(I not sure if this is allowed on this wiki or would be considered spam under the wiki's rules, but I'll try anyway...)

Hi ho! I'm Candy Randy, the buro of The 7D Wiki! Recently you may have heard the news that The 7D has been cancelled in April. However, you may not have heard that Disney's cancellation orders came at a time the series' staff were working on the 39 episodes that was intended for the current second season, effectively cutting the season in half -- 20 episodes. What's more shocking is that the decision was made before the second season even began -- it was announced to the staff around New Years but later made public three months later by Mr. Warburton, the series' co-producer. Six months after the announcement, there's still no official word on why The 7D was cancelled.

Much like Wander Over Yonder and the campaign by its fans, we have started one on our own -- Save The 7D! Yes, The 7D is one of the least popular Disney series in the modern era, but we are a dedicated fan base who love this silly and funny show so much, supported by a very strong voice cast! The show's staff loved working on it so much that when they heard the news, they were devastated. Although the series has officially ended production yesterday and some former members of the staff moved on to other Disney series and elsewhere (Mr. Warburton will helm the new Muppet Babies series!), it will forever hold a place in our hearts.

Even if you don't like the series or a just simply a casual fan, the least you can do is to help us out. The 7D suffered a similar fate that Wander had. This campaign may fail from the beginning and won't change the minds of Disney higher-ups, but it's start.

Here's our petition:

There's also an official blog of the campaign containing more details and testimonials from fellow fans of the series:

Note: One of my friends that I knew created the petition and the blog, but I'm associated with them!

Thank you!