Sofia and Desmond are paired for a project, to his delight. When Desmond arrives, He asks Sofia to give her a tour of the castle, which she agrees to. Desmond tells Sofia he has heard of the wishing well Amber used and asks Sofia to show it to him. Sofia takes him to the well and he makes a wish:  For events and tools that will enable him to win Sofia's heart. The Wishing Well grants his wish. After finishing their project, Desmond asks Sofia to try on all her clothes for him and she agrees. Sofia finally comes out wearing her ball gown.While Sofia changes back in her regular dress, Desmond puts it into a bag. He then gives Sofia a drink and she drinks it all. He also gives her a flower which she sniffs. He then takes Sofia on a little stroll during which they dance. During the dance, Sofia suddenly kisses Desmond, to her surprise. Unbeknownst to Sofia, during the kiss a copy of Sofia gets created. Desmond kisses Sofia back and, while he does so, removes her amulet. He then leaves in his coach.

Sofia is walking when suddenly she begins to feel woozy. A purple glow surrounds her and then she vanishes. She appears in a maze greatly shocked. Desmond appears and offers to help her out. Sofia suddenly kisses Desmond and, unbeknowst to her, her tiara flies off and lands in the bag Desmond put her ball gown in. As they travel through the maze, the ways out get sealed by vines. Something surprises Sofia and makes her accidently kiss Desmond and her shoes magically leave her feet and land in Deamond's bag. Desmond kisses her and the purple glow appears again. Suddenly, Sofia dress flies off her and, while it lands in Desmond's bag, Sofia is changed into a white gown with white slippers and her hair tied up into the ponytail from The Princess Ballet. Once this is done, Desmond pulls out a crystal and teleports himself and Sofia.

Sofia, who was knocked out, awakens in Desmond's arms and discovers that her amulet is missing.Desmond offers to help her find it. He leads her through a maze and then to a domed building. They go inside and Sofia finds her amulet. After putting it back on, Sofia thanks Desmond. Suddenly, the shoes on her feet take control of her and she accidently kisses Desmond, who removes the ribbon holding up her ponytail. After the kiss, Sofia slips into a trace.

Sofia feels a kiss on her lips and she wakes up. She finds her amulet gone again. She see a shadowy figure dashing into a maze. Knowing he took her amulet, Sofia follows him in. When she enters the ways out are all sealed by vines. Sofia follows a purple light through the maze. Each time she passes through a part of the maze where it shines it gets sealed off by vines.

When Sofia passes through another she comes across another domed building. When she enters it closes and seals behind her. The shadowy figure appears and takes out a glowing rod. Purple bats appear and rip her dress to shreds. Luckily, there's another dress underneath. The purple bats blindfold and gag her.

Later, Desmond ungags her and kisses her. While he does so, all of Sofia's knowledge gets transfered to him. He reveals that they are in his room in his castle. The Slippers take contol of Sofia's feet again and make her kiss Desmond again. During this, All of Sofia's strengh gets transfered to Desmond. Sofia is left feeling woobly. Desmond sits her down and kisses her, which drains her speed. While doing so, he also undoes her second dress revealing n last white dress underneath. He then returns Sofia's amulet to her. Sofia is so happy she kisses him. The slippers on her feet vanish and Sofia is immobilized. Desmond kisses her again and Sofia fall in a trance like sleep. The next morning, Desmond kisses her and she wakes up.