The Royal Family of Enchancia is visiting the Kingdom of Galdiz. Sofia is perticularly excited because Galdiz is her mother's homeland and she's looking forward to seeing her maternal kin again. They are greet at the palace gate by Miranda's father Rodrigo Borgia, the Royal Sorceror of Galdiz, and his wife Vernotza. Rodrigo informs his daughter and granddaughter that their Uncle King Charles, who ruled Galdiz the last time they were here, is dead and ttheir cousin Phillip is now the King of Galdiz. Miranda and Sofia happily greet their cousin when a girl in a red dress of the same design as Sofia's and who's just Sofia age comes in and happily greets Sofia who happily embraces her and introduces her as her cousin Princess Maria, King Phillip's daughter, who is very similar to Sofia.

Sofia and Maria are expoloring the Kingdom when a bull stampede erupts. The bull corner the two girls in an alleyway and are about to attack when Sofia steps forward and stops them by talking to them. Maria demands that Sofia tell her how she did that, since she talked to them in a way that said she could understand what they were saying. After making her promise not to tell anyone else, Sofia tells her that her Amulet is a mystical item and about her powers. Maria reveals that her necklace is also a mystical item, the Ruby of Hakal. This makes the two cousins like each other even more.