Yen Sid started training Mickey to be a powerful sorcerer, he was the most powerful wizard ever (even more than him). Mickey knew that Yen Sid had other apprentice before him, but he never told him anything about him, he only knew that his name was Jafar. Mickey read all the books from the tower millions of times, and he read about a terribly wicked sorcerer, but his name was unknown. One night Mickey saw his master watching the past in a magical object, he was training young Jafar, and Mickey discovered everything. Yen Sid saw Mickey and told him all the story. Yen Sid wanted Mickey to go to the past and kill The Evil Queen, that way Jafar would be a hero. Yen Sid gave Mickey a spell, so he went to the past. Mickey was in the evil quen's castle and Jafar was going to steal the Magic Mirror, but then the evil queen appeared and Mickey threw her a fire ball and she died. Mickey went back to the present and Jafar became a good and wise wizard. Now he had a new name Merlin, he had an owl called Archimedes, and he trained a child called Arthur Pendragon to become a king. But remember the biggest hero, the one who saved Disney was just a mouse.

The End