Yep, a preview of another one of my Aladdin spoofs: Peterladdin! Peterladdin preview 2, and more previews of my Aladdin spoofs are coming soon. Enjoy this! 

Back in the kingdom, the palace now rest on top of a mountain, now shrouded in red clouds. Inside the throne room, Mushu has Ford tied up like a marionette, and Melody is chained next to the throne where Hater sits. “Puppet ruler want a cracker? Here's your cracker. Shove 'em all right down your throat. Here, have lots!” shouted Mushu as he shoves lots of crackers into Mushu's mouth. “Stop it! Hater, leave him alone!” Melody begged. Hater then motions Mushu to stop. Mushu stops for a second, then continues. Hater then pulls the chain, and Melody walks up to him holding an apple. “It really hurts me to see you being reduced like this, Melody.” he explained. Then he takes a bites the whole apple she is holding. “I mean, a beautiful young girl like you should be on the arm of the most powerful skull in the world: Lord Hater, #1 Superstar.” he explained as he snaps his fingers, making Melody's chains disappear and turning them into a crown. “So, what do you say, my sweet? Why, with you as my queen...”

“Never!” yelled Melody as she threw a glass of water at Hater. Hater yells in pain as he holds his eye. He then looks at Mleody, outraged. “I'll show you how to respect your ruler!” he shouted, as he angrily turns to her and summons a lighting to strike her with as she falls to the floor in fear. However, he stops, and his lightning disappears, since he has an idea. “Wait a minute… of course! Wander…” Hater called. Wander, who sits sadly next to his throne, looks up at him. “I’m ready to make my third and final wish: I wish for Princess Meody to fall deeply in love with me.” Hater wishes, making Melody gasp in fear. At the same time, Peter and the others have finally arrived back in the kingdom and approaches the palace. “Ah, master-- there are a few addendas, some quid pro quo-”explained Wander as William F. Buckley again.

“Don't talk back to me, you hyperactive wandering little weirdo! You’ll do whatever I tell you to do, slave! Remember: My kingdom, MY RULES!!!” Hater shouted grasping Wander’s arm. Melody then sees Peter and the others at the window and smiles. However, Peter motions her to be quiet. Then, Melody starts to play along, the same way Peter saved her in the marketplace, and the only way to play along this time, is to pretend to fall in love with Hater. “Hater” Mal purred seductively. Wander and Hater then look at Mal as she stands in a seductive pose and puts the crown on her head. “I never knew how incredibly charming and awesome you are.” Cooed Melody seductively. Wander's jaw drops when he saw this. He actually thought Hater's wish actually worked. Hater then smiles. “Ahh, now THAT’S better! That’s my girl.” he said as he releases Wander from his grasp. Then he approaches Melody as Wander rubbed his arm, a little hurt from Hater’s grasp. “Now, sweetheart, tell me more about me, myself and I, won’t you?” Hater asked.

“You're tall, dark, well dressed...” answered Melody seductively walking towards him. As Wander tries to figure out how the wish worked with a confused look, he sees Peter and the others hiding behind a pillar. “Peter! Peter, little buddy!” whispered Wander excitedly.

“Shh!” shushed Peter. Wander then literally zips his mouth shut, then went over to them. He starts to talk, but he realizes that his mouth is zipped shut, and he unzips it. “Peter, I can't help you. I’m under Lord Psychopath’s control, now. What're ya gonna do?” He asked.

“Hey--I'm a thieving boy, remember?” answered Peter and he rezips Wander's mouth. “I'll sneak like a spy.” Then the others went in one direction as Peter went to the other. Peter slides down a pile of coins and hides close to Hater and Melody. But Hater's back is to Peter, unaware Peter behind him. Meanwhile, Melody was making more compliments “And your black and red cloak makes you look… wicked.” Melody cooed. “Go on, go on, go on!” Hater encouraged.

“And your so...pointy!” responded Melody as she puts her arms around Hater. She pretends to waive her finger up and down, but she is actually motioning for Peter to come over.Peter then makes his move. But Mushu sees him. “Hat---mmmmmm!” muffled Mushu when Perry grabs him and covers his mouth.

“And the thieving boy?” asked Hater.

“What thieving boy?” asked Melody seductively. They are about to kiss and Peter was about to grab the lamp when Mushu manages to knock over a bowl. “What the---“ Hater shouted as he turns to look. However, Melody grabs Hater back and kisses him. Peter sees this and looks disgusted. Perry and Mushu sees it too and they both look disgusted. “Yuck!” they both shouted. “Give me a second, will ya?” They both said. Then, they rushed to the bathroom, both barfing in there at the same time. Then they return to the throne room, feeling better, but still a little creeped out. Wander sees the kiss too, and gasps, but then recovers, looking disgusted. “Well, that’s one star off my five star review! The way they kissed is lousy!” Wander explained.