So I'm creating a new fanfiction on my A03 account. It's called 'What If Nick Had Survived?’

Here is the summary:

"What if Nick had survived? What if he had just went through a portal to another dimension when the fire reached him? What if this dimension was where the humans lived? Join Alina in her journey to bring her new friend back to his dimension and maybe go with him!

A story of romance, sadness, loss, arguments, each passing second more pressuring, battles within and the government after them, will Alina and her partner be able to take Nick back to his dimension before it's too late? Or will Alina's partner betray them within the last seconds?

A fanfiction switching between five lives, what will happen through Blade's, Nick's, Maru’s, Alina's and Minx's life?"


Here is how I'm going to try and plan out the chapters (also, the fanfiction is in third person):

Chapter 1- 

Start's with Alina waking up to her alarm and smashing it into the wall. She walks outside to check the garage to see if anyone has broken into it, and amazingly no one has. She walks outside when she is blinded by a white light. 

Switches to Nick's POV: He is performing his signature move when he gets caught in a crosswind and hits against the building that is on fire, and burns his side and there is a sudden white light, and he is in a meadow and sees a girl.

Switch back to Alina's POV: Alina sees a talking helicopter that she later learns is Nick Loopin' Lopez. They get along, and Alina sees his side and says she will clear the garage up for him, and also mentions being a mechanic and police officer, so she can fix him. They go into a deep conversation about it as she cleans up



Chapter 2-

In Blade's POV: Blade is trying to find Nick in the burning building, only to badly injure himself and is fighting the others to go back to the building and knocks out Maru's tooth. He is taken away so Maru can fix him.

Quick switch to Maru’s POV, then back to Blade’s

Flash-forward too late at night with Blade on top of a building: Blade contemplates jumping off the building, and Maru convinces him not to.



Chapter 3-

Alina has finished cleaning the garage, and begins working on fixing Nick. While she does, they share their stories and try to work out a way to get Nick back to his dimension. Suddenly, Alina’s partner arrives and Alina manages to get Minx to leave since Minx’s brother is coming up for three days, and when the three days are up, Minx will check to see what is actually in the garage.

Switches to Minx’s POV: Minx wonders why her partner is keeping it a secret, and jumps to conclusions.


Chapter 4-

Nick’s POV: Nick remembers one time with his partner on one of their films.

Switches to Blade’s POV: Blade is seen in his room, thinking over his partners “death” and wonders if they have found the body or it was melted.


Chapter 5-

Minx’s POV: The three days are up, and Minx finds a talking helicopter in the garage that is having a conversation with her partner, and she isn’t calm about it at all and jumps to conclusions

Switches to Alina’s POV: Alina eventually calms Minx down after having a huge argument, and explains everything. Minx asks for a day to think it all over, and Alina says yes but only as long as she doesn’t tell anyone else.

Switches back to Minx’s POV: She arrives home, thinking everything over, and makes a call


Chapter 6-

Blade’s POV: Blade undergoes firefighter training, and is being taught by Mayday. He makes a few mistakes and manages to hurt himself badly, but says it’s nothing.

Switches to Maru’s POV: Maru fixes Blade up, scolding him. After Blade leaves, Maru watches him continue to train and start thinking on how Blade is starting to get better than he used to, and that something is on Blade’s mind and Maru needs to find out.


Chapter 7-

Minx’s POV: Minx goes back to visit Alina and Nick, and they make plans on how to send back Nick. Minx gets into an argument with Alina because Alina wants to go with Nick and Minx should come to so they could start a new slate on life and Minx argues about possible dangers and what could happen. Minx storms off outside.

Switches to Nick’s POV: Nick talks to Alina first and then goes outside to talk to Minx. They argue for a bit, but eventually settle down and Nick tells Minx that he once got into a bad argument with Blade once and after the story, Minx felt better.


This is what I have so far. More chapters will be added. What do you guys think? Some critism or comments would be mighty helpful. Even some ideas for the dimension think would be a great help! Thanks for reading! :)

(Btw, don't go snatching this idea. I hate it when you get people taking other people's ideas)