I'm bringing my review of Zootopia to the Disney Wiki. Note: This is my latest revision.

We’ll go right out of the gate and start with the biggest thing that bothered me: the subject matter. Or rather, the way it was presented in this movie. I get what the intentions of these kinds of movies are. They’re to teach kids that racism and prejudice are bad and that you should never discriminate. I can respect that, but did they really have to present the prejudice themes so harshly? Seriously, the amount of unnecessary cruelty in this movie is just… Well, it’s really, really bad here. In fact, there’s more bullying and cruelty here than in any film I can remember. And I feel a lot of these characters don’t get proper just desserts. Chief Bogo? Judy should have figured out a way to expose his bigotry to Mayor Lionheart and get the Chief fired. The Boy Scouts that bullied Nick Wilde in his youth? They should have been forced to disband after what they did. Jerry Jumbeaux? He should have been forced to shut down his cafe after the Jumbo Pop incident. You know what? Let’s do something new. Let’s talk about scrapped stories. As it so happens, the Zootopia we got wasn’t the original story. It was changed because the story that came before was too dark and the characters were too unlikable. Well, I find that in this movie, most of the characters were still hard to like, whether it was because they were giant jerkwads like Chief Bogo or because they weren’t really fleshed out well like Finnick. I mean, what do we really know about Finnick besides that he’s a fennec fox and that he’s a friend and partner of Nick’s? The only characters I know I really liked were Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. So, as you can imagine, seeing the abundance of cruelty in this movie really bothered me. I said it was the thing that bothered me most and I meant it. This movie might as well have been called Bullytopia.

A lot of words were said in that one paragraph, but the truth is, we’ve only scratched the surface. Come. We’re about to dig deeper.

Our next topic is the vast amounts of Easter eggs and parodies scattered throughout the movie. Now, I do like Easter eggs and parodies if they’re done well, but like with anything, there’s a time and place for them. Disney seemed to forget that when they made this movie. Had they spent more time developing the world and its characters and less on Easter eggs and parodies, maybe this movie would have been even just a little better. Still not good, but better.

Now let’s discuss the Zootopia Police. Disney doesn’t seem to understand how police forces work. I’m no expert myself, but I’m pretty sure even Meter Maids are real cops. Whatever position you’re in, as long as you’re on the police force to begin with, you’re a real cop, through and through. Oh, and forget being a rookie who literally just joined the force. Judy was assigned the Meter Maid position simply because she’s a rabbit. Yeah, I know, it’s part of the prejudice theme, but it still irks me. Now that I think about it, maybe instead of being a movie about prejudice, what Zootopia could have been was a movie that teaches kids a lesson on how when you join an organization like the police, you start at the bottom and work your way up like everyone else before you did and trying to demand special treatment or a high position right off the bat is a good way to have a bad time or get thrown out.

Next, let’s cover the villain, Dawn Bellwether. If there’s any words I can use to describe Bellwether, it’s these two words: Poorly made. And I mean very poorly made. What was her scheme again? Demonize predators by turning them savage and and make Zootopia a prey-dominated city. Why? Because prey outnumber predators and so the prey should have control over the predators. Oh, and because one predator had a bad habit of mistreating her. But, seriously, that’s it? Good grief, Hans from Frozen had a better motive. Yokai from Big Hero 6 had a better motive. Nick Wilde had a better motive and he’s not even a villain. Dawn Bellwether is a lot like Starlight Glimmer from My Little Pony in that Bellwether’s motives are so weak, it makes her look like a big woman-child. Did I mention that Bellwether also didn’t do much of anything throughout her little quest, either? She pretty much sat around, twiddling her thumbs while her henchmen did her work. The only time she got into the fray was toward the end. Other villains I know of got into the fray at least once before we got too close to the end. Combine Bellwether’s laziness with her weak motives and you have a recipe for one of the worst villains ever made, not just in Disney, but in general.

Speaking of predators and prey, let’s go over that next. Even if it’s a movie about prejudice and discrimination, the concept of predators and prey really shouldn’t exist in a world of anthropomorphic animals. In a world of anthropomorphic animals, no animals are predators and no animals are prey. Really, the concept of predators and prey could have been removed entirely and nothing would have really changed. It could still be a movie about prejudice.

Now let’s go over the whole thing about all bunnies being offended by other animals calling them cute. I find the idea stupid and absurd. Cute is supposed to be a compliment. I could probably wrap my head around it if Judy herself didn’t like to be called cute, but to apparently have this be offensive rabbit stereotyping? That’s like if all male foxes got offended by other animals calling them handsome or if all vixens got offended by other animals calling them beautiful. Couldn’t they have come up with something better than this? There’s gotta be something.

That should be everything. I still stand by what I’ve said about Zootopia being Disney’s worst movie and how it’s vastly overrated and completely undeserving of the awards or fanfare. If there’s still anyone who still hasn’t seen this movie, don’t watch it. Just stay away from it.