Hey gang! I'm back with ANOTHER preview of Marcoladdin! Prepare to read a chapter with Wendy x Dipper!


A while, we see them on a rooftop in the Imperial City, where there is a Chinese New Year celebration going on as fireworks explodes in the sky. “It's all so beautiful.” said Wendy.

“Yeah” said Dipper looking dreamily at her. Then Wendy looks at him slyly and decides to burst the bubble, and expose the real Dipper. “It’s really too bad Wander had to miss it all.” said Wendy.

“Nah. He likes flying. He just doesn’t like fireworks very much, that's all” responded Dipper. Then Sylvia looks up at him, realizing what is happening. Dipper looks at her, and now he realizes what he just did. “That is...oh no!” he groaned, realizing that he just gave himself away. Then Star pulls off his mask, and saw that it was Dipper, not a prince. “You ARE the kid from the store! I knew it all along. Why were you lying to me all this time?” asked Wendy angrily.

“Wendy, I'm sorry” said Dipper trying to recover.

“Did you think I was dumb?!” asked Wendy.

“No!” answered Dipper.

“That I was dumb enough to not figure it out?!” asked Wendy as tossed his hat back at him.

“No. I mean, I hoped you wouldn’t know” answered Dipper. Then he realizes his mistake again and tries to quickly recover. “Ugh, me and my big mouth!” he groaned, facepalming.

“Who are you for real? Tell me the truth!” demanded Wendy.

“The truth?” asked Dipper. Wendy only gives him a stern and angry look. He looks over at Sylvia. “Tell her the truth.” Sylvia whispered. “The truth...the truth is...I sometimes disguise myself as a common person. To… avoid the royalty life in the kingdom” answeredDipper. Sylvia then slumps down in defeat, knowing that he has lied to her.  “But I really am a prince!” Dipper told. Wendy then starts to believe him, although she still has an angry look in her eye. “Why didn't you just tell me in the first place?” she asked.

“Well, you know, um...royal people going out in disguise, it sounds a little weird, don't you think?” asked Dipper. Wendy then smiles and answered “Not that weird” she answered. Then she puts the hat back on his head and cuddles with him. Although Dipper knows that he has lied to her. And Sylvia puts her hand under her chin. “Oh boy…” She sighed.

A while later, they arrived back at the palace in Mewni. Wendy lands on her balcony as Dipper lands on Sylvia’s  back as the Sylvia stayed afloat with the flapping of its wing. Before leaving, Dipper only decends just below the balcony with Sylvia on her back as he looks back at Wendy. “Good night, my charming prince” cooed Wendy.

“You too, princess” replied Dipper. Then, they slowly lean forward to kiss, but Sylvia bumps Dipper up and they kiss sooner than expected. Both were surprised, but they start to kiss passionately. Then they break away and Wendy walks away slowly, then turns and looks at Dipper with her sweetest smile. Finally, she enters her room through the curtains.