Elena and the Secret of Avalor: A Theory of the upcoming special.


The Royal Family of Enchancia is hosting a spectacular Royal Ball at the castle with every Royal Family in the Tri-Kingdom Area, Sofia's friends, and Admiral Hornpipe in attendence. Suddenly, an elderly man enters the room and asks to speak to the current Storykeeper. Everyone is confused by all this except Sofia who steps forward and says it's her. When he sees the Amulet of Avalor around her neck he states "It is you!" The man introduces himself as Alakazar, the Royal Sorceror of Avalor and tells her he needs her help. When Sofia asks what it is, he tells her to takes him to the Secret Library and he'll be able to tell her everything. Shocked, Sofia asks him if he can use a shrinking spell. When he tells her he can, she tells him to follow her. Everyone is confused by all this with Roland voicing it by asking "What's going on Sofia?" Sofia tells him she'll tell him later and leaves with Alakazar. This makes everyone decide to go after her and find out what's going on. Sofia leads Alakazar to her room where she grabs Behind the Walls. Sofia opens the hole in the wall and makes herself small enough to fit through the hole with her shrinking ability. Alakazar follows suit with a shrinking spell. Roland and the others are surprised by what they saw and follow them into the hole with help from Lucinda's shrinking spell. Sofia and Alakazar both return to their normal sizes and head down the staircase when they get on the crystalline boat. During the boat ride Roland and the others climb into Alakazar's pocket. When they get to the stairway that leads to the gateway of the Secret Library, Alakazar and Sofia goes up the stairs to the gate. When Alakazar asks how they get in, Sofia tells him "knowledge is the key to everything" and opens the gate with Behind the Walls. Alakazar is wowed by the Secret Library and so are Roland and the others who are still in his pocket. Alakazar has the Library call down a book called The Tale of Elena of Avalor. The Library's Narrator tells her the story: In a land far away is the Kingdom of Avalor. One day, an evil power-hungry sorceress named Shuriki attacked Avalor and killed the King and Queen. Princess Elena faced her on her own. Shuriki tried to strike her down but the Amulet pulled Elena into it. Afterwards, Avalor fell under Shuriki's control and she's been ruling Avalor ever since'Alakazar tells Sofia that as the Storykeeper she is the only one who can free Elena, who is the only one who can defeat Shuriki and free Avalor. When Sofia asks why Elena is the only one who can defeat Shuriki, Alakazar explains that as heiress to the throne of Avalor and therefore the rightful ruler of the Kingdom she is the only one who can weild the Scepter of Light. When Sofia asks what that is, Alakazar explains that it a magical scepter created by the People of Maru just like the Amulet. He then tells Sofia about Maru and Avalor. Maru was an ancient civilzation that harnessed the most ancient and powerful magic ever known. They wrote down the records of this ancient magic in the Maru Codex. The Amulet of Avalor and the Scepter of Light were created using the magic found in the Codex. Maruvian magic became highly coveted to the point where one day Maru was conquered by a conquisador from the Kingdom of Galdiz who wanted the power of Maruvian magic for the Galdizian army. The Galdizian settlers married with the Maru natives and together created the Colony of Avalor with the conquistador as it's first Viceroy. Eventually the position of Viceroy passed to an extremely corrupt and greedy man who ruled Avalor tyranically. A man discovered the Scepter and Amulet and overthrew the Viceroy with the power of the Scepter of Light turning the Colony of Avalor into the Kingdom of Avalor with himself as it's first King. The Scepter and Amulet became family heirlooms of the Royal Family and the Maru Codex was given to Avalor's first Royal Sorcerer and passed down to each of his successors. Alakazar tells her that he knows all this because he is the Royal Sorceror of Avalor and that it was he who saved the remaining members of the Royal Family and spirted the Amulet away to get Elena free from it forty-one years ago. He then proceeds to show and tell Sofia the whole story of Avalor's fall: On Elena's fifteenth birthday, Elena was given the Amulet of Avalor by her mother, the previous bearer, due to being the future Queen of Avalor, One year later, Shuriki attacked Avalor and killed Elena's parents. Knowing Shuriki could be defeated as long as the Royal Line continued to exist, he decided to keep the remaining members of the Royal Family safe by placing the Queen's parents and Elena's younger sister Princess Isabel inside an Enchanted Painting with a spell. Because he needed time to cast it, Elena faced Shuriki on her own. Thanks to Elena, he succeded at a cost: Shuriki tried to strike Elena down but the Amulet saved her life at the cost of her freedom by pulling her into it and Elena's been imprisoned inside the Amulet ever since and Avalor fell to Shuriki, who's been ruling Avalor ever since. He found the Amulet and spirted it away so Shuriki couldn't get it. Knowing Elena is the only one who can defeat Shuriki and free the kingdom, he set out to free her from the Amulet. To achieve this, he summon the spirit animal Zuzo, who told him Elena could only be freed by someone who has been chosen by the Amulet. He took the Amulet and left Avalor. Eventually, it left his hands and eventually ended up in Enchancia where it was given to Grand Mum who passed it down to Tilly. Zuzo informed him that Tilly would contribute to Elena's freedom and about the Secret Library of Enchancia so he gave Tilly the book Behind the Walls. One day, he told Tilly to take off the Amulet and to give the role of Storykeeper to the person the Amulet chose. Alakazar tells Sofia that person is her and that he's been watching her for some time. He also asks her to free Elena and help her free Avalor. Sofia says she will. She changes into her Storykeeper outfit and meets up with Alakazar who introduces her to his grandson Mateo and the Jaquins Migs, Skylar, and Luna. They set off for the spot.

