information and some photos alongside it.

And here's a link to a variety post talking about the movie at the time it was announced.

Concept Art of the Cancelled Movie

It doesn't really say anything about what the overall story or the tone would've been, but it would've been pretty much what you'd expect? What do you guys think of this? Are you sad it didn't get made? If it had gotten made, would you go to see it? Tell me your opinion on this in the comments below. If you found about this cancelled movie before I did, let me know that in the comments, too.

Would you watch Calling All Robots if had been made?

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