Once upon a time in the wonderful Disney Multiverse lived a poor orphan. His nickname was Brer Bear888, his only friend was his anthropomorphic Toaster. Brer always imagined his life with parents. One day he was reading a book he found in the forest, when suddenly a green woman with horns, a staff, and a raven appeared, her name was Maleficent. She attacked Brer with her powerful dark magic, but suddenly an old man with a blue hat appeared and defended Brer. Both of the wizards threw spells and curses to each other, but at the end Maleficent vanished. The old man's name was Yen Sid, and he told Toaster and Brer about a prophecy that said that Brer was the one who was going to restore the peace in all Disney kingdoms, worlds or universes. Yen Sid nade a spell that transported Brer and Toaster to his tower. In there they found four other people:

A girl whose nickname was SilverFlight, at her side was a strange and scary blue monster whose name was Stitch, there was also a boy whose nickname was Disneyfan97, and a blue man that lived in a lamp, his name was Genie. They all were destined to restore the peace, harmony and love, but it was not going to be easy because Maleficent made a group of villains that were planning to rule all kingdoms, worlds or universes with darkness for all eternity!

To be continued...