They arrive in Avalor and Sofia sees why Shuriki must be deafeated. They head for a temple and then perform an ancient magical ritual and Elena is at long last freed from the Amulet. The process turns the Amulet pink and gives Sofia a new power. Elena is overjoyed to meets Sofia and Mateo and is overjoyed to see Alakazar again. Together, they set off for Avalor Castle. They meet up with Armando and Elena's maternal cousin Esteban. They are on the way to the Enchanted Painting when Shuriki appears and attacks. Alakazar manages to hold his own but Shuriki ends the battle with a spell at Alakazar that causes a huge expolsion that is seen from outside the palace and makes Alakazar vanish in a flash of green light. Elsewhere, Sofia, Elena and the others free Elena's grandparents and sister from the Enchanted Painting. Shuriki reappears and shows them Alakazar's wand telling them she defeated him. The group runs for it. After they lose her, Sofia tells Elena to take the others and go get the Scepter of Light. Elena protests but Sofia tells her that the Scepter is the only thing that has the power to defeat Shuriki and that as heiress to the throne and therefore the rightful Queen of Avalor she is the only one who can use it and thus is the only one who can defeat Shuriki and free Avalor which is the most important thing right now. Sofia also tells Elena that while Shuriki has magic so does she as well as other weapons and takes out a wand and sword. Sofia tells Elena and the others "I will hold Shuriki off. Go get the Scepter." They leave and Roland and the others, who climbed inside Mateo's pocket, return to normal size just before Shuriki appears. Shuriki demands to know where the others are but Sofia tells her "If you want them you'll have to get past me first." Shuriki laughs and attacks with a spell that Sofia blocks. Sofia then fights Shuriki with a combination of her magical skills, skill with a sword, and the powers of her Amulet including her new power. Shuriki, Roland, and the others are amazed by Sofia's skills. Meanwhile, Elena and the other rtrieve the Scepter of Light and rally the People of Avalor to free their kingdom.

Meanwhile, Sofia and Shuriki continue to fight but Sofia is starting to get tired. Suddenly, Shuriki is blasted by a beam of green light from the Scepter of Light. Elena and Shuriki battle and Shuriki is quickly overwhelmed. Desparte, Shurki tries to take Sofia hostage but Roland and the others intervene. Elena finally defeats Shuriki and destroys her wand. Roland has Shuriki arrested and Elena assumes the throne declaring Avalor free. When the Floating Palace arrives, Shuriki is taken to the dungeon and Sofia and Elena give each other a good-bye hug before Sofia heads back to Enchancia. On the way back, Sofia tells her family everything. Sofia returns to the Secret Library. After the story she just finished is finished being read, Sofia gets a new dress.