Her Royal Spyness: A theory for the upcoming Sofia the First Episode of the same name

Sofia gets home from a mission to give one of the books from the Secret Library an ending. As soon as she gets inside, Sofia is intercepted by Baileywick who tells her her mother wants to see her. Miranda asks Sofia where she's been and Sofia ttells her she was off running errands. Miranda is starting to become worried by her daughter's strange behavior and disappearences. Jade and Ruby show up with Lucinda and ask about Sofia saying she didn't show up for activities for a long time. Lucinda tells them that they should try to find out Sofia's secret themselves. Miranda agrees and asks Tai to keep an eye on Sofia and report all her behavior everyday. Tai does so and reports all sorts of behavior that's strange like the fact that Sofia, who's unaware that she's being spied upon, talks to animals. Tai also tells Miranda that Sofia is planing a errand on the next day. The next day, Miranda invites Ruby, Jade, and Lucinda back to the castle while Sofia's still asleep and tells them everything. Together, they head to Sofia's room and hide themselves. When Sofia wakes up and finishes her routine, she shrinks herself and enters the secret passageway in her room. A shocked Miranda, Ruby, and Jade ask an equally shocked Lucinda to enlarge the hole so they can follow her. Lucinda does so and they go after her. 

Sofia goes down the secret passageway and enters the Secret Library with the quartet following her. Sofia gets another unfinished story and she heads back. She changes into her outfit from the Secret Library and flies off on Minimus with the quartet following her. Sofia lands and meets up with her faun friend Winter. Sofia explains her mission to Winter and she agrees to help. The pair get the mission done and have some fun afterwards. Sofia arrives back at the castle and goes to bed. Afterwards, the quartet tells King Roland, Amber, and James what they saw and offer to show them to prove it.

The next week, the Royal Family and Sofia friends do what the quintet did last week. Sofia flies to Merroway Cove and, after transforming into a mermaid, dives intothe sea with everyone following her in a magic bubble. Sofia reunites with Oona and tells her everything. Oona agrees to help any way she can. Ona takes Sofia to Queen Emmaline and asks her for help and she agrees. The trio set out to carry out the mission. They arrive in a cave and they fix everything with the power of Oona's comb and Emmaline's trident. Sofia and the mermaids celebrate.

Sofia arrives back home and goes to bed. The next day, Sofia is confronted by her family and friends. So, she decides to tell them everything.