If you are the creator, what punishment do you want to give to Buster in Lady and the Tramp? I will sentence him to death asking Elsa the Snow Queen to freeze his heart. How about you guys?

Plan A:Ask Elsa to freeze his heart

Elsa will freeze Buster's heart. He has to find his true love before he will be frozen solid. But Angel didn't kiss him just like Hans didn't kiss Anna.

Plan B:Be brave, Snow White!

Snow White will recieve a poisonous apple from the Evil Queen. And then she will give it to Scamp from Lady and the Tramp and tell him to Buster to eat but he must tell a lie that it is harmless. (In real life, I think dogs won't eat apples then) Just like Friar tell Juliet to tell a lie that marrying paris from Romeo and Juliet. Then Buster will be poisoned and die.

Plan C:Vanellope, just send Buster into the Black hole.

Vanellope from Wreck-it Ralph and Buster from Lady and the Tramp will autometically send in the rocket by the nearest Black hole. So Vanellope and Buster will sent to Black hole. They will die. Or instead of Vanellope, just send Bird Villains with them.

Like my ideas? How about you guys?