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  • BlazinFeline

    So I'm creating a new fanfiction on my A03 account. It's called 'What If Nick Had Survived?’

    Here is the summary:

    "What if Nick had survived? What if he had just went through a portal to another dimension when the fire reached him? What if this dimension was where the humans lived? Join Alina in her journey to bring her new friend back to his dimension and maybe go with him!

    A story of romance, sadness, loss, arguments, each passing second more pressuring, battles within and the government after them, will Alina and her partner be able to take Nick back to his dimension before it's too late? Or will Alina's partner betray them within the last seconds?

    A fanfiction switching between five lives, what will happen through Blade's, Nick's, Maru’s, …

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