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    Coming to the Disney Junior channel between shows, a new promo for PB&J Otter will be kaleidoscope-styled and will offer images and videos for each character in a kaleidoscope/mirror format and will also have a sitar-style kaleidoscope version of the PB&J Otter theme song along with text in the center of the screen while the kaleidoscope is playing.

    Here's a rundown of a new PB&J Otter promo which will air between shows on the Disney Junior channel in late-March 2013:

    1. Peanut Otter

    Animation: Going up, twirls around, drops down

    Video Clip: Peanut holding still

    Text: Enlace auriorty...

    2. Opal Otter

    Animation: Twirls around in figure 8, going up, drops down

    Video Clip: Opal playing catch, lost and found

    Text: Let your leg down...

    3. Jelly Otter


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