Once upon a time there were many kingdoms, they were were Chugwater, Wonderland, Nottingham, Oakey Oaks, and many more... A powerful, old, and wise wizard created a hat, a powerful magical hat, that hat could achieve anything, make people fall in love with you, bring back from death, etc... But sadly the powerful wizard died. But then many people heard things about the hat, so they wanted it for themselves. The hat had many powers, but the biggest of all them was one that its creator didn't wanted it to have, turning people EVIL! Many kind and good people betrayed their friends and family to get the hat, but he last hat's user was a giant named Gantu, with the hat he tried to capture 629 experiments, but everything went wrong, and Gantu mysteriously disappeared. Many people died trying to find the hat, but its location was unknown. Everyone wants the hat, but the main character from this wonderful story, a funny duck, known as Darkwing, wanted it very much, but as much to betray the ones he loves? Discover it here!

To be continued...